Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Coast to Coast system different than other campground systems?

Coast to Coast affiliated campground resorts offer secure environments with a full complement of family-friendly resort style amenities like swimming pools, clubhouses, playgrounds, game rooms, tennis courts, and lakes for fishing and boating. They also provide a wide array of planned recreational activities such as barbecues, arts and crafts, dances, and trail rides.

Many public campgrounds and other campground systems do not have a formal security program, and the range of facilities and the amount of amenities can vary widely. In addition, many public parks do not offer rental accommodations.

Coast to Coast is committed to providing our members and their families a memorable outdoor vacation experience. We contract with the Good Sam RV Travel & Savings Guide to annually inspect and rate our resorts in the categories of facilities, amenities, and cleanliness. Coast is the only membership resort network to rate our resorts, giving you greater peace of mind as you travel our system.

When you're ready to travel, you will discover that Coast to Coast has you covered with our exclusive 24/7, online reservation system. Which means you can use our convenient Tripsetter reservation system anytime to make a reservation and receive a printed confirmation of your booking. Members can access our Tripsetter system two ways: via the Internet at or by calling the Coast Member Services Center at 800-368-5721. There are no additional fees to use our member services center to book a reservation.

How do I join Coast to Coast?

To become a Coast to Coast member, you first must join any one of the affiliated membership campgrounds which becomes your "home resort." Once you join a home resort, you are then eligible to become a Coast to Coast member. And that means Coast's network of affiliated RV resorts and parks in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, become available to you and your family for a significant savings.

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What types of memberships are available?

There are three types of Coast to Coast memberships, Classic, Deluxe and Premier. To become a member, you must first join any one of the affiliated membership resorts in the Coast to Coast system.

If your home resort is a Coast Classic Resort, you will be able to join at the Classic membership level.

If your home resort is a Coast Deluxe Resort you will be able to join at the Deluxe membership level.

If your home resort is a Coast Premier Resort, you will be able to join at the Premier membership level.

View a complete list of benefits by membership type.

What if I don't own an RV?

If you don't own or travel by RV, don't worry. Many of our affiliated resorts offer a variety of rental accommodations to suit your vacation needs and gladly welcome families traveling by van or car. Your rental options include everything from rustic cabins to contemporary park model trailers, even luxurious condominiums. In addition, the Coast Premier and Deluxe membership levels are perfect for the non-RVer, with condo vacation stays at significant savings or unique getaways available with the membership.

What are the benefits of membership in Coast to Coast?

Membership in Coast to Coast offers you the chance to take advantage of affordable vacation opportunities at high-quality RV resorts and parks across North America. In addition, Coast to Coast members are also eligible to receive money-saving discounts and member-only travel services including airfare, hotels/motels, vacation packages, rental cars, cruises, and much more.

Where are Coast to Coast resorts located?

Coast to Coast resorts are located all across the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We also have open-to-the-public parks and resorts called Coast Good Neighbor Parks that offer discounted camping to Coast to Coast members.

Please visit our online Resort Directory to learn more about our system.

If I’m a Classic Member, can I visit a Premier Resort?

In a word, YES! We have heard from some members who believe their member type (Classic, Deluxe, or Premier) determines what type of resort (Classic, Deluxe, or Premier) they can or cannot visit. This is not true. All Coast members in good standing can visit any and all types of Coast resorts, as well as Good Neighbor Parks, based on their availability. So every Coast member has access to all the affiliates that make up the Coast to Coast network of resorts and Coast Good Neighbor Parks. Your member type and the resort type will determine how frequently you can visit certain types of resorts, and how long you can stay.

For a complete set of rules governing frequency and length of stay, log onto, go to the "Benefits" tab and click on "Member Benefits", and scroll to the bottom of the page to find a helpful chart that outlines the length and frequency of stay at each resort type for your membership level.