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RE: Rodent repellant

I used cats.. Seemed to work and they made a nice PURR when petted.
wa8yxm 11/16/23 04:22am General RVing Issues
RE: How to handle RV house battery? / sparkles flying

12v is not going to arc jump through open air and make sparks, For a SUSTAINED arc the formula is V = 24 + 4L where V is Volts and L isMM. but this fails to take into account inductance. When you "Break" a circuit with current flowing even at lower voltages sparks can indeed fly due to what I call the inductive Kick. Think of moving something heavy Like a train car.. A few kids pushing over time can get it moving right along. but for sure you don't stop it on a dime. If it hits you think steam roller. Same with electricity.. Even a fairly small current has those old electrons moving right along.. When you break the circuit they want to keep moving and jump the gap.. SPARKS FLY. You can see some very impressive voltges that way. And I've seen 12 volt systems spark many times.
wa8yxm 11/16/23 04:21am Tech Issues
RE: Transfer switch

I would not recommend it... Here is why The converstion from 120 volts to DC is at best 90% efficient The conversion from 12 to 120 also at best 90% And with that switch. when it clunks.. you are now looping With the inverter powering the converter powerign the inverter and loosing 20% every time it goes around.. Batteries swiftly dead. A betteroption.. Using same switch. install MAINS to the Generator leads (Mains is the shore cord) INverter goes to the Line in (Shore connectio) WHY Because the Generator leds are what sense the need to switch Now pull a fused or breaker protected branch off the Shore cord (The Generator terminals on the device) to power the converter. NOW the converter is EXCLUSIVELY on shore power. Or better yet install a 2nd power panel and put only SELECTED loads on that panel. The Entainerment system. and Microwave Bedroom and bath/kitchen outlets. Leave the Fridge (If Gas/Electric) on the main panel. Same for air conditioners less you have a whole lot of battery. The E-panel as I call it is run via the switch. Better still.. Some inverters (like the Xantrex Freedom 2000 XC behind me)( have a switch built in.
wa8yxm 11/16/23 04:15am Tech Issues
RE: Needed a propane refill today

Well it looks like you finally got a tech doing his job. You can take it in, get re-certified, or you can swap it out at one of thousands of exchange places. I had that almost happen... But(It still had one refill left). Call around to BIG propane places.. many do re-cerets. In Flint, MI Parker's' propane does them. I suspect Carmichaels in Tekonsha might (But they are hard to find unless you have either a good GPS. Good Directions... Or in my case... They bought the farm from my Dad). Other palces I have not checked. But most MAJOR propane places can do it. Some, like Parkers,, are even reasonable.
wa8yxm 11/16/23 04:08am Around the Campfire
RE: water pump being funny

Had that happen with a piece of electronics here in my apartment One of the wires was broke When I wiggled it the fact became obvious (Built in diagnostic flagged it) This was a werid one as the break was mid-run. On the Motor home I had a bunch of stuff stop workign.. Here is the circuit Battery-fuste---wire to distribution panel-- branch circuits to stuff. The wire.. had a "Fault" (not a break) mid run and I was able to cut and splice and excise the fault.. All good after that.
wa8yxm 11/14/23 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Microwave failure after just 2 years...why?

wiladd, Great that you found a good replacement. I might have gone to walmart instead. Low voltage is an inductive load device killer. The microwave is an inductive device. I use my autoformer a lot. The microwave is and inductive device? Well I do admit it has a rather large transformer but.... it is not like a motor.. Low voltage is not all that damaging. HIGH on the other hand is. Low may pop a fuse but if the voltage is too low. it simply does not work.
wa8yxm 11/14/23 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Thanksgiving

Not going anywhere this holiday save the other rooms.. Won't even leave the apartment.. And I get Wed. evening off to.. no Chior practice.
wa8yxm 11/14/23 04:48pm Around the Campfire
RE: Haunting melody

Yes it is and just FOUR (count them) Notes. And since I just looked it up for another thread in another post Here is another piece you might enjoy This one by the master of marches. Did you know it has lyrics? (I did) this contains half the refrain (It's a long refrain) some years ago someone ask me about lyrics and.. naturally I learned them.
wa8yxm 11/14/23 04:25am Around the Campfire
RE: Microwave failure after just 2 years...why?

First there is nothing special about an RV microwave.. Well some of them say something like "Dometic" on the door but the only special part on that Microwave is the door .. On my Dometic When I googled I found it was a re-labeled LG (Lucky Goldstar or as I call the company "Lousy Goods" I have had a good experience with precisely ONE of their products) I was able to modify it so it worked properly (Well I did study electronics and engineering). Most likely you popped a fuse or a solid state high voltage diode. The fuse is under a dollar. the diode around 25 The Magnetron.. More than the cost of replacement of the entire unit.
wa8yxm 11/14/23 04:22am Tech Issues
RE: Fun in the snow...

There are two reasons why, when I got the check for my "Totaled" Class A, having decided to stick with an apartment and not return to the RV life.. I went to the car dealer with my over the hill Dodge Neon that the mechanic said was about to fall apart (I think he was pessimistic) jacked up the license plate and backed a jeep up to it.. ONE: Have wanted a jeep since I was about 15 (I'm in my 70s) TWO: That apartment is in MICHIGAN.
wa8yxm 11/13/23 03:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to handle RV house battery? / sparkles flying

ALWAYS disconnect the ground lug/wire before touching the positive lug. That is worth saying again Always start by disconnecting ground As to what happened.. Without a video to see how bad the sparks were I can only guess there was a load. perhaps the steps or some other system does not disconnect when you disconnect.. or perhaps you touched something or there was a stray strand of wire you did not see. Beyond that I can not say more without a video of the event. which I assume you don't have. (I mean why would you?)
wa8yxm 11/13/23 03:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Progressive RV Insurance requires you to have another car?

I do not think it is fraud. I think they don't want you using your rather expensive RV as a "Daily Driver" and want to be sure you have a "Daily Driver" for things like going to Church on Sunday or running to the store for a pound of hotdogs. It's fraud IF the OP claims to have a non-existing second vehicle in order to qualify for the policy and then submits a claim under that policy. Well yes.. I was addressing the Company policy. not the possibility a client would lie and say "yes I have another vehicle" Of course I always had another vehicle.. A very nice Bicycle. (Human powered type). (I also did not have progressive on the RV).
wa8yxm 11/13/23 03:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: advent ACM150 ac unit, seems like good price?

I posted elsewhere... I had one. and though it worked well and was indeed cheaper than the alternative. When it came time to clean the condenser it was a witch of a job.. THe cover on the condenser is sealed with tape and attached when Bent tabs so I had to cut the tape and unbend the tabe. then the cover for the evap.. Well it's all the same piece of metal. So I ended up bending it in the middle where it was not covering anyhing.. That's my major complaint. both of the other brands I had were easier to clean.
wa8yxm 11/13/23 03:40am Tech Issues
RE: Ok to run shore power without battery?

looks like your converter is fried. should be 13.6 to 13.7 with no battery hooked up. so, you likely need a new converter and a new battery I'd need to haul some serious test gear into his rig to make an "Diagnosis" but. 13.6 volts DC is not the same as 13.6 RMS. The old Magnetek 6300 Well if you read on the older analog volt meters the DC out was like 12-12.6 but if you read on the type of hardware I have you saw 18 volts (Depending on the device. I have both kinds) so his 12 volts... might just be poor filtering of a supply with lots of ripple. Or it may be a very smart converter that says "Well I do not sense a battery so I'll go with the lower voltage" Some I'm told do that. never seen one but that's not the business i'm in. But if you are planning on running w/o battery by all means. If it's a trailer you need to tow.. Use a battery tender on the disconnected battery. re-connect to tow Or upgrade converter to a Progressive Dynamics 9200 series. (or 4600 if it's part of the power distribuition assembly).
wa8yxm 11/11/23 04:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Atwood water heater problem

I am thinking you might have and air/fuel ratio issue.. (Air shutter on the burner may need adjustment) but... frankly check out the other stuff too... That's really about the only adjustment on the thing other than ignition spark gap spacting and since it's lighting.. that's good.
wa8yxm 11/11/23 04:31am Tech Issues
RE: Ok to run shore power without battery?

but you don't need it to make the converter create clean power - at least not a converter from 2007. Good that you added "From 2007" as some of the older (Magnetek) you did need a battery or what they called a "Battery simulator" (Hardening capacitor is another name for it.. ONE HIGH CAPACITY Condenser like a farad or two) to clean things up.
wa8yxm 11/11/23 04:29am Tech Issues
RE: 2005 Safari Simba Hot Water heater 120 volt Electric

That is an Atwood. The Tstat and electric element are behind that black plastic box. Odds are from how old the W/H is, the element has burned out. Doug Atwood the T-Stat is outside comprtment and is the same T-Stat as the propane side.. Same for the ECO It's surburan that uses two pair of T_Stats. The faint light when siwtched off indicates either a mis-wired switch or a bad control board (The black thing upper right outside) or other wiring issue I'd rank the suspects in that order. On the switch there are 3 contacts. HOT-Switched-Ground HOT will have 12 volts to any solid ground. Does even if disconnected Ground will be the SAME COLOR as on the propane switch. Likely either black or white .... And switched. is the one remaining Look at the propane switch connections.. Hot and ground are the same on both and should be the same color wire.. The "Switched" lead will be.. the remaining wire. and likely different color depending on Gas or Propane. Might also be a bad switch.
wa8yxm 11/11/23 04:24am Tech Issues
RE: Ok to run shore power without battery?

I half agree with the person who said something is wrong with the converter. The reason it's only half is there is a "Suspect #2" (or perhaps #1) and that is the battery. Either the converter is putting out high voltage (your lights will be super bright and likely not last long story follows) or the battery MIGHT have one or more cells shorted (your volt meter is your friend.. Resting should be 12.6 Put a small load on it (I like automotive test lights.. Look like an ice pick with a bulb in the handle and a wire with clip lead.> Add 25-50 feet of say 18 or 20 ga wire (with a clip on one end and a ring terminal on the other) and you have a very useful tool.... Test fuses swiftly.. Find broken wires (12 volt side of life only) and more very fast and very easy) If the light goes dim after a few seconds.. Shorted cell (you don't need the extension ground lead for battery testing) Oh the extension lead.. Like I said put a ring terminal on one end or strip back an inch or two twist loop and solder This is so you can clamp the test lights clip on and a clip on the other.. Then Fold in half and re-roll on the spool it came on (or put one end through the center holes and move it to the middle and re-roll. That way you only need to unroll enough when you need it. But use a volt meter even if it's a 10 buck horrible frieight special to measure battery and House voltages with the battery disconnected.... Post results.
wa8yxm 11/09/23 03:18pm Tech Issues
RE: how delicate and fussy are LFP batteries

My set of GC2 were far more maintenance and care than the current LFP. And much lower cost, Heavier per watt hour And have a totaly diferent "Run down" profile. IN short. there are advantages and disadvantages to both. I have a LI powered flashlight... One time it worked perfectly next time no light... Inspiration struck and I dropped the battery in the x-Charger (Smart device that says "OH. LI pack. OK I know what to do with that) and sure enough the light worked again. The battery went from near full voltage to zero in dang near nothing flat. Lead acid (and standard flashlight) it gets dim. and dimmer, and dimmest and then it fails.... But with the LI it was ON/OFF just like that. This is actually a good thing.
wa8yxm 11/09/23 03:11pm Tech Issues
RE: how delicate and fussy are LFP batteries

not much data. Too bad. outdoor winter in Las Vegas would be long sleeved shirt for me. How does that saying go... Been there..... Done that. Yup. Some companies (Battle born I think) Build heaters into the battery case so if it's Co-Co-Co-Cold out the heater kicks in and once it's up to temp the charger charges... Some companies CLAIM they do that. (I should end it there but alas on another forum I have an agonizer who would point out that I should not assume you can figure out what I did not say so I will restate) Some companies CLAIM they do.. but they don't and you can end up with damage. Many companies do not make that claim at all. The LiFePO4's I have do not have heaters.. But they are small and easily brought into warmth. The Battery Management system (Built into the battery's case) is very important for it prevents over charging. over heating and one hopes. Too cold charging. Beyond that I understand those batteries are rather rugged.
wa8yxm 11/09/23 05:18am Tech Issues
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