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RE: Onan Generator Oil Filter Crossthreaded

Even if it is cross threaded, it seems it could be rethreaded by a competent mechanic or the "bolt" part cut out and installed. But, as someone said, get a second opinion. I also don't really understand how someone cross thread an oil filter. It seems to me someone would have almost had to try hard to do that.
jimh406 10/26/23 06:49am Tech Issues
RE: Ordering a Chev 3500 (Oct 2023)

Do you "save" $50,000, OR are you buying an old truck and getting $50,000 less value out of it? Maybe but you also minimize your potential loss if you pay 30K vs 100K. That's assuming you buy a solid 30K truck. The 100K truck isn't new once you drive it off the lot. In 3 years, will you be able to tell the difference? That's up to you. In the Northwest, it's pretty easy to find even 20 year old vehicles with almost no rust or body damage. There isn't a crate motor that cost anywhere near that much if we assume the biggest danger is the engine. Brakes, steering parts, and other consumables are common to be replaced based on mileage not age. Is it a good idea to buy a new truck and put minimal miles on it? That's up to everyone to figure out. If you look at used RV ads, it seems most people put 4-5K per year on them. At that rate, it's 20 years to even put 100K on them. It might be similar for a truck that is only used to haul a TC. I was once in the buy new group, and then one day I realized that I was trading in perfectly good vehicles. I figured there are other people doing the same thing. I've had good luck buying used for the past 20 years, but I could be lucky. As always, YMMV.
jimh406 10/25/23 03:21am Truck Campers
RE: Ordering a Chev 3500 (Oct 2023)

^Thanks for the sage financial advice Jim. I’m sure it will make the OP sleep better knowiing your disapproval of his spending habits, lol. Thanks, your comments are just as useful as they usually are.
jimh406 10/25/23 03:18am Truck Campers
RE: Ordering a Chev 3500 (Oct 2023)

I wouldn't buy a new vehicle just to carry a TC. There is no capability increase over the past decade. Spend some time looking and save 50K or more. There are a lot of trucks out there that don't have that many miles on them. Most diesels should last 200K or more miles at least. Likewise, there are still good deals out there for used TCs. Sure, you have to spend time looking, but with new ones going for 100K or more, there is a lot of room to save. However, if you have a lot of money burning a hole in your pocket, have fun spending it.
jimh406 10/24/23 06:20am Truck Campers
RE: Generator bogging when A/C is turned on

I agree a 4500 W generator should run everything with a single AC. I agree it's more likely the fuel for the generator or air. I'd change the air filter if you haven't, fuel filter, and clean the carburetor with carburetor cleaner.
jimh406 10/21/23 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Furnace Troubleshooting

I think it's the board if it is trying over and over and not igniting.
jimh406 10/17/23 06:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Electrical Question-Breaker panel does not cut all power

It's relative, but personally I've never encountered a quiet generator in a campground, same for gas lawnmowers -- they all detonate atomized gasoline, not a quiet endeavor. You can invariably hear them in adjacent campsites. It's partly that reason I only disperse camp, so I don't have to listen to the generator in the next space for hours. I'm more into the sights and sounds of nature. A Honda generator costs around $2,500, whereas my $200 solar panel charges my trailer battery in as little as 30 minutes. I don't don't use AC or a microwave, so I have no use for a generator. Fine that you like dispersed camping (I do, too), but you seem to be exaggerating a bit, or I'm misunderstanding. Some generators are very quiet. Also, state/federal improved campgrounds generally have quiet time. Normal conversation is louder than a small quiet Honda generator. They really are that quiet. On the other hand, most built-in generators far exceed normal conversation. They are also not $2500 for the small sizes. There isn't a $200 solar panel that can produce enough power to fully charge a normal size 100AH RV battery in 30 minutes. It's more like 10-20 hrs based on all of the articles on the internet. Of course, if you barely use your battery, then solar is viable except in bad weather or maybe during Winter. Maybe that is what you meant. Fwiw, I also like power generators like Jackery, etc. I find that enough for my usage except for maybe running the furnace in Winter because I've changed all of the bulbs to LED. They are able to be charged by 12v, AC, solar, and not very expensive any more. They are more than enough for me to charge phones/tablets for a night.
jimh406 10/13/23 08:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Air Conditioner

There are noise reduction improvements for some RV air conditioners. They are brand and model specific. On the other hand, some RVs aren't very well insulated, so hard to say what's causing the noise without specifics.
jimh406 10/11/23 04:00pm Tech Issues
RE: new steps and landing

That's a big landing. How do you carry it?
jimh406 10/10/23 06:15am Truck Campers
RE: Mercedes 2017 Sprinter 3500 DRW rear axle flange leaking oil

There is no way that an axle seal is worth $3100 to replace. Do find a private repair shop. I suggest contacting an off-road shop that works on axles all of the time. Note: You might have to go outside CA to get a reasonable repair.
jimh406 10/09/23 03:29pm Tech Issues
RE: Tips for Choosing a 12V Replacement Water Pump

All kidding aside, I could have used something like this before I bought my last pump. Mine is still working years later, so I guess I got lucky.
jimh406 10/06/23 05:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Tips for Choosing a 12V Replacement Water Pump

Why do we need 8 post from someone who's not an expert about water pumps? :D Why do we need posts from someone who has absolutely nothing to say on the topic of this thread? Just to educate people on what a smiley face means. :D. I'm happy to help. ;)
jimh406 10/06/23 10:06am Tech Issues
RE: Tips for Choosing a 12V Replacement Water Pump

Why do we need 8 post from someone who's not an expert about water pumps? :D
jimh406 10/06/23 05:15am Tech Issues
RE: Charging House Batteries

If you are hunting and not driving, I'd buy a generator unless you will only be out a day or so. In that case, two batteries should be enough to power what you listed. A generator will put a lot more power in a short amount of time compared to your truck. Consider a Buddy Heater instead of an electric blanket.
jimh406 09/20/23 08:35am Truck Campers
RE: Exhaust manifold question

Definitely possible for the manifold to be loose.
jimh406 09/12/23 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: water at base of toilet - temp fix good idea or bad?

I did a few temporary fixes on one once upon a time, but the problem is that gas will go through as well. If you price toilets, they aren't that much. Maybe it's the seal, but I think more likely it's got a crack. If I was you, I'd buy a new toilet. The work to replace/repair is close to the same. You also can potentially get a more appropriate height since toilets come in different heights. Oh, and flush the black tank with fresh water before removing the toilet. Doing that will keep the odor down. Good luck.
jimh406 09/12/23 07:05am Tech Issues
RE: Beach Roamer Campers

Host assumes you will carry their camper on a DRW, so you already have the center lights on the truck. I don't believe that's the reason. None of the Hosts that I've ever seen have marker lights and that includes the smaller ones from years ago that weren't designed for DRWs including single slides and no slide models like the 2008 Lynx 8.0. Must be some other reason.
jimh406 09/06/23 09:39am Truck Campers
RE: Beach Roamer Campers

I'm not a fan based on the pictures and website. The execution looks good, but unless you are a small person, I don't think the design works. 1. Tall but not tall enough to sit up in bed or standup. 2. Front window is one of the most common places for leaks in Class Cs and TCs. 3. Marker lights are also one of the most common places for leaks. I don't think they are absolutely required. Host doesn't have them on theirs. 4. Seems expensive for a very basic design, but I guess everything does any more. ;) Frankly, the fiberglass panel idea with square lines seems good, but I feel a popup or A-frame idea like some TTs would make more sense.
jimh406 09/06/23 07:41am Truck Campers
RE: How bad is it really? TC on a Ram 2500 w/coils.

Check out Expedition Portal Can you be more specific or is this just spam?
jimh406 09/02/23 02:18pm Truck Campers
RE: How bad is it really? TC on a Ram 2500 w/coils.

Only a DRW will work. Joking. My guess is the 6" lift will impact the handling more than the coils. I'm sure you've seen other Rams in the NW with TCs. My guess is a good number of them have the coil suspension. Maybe not ideal but should work.
jimh406 09/01/23 07:07pm Truck Campers
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