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RE: Charging House Batteries

Some are saying just use the 12V+ connector on my 7 pin trailer connector to charge the house battery(s) and others are saying buy a Honda generator, but I’m reading about DC to DC chargers /isolators and maybe even a solar panel while I’m gone camping / hunting and it’s sunny out. Solar can get pricey and it can be a lot of extra wiring. Unless you boondock where it is very sunny, they are not worth it. Yes, on the DC-DC charger ! Especially if you are using Lithium batteries. I highly recommend Lithium batteries. 2 - 100Ah batteries for you small loads should be fine. If you are going to run a microwave or make multiple pots of coffee on an electric coffee maker, then maybe a 2000W generator. Also depends how many hours you spend driving day to day.
theoldwizard1 09/18/23 02:18pm Truck Campers
RE: Exhaust manifold question

Likely no OEM manifolds available. Aftermarket are "questionable" quality.
theoldwizard1 09/14/23 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Refills

There could be a small difference to the 55 lbs supposed weight when full, You can not know what the "full" weight is without knowing the TARE Weight.
theoldwizard1 09/14/23 03:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Propane Refills

They can only fill to 80 percent. ABSOLTE BULLSH!T !! It is call a "20 lb tank" because it is design tested and certified to hold 20 lbs of propane ! Some refill stations just crack the overfill screw and fill until liquid vents. This is usually very close to 20 lbs. All certified portable tanks are require to have a TARE Weight permanently stamped on them. If you weight the tank immediately after filling, that number minus the TARE Weight is how many pounds of propane you received. Many prefilled tanks (Think Blue Rhino) under fills to 15 lbs. And it is disclosed on all the signage. But they have many people CONVINCED this is correct ! BUYER BEWARE !!
theoldwizard1 09/14/23 03:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Buying a new TT, questions on TV setup

3.08 rear axle is going to be a problem !
theoldwizard1 09/11/23 06:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: electric RV appliances

I just watched a video from a large RV dealer. Not sure what all the brands are they carry,but he said he's noticing a trend for 2024 units that some manufacturers are not offering propane appliances. The units have 120/12 volt refridgerators and electric range tops and water heaters. I guess that's ok if you always have electric hookups and the electric never goes out. More and more people only camp where there are full hook ups.
theoldwizard1 09/11/23 06:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: How bad is it really? TC on a Ram 2500 w/coils.

Get the best shocks money can buy ! KYB or Bilstein
theoldwizard1 09/04/23 06:17pm Truck Campers
RE: New to towing questions

2 issues Tail/turn signals for the toad. You probably can NOT directly connect to the existing bulbs unless you some fancy wiring/relays !Do you need braking on the toad ?
theoldwizard1 09/04/23 06:15pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Battery Power for My CPAP

Find some one who is into remote control (RC) models (cars, boats or airplanes). They can make you up a lithium 24V battery pack (or wire 2 12V packs together) For probably less than $100. You will have to buy a special charger for that. Much less than $200 with the charger and it will last for years !
theoldwizard1 09/04/23 06:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Educated guess !

... And all this is assuming the inverter can even start the AC Micro-Air EasyStart
theoldwizard1 09/01/23 06:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Educated guess !

swag.... Assuming your battery can handle this and that all wiring is adequately sized to reduce voltage drop/etc, it looks like your battery will power your AC for about 1hr 20 minutes. I like your SWAG better than mine ! Converting BTU to watts and using a 90% efficiency on the inverter, I came up with less than 1 hour !
theoldwizard1 09/01/23 06:18pm Tech Issues
Educated guess !

Or S.W.A.G. ! With a 12V LiFePO4 200Ah battery bank and a "typical" inverter and no solar, how many hours of use can I expect running only a 11,000BTU-13,000 BTU A/C before the inverter shuts down ? Assume a 24' TT and outside temperature about 85° and inside set to 75°.
theoldwizard1 09/01/23 11:04am Tech Issues
RE: Load range E--ST Tire

The tires say maximum cold tire pressure is 80 psi. Because the tires are ST are they safe to use with 80psi and an average speed of 60mph? ST tires (and LT tires when used on a trailer) are design and safe to run at their maximum pressure. There are speed rating for all tires, (not sure if it is on the sidewall), but I do know that unless the tire is specifically stamped "not safe for highway use", it can be run at legal highway speeds all day long ! Ply rating and letter ratings on tires are "old school". All tires sold in the US MUST have their load ratings, stated in pounds, embossed on the sidewall.
theoldwizard1 08/31/23 05:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are all super C's 4 wheel drive?

Anything built on a Ford E-Series is 2WD. Most things built on Ford Transit or MB Sprinter are also 2WD.
theoldwizard1 08/31/23 05:20pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Full-Time Alaska TT Living

No offense meant, but what you’re considering is not a sound plan. Well, maybe in Juno ! Large city, far south and near the coast.
theoldwizard1 08/25/23 05:59pm Beginning RVing
RE: Micro Air Easy Start 364-XP installation

My understanding of the THEORY OF OPERATION of the Easy Start, once the A/C is running, it has no impact on the operation ! Call Micro Air and see what the say.
theoldwizard1 08/25/23 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: Predator gennys?

Westinghouse iGen 2500 will start most A/C units. Less expensive than two 2000W Predators.
theoldwizard1 08/24/23 07:13am Tech Issues
RE: Predator gennys?

Now the Predator 3500w inverter generator is a great buy, for quietness and price. Heavy/awkward ! 2 persons required to get it in the bed of a pickup.
theoldwizard1 08/24/23 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Battery Size (replacing)

A few clarifications: - CCA and MCA are all about starting the engine. CCA- Cold Cranking Amps (tested at 0°F) MCA - Marine Cranking Amps Useless information for your application. - Amp-Hour rating is how long the battery can output power (at an assumed amperage, though much lower than the amperage for starting a truck engine). This would be a good estimate for how long it could run something like a fridge that might be drawing 10amps but for a long time. Amp-hour is the "best" information you will get (the testing method is convoluted) when trying to compare to different batteries for your application. - Then you have starting, marine and deep cycle batteries. This is the internal structure of the battery. Starting batteries use many thin lead plates as more surface area generates more amps. Deep cycle batteries use fewer thicker plates as thicker plates can hold more stored energy. Marine (aka: Combo) are generally starting batteries that have been relabeled starting batteries that have a wing nut attachment on the studs. It's almost impossible to find true deep cycle 12v batteries. Usually, people will get 6v golf cart batteries and wire them in series to generate 12 if they really want deep cycle. They also charge more for a Marine/RV battery "just because". As stated, the "best bang for the buck" is a pair of 6V golf cart batteries. GC2 golf cart batteries typically deliver about 225 Ah. They will tolerate more charge/discharge cycles than starting batteries.
theoldwizard1 08/16/23 05:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: Atlanta,Ga

Drive straight through ! Just plan on getting there before 6AM or after 8PM.
theoldwizard1 08/16/23 07:48am Roads and Routes
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