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To all of my friends I know and friends I don't on RVNET. I'm not being snarky at all and truly hope you all find a way over to the new forums. With that said, I am a motor head, tool jockey, non ASE certified mechanic who washes and waxes cars for a living. I am completely computer illiterate! My version of gaming is solitaire. I got right on the new forum and I see many others have too. How is it that many self claimed computer people can not do this? I surfed the site last night and it's great. No truck camper forum that I've found yet but otherwise it's all good. Please try again. good luck...
notsobigjoe 11/16/23 05:20am General RVing Issues

This is frustrating (and I spent 40 years as a computer systems programmer so I know frustrating). I click on the "RV.Net User" button and the "reset my password". The email goes to SPAM (say what?) but thanks to the tip above, I found it. I click on the link and supply my email address and a new password (the rules for which are pretty loose - 6 - 20 characters?). That puts me back at the Logon screen and where things fall apart. What am I supposed to enter as "Member Name"? I have always used Carl n Susan on this forum (and others). If I enter that, along with my newly revised password I get a failure. This is the fail message: Contains one or more invalid characters. This field can contain letters, numbers, and special characters, such as dashes or underscores. Spaces are not permitted. Great! My previous Username is no longer permitted? OK, maybe it really wants my email address as the Member Name and it is related to the Carl n Susan id. So I plug in my email address and my new password. Fail Again! With the same message which is strange as there are no spaces and surely the "@" is allowed in an email addy. Help! This shouldn't be this difficult. Hey Carl I did keep my user name. I'm just passing on info. Good luck.
notsobigjoe 11/15/23 12:51pm General RVing Issues

I got in at 1:04 today 11/15 Follow instruction in dedmisten post and receive an email. Open the email and click on reset your password and reset it. Goodbye RV net I'll miss you!!!!
notsobigjoe 11/15/23 11:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Anyone put a truck camper on a trailer?
notsobigjoe 10/28/23 12:30pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone put a truck camper on a trailer?

I don't know how you would get it on there but here's some pics. I guess the jacks are wider than the trailer, but on a gooseneck? I had a goose neck and it was really wide.
notsobigjoe 10/27/23 06:46am Truck Campers
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

Well, now that the side is repaired, I've been testing the other systems. Inverter is working, fan in it is a little loud, sounds like a playing card in a bycicle spoke. Also found that the water heater is bad. It is a suburban unit, went to pull the anode plug and it snapped off. Drilled it out, ran a flush wand through it, and it kicked out a bunch of porcelain material, along with a lot of white crud, probably calcification from never being flushed out. Lucky enough, camper was built with a water heater bypass, so turned all the valves, and put a few gallons in the fresh tank and ran the pump. Found the kitchen sink cold water fitting is cracked, and the faucet leaks at the knob. Joy of restoring a 20+ year old unit. Gotta love it. It looks great! I've always liked that ribbed aluminum siding, it hides delamination very well. Had it on my Nomad 35 foot TT. The thing was built like a matchbook cover. You could smell the wet pine, but you couldn't:C see it.
notsobigjoe 10/25/23 03:40pm Truck Campers
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

Grit, it's only running on half it's cylinders. The other four are are for backup. It was a joke, read what I posted.
notsobigjoe 10/23/23 04:25pm Truck Campers
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

Making some progress. Got one jack back on so it'll be more stable. Still need to seam seal the edges. height=500 height=500 Great so far.
notsobigjoe 10/23/23 05:00am Truck Campers
RE: 1991 Lance 900 Generator

I found a bunch of fluid leaking out the bottom. My assumption is it must be engine oil, can’t think of any other fluid it could be. I did find a nameplate on it that was caked over with dust. It’s a Kohler 2.5CMZ, so at least now I have the owners manual on how to check oil etc before trying to fire it up The only fluids in it would be oil or gasoline. Since it's propane, no gas so it must be engine oil. condensation would evaporate and return so that would be in the form of water but it wouldn't be much. Rain water? I pulled my genset out and replaced three times. I payed a man 750 to do it for me once. If it doesn't need to come out do not take it out.. The first thing I would do is take the carb off and clean it with some carb cleaner and pipe cleaners. Really good, you can also soak it over night in some carb cleaning solvent. Second thing would be to take the baffle hose off and see if anything falls out of the hose. The baffle is a paper element that may be bad, tell tale sign of that would be paper in the hose or baffle parts that would vibrate off without the baffle in place. That is what happened to me... If you find something in that hose it needs to come out. I don't see the baffle hose in the pic so you might have to dig around for it or you may have to remove it to get to the hose which I don't recommend doing until you try tuning it up. Clean carb and replace carb hoses if needed. replace air cleaner. drain and change the oil. any oil will do. Check propane connection. check your fuse and fire it up. It will take some time to start because of the low pressure Propane system so give it a couple of minutes. It should start to kick over and then die, do it again and again. If it does not start completely, you cancelled out a few things with what you just did. continue to clean it up and look for more trouble. I have tons of pics of my removal if you want. Good luck. Joe
notsobigjoe 10/20/23 03:52pm Truck Campers
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

@notsobigjoe, the two jacks on the left side are still installed, plus I have 6 stabilizers with 2x6's running the full length side to side. It's remarkably stable, but I'm still busting butt to get it done as fast as I can. Spent an hour at Home Depot trying to devise what I need to fix er up. Only thing I could not find was 3/4 crown 1/2 staples like what it's originally put together with. I take that back, ULINE sells them, but I can't justify an almost $500 tool for one project. I did see here Where someone was doing a very similar repair as to what I'm doing, minus the staples it looks well reinforced. So I am going to do something similar but utilize stamped braces and plenty of liquid nail. Unless someone has a suggestion on where to get the proper joint staples :) Good on the stabilizers. There's a ton of wooden rebuild info on this site as well as travel trailer site. When I was rebuilding my coachman I utilized this site as a guest, I wasn't a member until I got my Lance. Many years ago. Bedlam is correct, your going to have to put something beefy on those corners even if they originally didn't have it. Rebuilding is different than building but I'm sure you know that. As far as my rebuild, there were three tools I had to have. A chop saw, table saw and my very first screw gun/drill combo. All you post is sound thinking and you'll be great in the end. Try not to hurry even with winter right around the corner. Sorry I can't be of anymore help it was just to long ago. I'm surprised others are not adding some posts. Say that your putting it on a Toyota tundra, you'll get all the posts in the world... LOL Good luck, Joe Joe
notsobigjoe 10/19/23 05:12am Truck Campers
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

Oh yeah. She's rough around this edge. I took all the siding and doors off. height=500 Nero, I hate to be an old fart with this but if all you have holding that thing up is stabilizer jacks and blocks of wood, I would rethink that.
notsobigjoe 10/18/23 04:22pm Truck Campers
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

Nice camper, I loved my lance 1181 from day one and it was a mess too. I've had it since 2009. You'll get lots of rebuild tips here but you'll also get some comments about the weight and your truck. I'll leave that to others. Welcome aboard and we all love truck camping in your 94 Lance squire all the way up to the host triple slide. Cheers, Joe
notsobigjoe 10/17/23 03:53pm Truck Campers
RE: new steps and landing

My wife would love those, I won't show her the picture though. If it keeps you in your camper , big win for you! Yeah, Mine too. She already wants to expand it by adding another deck and just sit out on the deck when we camp. Believe me this would not have been an option without my trailer. There is no way I could shove all this inside that back door. Off topic, I replaced my floor, removed most of the carpet from the slide area and am in the middle of replacing that with the same vinyl flooring. I replaced my booth to a recpro booth, replaced my shower surround and tub. Painted my truck and several other things to stay in this camper.
notsobigjoe 10/13/23 06:08am Truck Campers
RE: new steps and landing

Looks big, bulky, a chore to set up, plus they are extremely expensive. 36x48 Port-A-Deck with 3 step Port-A-Step $1625 plus $190 shipping 4 step Port-A-Step $1675 plus $190 shipping 5 step Port-A-Step $1775 plus $190 shipping 2100 bucks with the extension piece. They are big. They are bulky. Not to bad to set up though. This was the first time I set it up and it took about half an hour. The heaviest and hardest to set up are the steps.
notsobigjoe 10/12/23 12:45pm Truck Campers
RE: new steps and landing

That's a big landing. How do you carry it? I haul it on a small utility trailer that I built some time ago. Actually the trailer is probably more interesting than the steps. I moved all the camper weight to the trailer, everything!
notsobigjoe 10/10/23 10:38am Truck Campers
new steps and landing

My new steps and landing. I love them and they have made my life much easier and I can stay in my truck camper because I can get in and out of it. The total weight for all three pieces is about 70 pounds and I tow it with me in my small trailer. All collapsible and easy for one person to set up.
notsobigjoe 10/10/23 06:13am Truck Campers
RE: VIDEO: Truck Camper Chores Getting Travel Ready

Jeff, On my old Coachman Ranger I went to seal everything on the front cabover and those lights were pasted on there with nuclear waste. No screws. I had to actually chisel them off to get to the putty with a heat gun. I like to watch you work on your old camper. Reminds me of me. Cheers, always great vids too.
notsobigjoe 10/03/23 04:04pm Truck Campers
RE: 2006 AF 990 odd slide issue

Let's try it again Did you try hear?
notsobigjoe 10/01/23 04:20pm Truck Campers
RE: Charging House Batteries

IMG_8718.JPG Post here.
notsobigjoe 09/19/23 10:22am Truck Campers
RE: Charging House Batteries

I know nothing about solar so welcome back and I am glad your feeling better. My wife and I just got off of a really bad year with elderly deaths and dementia. It gets hard at times. I just turned 61 so I guess its my turn at bat. Welcome back.
notsobigjoe 09/18/23 06:18pm Truck Campers
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