You Know You Have a Great Place to Stay

Membership at an RV resort gives you guaranteed access to the finest RV experience. And a place to call home. Membership gives you a place where you know you will be welcomed... a place where you know you can look forward to a stay that will be something special.

The differences between going to a public campground versus a membership resort are many. Members of membership campgrounds have paid a membership fee to have the right to use the resorts. Also, in order for a resort to become part of the Coast to Coast network, each resort must meet stringent requirements to participate. Resorts provide amenity packages such as a swimming pool, clubhouse, gated security entrances, etc. Additionally, resorts feature a wide range of activities for all ages such as bingo, potlucks, outdoor barbecues, nature hikes, concerts, theme weekends, card games, social events and much more. Importantly, most resorts have full time security to keep you safe and secure.

Compare member to public benefits
Membership Camping Compare Public Camping
SAVE MONEY: Camp for just $10* a night at membership resorts across North America. You also can camp for a special Coast-member discounted rate at Good Neighbor Parks.* Cost The national average is $40 to $60 a night (many charge up to $80 a night)
Primarily members; some resorts permit limited access to non-members. Access There is no control over who or what groups can camp in a public facility.
Safer environment with gated entrances and security. Campers in a membership resort are people like you, they look out for one another, similar to a neighborhood watch. Park Security Some parks have security, but many do not.
Resorts offer quality facilities. All network resorts are rated annually. Resorts that do not meet the specified standards of quality are removed from the system. Quality Public campgrounds can have inconsistent facilities. Lower rated and unrated public campgrounds may have inferior facilities or service.
Each resort offers numerous amenities, such as a member lodge/clubhouse, convenience or grocery store, indoor/outdoor swimming pool, beach and lakes with boats, fishing, playground, horseshoes, basketball, miniature golf, horseback riding, recreation rooms, restaurants, laundry facility, and much more! There really is too much to list! Amenities Most public campgrounds just don't have the budgets for the amenities you will find in a membership resort. Also, those that do have amenities, such as a pool, often charge extra for their usage.
Activities directors will plan event weekends, barbecues, games (bingo, card tournaments, etc.), arts & crafts, concerts, and more! Planned Activities Generally there aren't any. There are a handful of campgrounds that do, but they generally charge additional fees.
Consistently clean facilities. Both employees and members take pride in the resort, and work hard to make sure it meets the highest standards. Conditions Inconsistent conditions. Some parks are very nice, but this varies from campground to campground, and you usually don't find out until you arrive.
Security creates a wholesome family atmosphere. There is fun for the whole family, from tiny tots to adults. Family Environment This depends on the park. You have to research to find out.
*Prices subject to change. Additional fees, surcharges and taxes may apply.

But we know that RVing is about traveling. How can you get this same resort member experience as you discover America? That's where Coast to Coast comes in. When you become a member of a resort that is part of the Coast to Coast network, your privileges extend to some of the finest membership resorts... all across the nation. You'll be welcomed just as you are at your "home" resort. So, what are you waiting for if you are not a member? Click below to learn more about the Free 3 Day/2 Night Stay offer at participating network resorts, and experience the outdoor resort vacation lifestyle like a member today!