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RE: Best app for spam blocking

at 30-50 calls a day, I would change my number It's strange in that some days there are are almost no spam calls and on other days they come one after another. Today, (Saturday) I have only had two, yesterday I must have had 40. I considered having a number change but then thought about all the trouble that it would cause. We don't have a land line any longer and I use mu cell number as the primary number, so it would cause a lot of trouble.
mikestock 09/09/23 01:31pm Technology Corner
Best app for spam blocking

I am getting an unbelievable number of spam calls. I am looking for an effective spam blocker. I know that downloading the wrong app can make the situation worse. I did something that has made me a spam target. My wife, on the same account, does not have the problem. I would like to hear from others who have experienced good and bad results from spam blockers. I thought I had already posted this but can't find it. If this is a double post, please forgive.
mikestock 09/09/23 07:51am Technology Corner
Best spam blocker app

I am looking for a spam blocker app that actually works. I have been told that using the wrong one can actually make problems worse. I gat 30 to 50 spam calls a day. Most of my problems started when I was a hospital patient, using their network.
mikestock 09/08/23 01:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Samsung S22 cell phone is regularly making the camera clicks

I'm sitting by my phone on a table. It has clicked 7 times in 12 minutes. No files have been created. I have turned the camera facing upward and downward but it creates no files.
mikestock 06/05/23 03:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung S22 cell phone is regularly making the camera clicks

Go into your settings and look for "applications and notifications". There is a section there that most recent notifications. I try to keep all notifications turned off, so that where I start looking when an update turns one back on. I turn off notifications and they stay off.
mikestock 06/05/23 03:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung S22 cell phone is regularly making the camera clicks

Is the sound connected with any action? Or does it just happen at random? Random. Can't find anything to trigger it.
mikestock 06/05/23 02:58pm Technology Corner
Samsung S22 cell phone is regularly making the camera clicks

This began about 3 days ago. There are no picture files being created. I read that it could be a virus but a virus scan (AVG) doesn't detect a problem. I went to the camera settings and turned off the "Shutter Sound" which had no effect. I thought it was related to my adding a camera to my RING doorbell but I deactivated the camera and it still makes the sound. The phone can be outside my WiFi range but it still makes the sound. The sound may not even be related to my RING, I don't know. Does anyone have a clue what's going on?
mikestock 06/05/23 08:39am Technology Corner
RE: Removing AM24N tuner from DirecTV satellite receiver

Or there is a menu setting but don't ask me where That's the big question. I could probably do a hard reset of the receiver. I think that's #981 but you lose all your recordings on that receiver.
mikestock 04/23/23 09:47am Technology Corner
RE: Removing AM24N tuner from DirecTV satellite receiver

If the receiver is also NOT a DVR I would suggest that you do a factory reset with the tuner not installed. It should put you back to where the receiver was before you installed the tuner. I would, except I am concerned that I may awaken some unforeseen problem. I am close to ditching the dish, anyway. I kind of hate that I've spent so much money on the automatic dish and other equipment to make the dish work.
mikestock 04/09/23 06:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Removing AM24N tuner from DirecTV satellite receiver

If the device is optional then there are two sets of what are called Binary files (BIN) for your receier. the other name (more proper) is Firmware or software (Depending on how the receiver stores it) you need the proper version of the "Ware". Or there is a menu setting but don't ask me where. That's what I'm looking for. It doesn't surprise me that their Tech Support never heard of the AM24N.
mikestock 04/09/23 06:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Removing AM24N tuner from DirecTV satellite receiver

old tech. really not surprising. why not just re-insert the device? I'm just trying to streamline my shelves and eliminate unnecessary wiring. If I wanted to keep the old, unused box on my shelf I would not have posted the original subject.
mikestock 04/09/23 06:43pm Technology Corner
RE: Removing AM24N tuner from DirecTV satellite receiver

I guess I'll just deal with it every time I change sources. I can't believe they sold the boxes but nobody knows they exist. Well, I guess I can believe it. Consider where their technology comes from.
mikestock 04/08/23 05:47pm Technology Corner
Removing AM24N tuner from DirecTV satellite receiver

I have an AM24N, over-the-air tuner, which has been in my DirecTV circuit for years. In fact, nobody at "Technical Help" even knows what I'm talking about. I removed my AM24N since I really no longer need it. Now, with everything disconnected and removed my receiver keeps telling me it has been removed and needs to be replaced. The message stays on my screen until it times out. As I said, nobody seems to know what I'm talking about when I mention the AM24N. This AM24N was provided by DirecTV back before the "SPOT BEAM" era began. I'm guessing about 15 to 20 years back. If anybody knows anything about the AM24N please reply.
mikestock 04/08/23 11:17am Technology Corner
RE: Got forced into MS 365

"$99 per year will about buy a new Apple with the software included." Not arguing that I may not be better off with Apple but I don't have the patience to start over. My 2 sons and their families are Apple users and I don't care to go through the conversion. My wife, who is almost as old as I am, jumped over a cliff and got an I phone after years of Android. I don't think she will ever catch up. I would be in the same situation with an Apple. I, after the last week, am suffering through the Windows 11 process and will do anything not to have to go through another. Life is more than spending all my time with computers.
mikestock 01/31/23 05:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Got forced into MS 365

I got a message that I couldn't load Microsoft 365, which I paid for. It says one probable cause is lack of space. That's not right since it says I have 270 Gb free out of 475 Gb. I would go back to Windows 10 if I knew how. I had a retired version of Office, which I purchased in 2007 and was fine with. Resetting my laptop made me think I needed to buy the $99.99/year subscription to MS365. This did not come with a training class and my computer says I don't have room. I would like to revert to Windows 10, if possible. Earlier Windows versions would have suited me just fine but that's not how MS makes money. Now my year old laptop with solid state hard drive is almost a brick. Can anyone tell me how to revert to Windows 10?
mikestock 01/30/23 10:52am Technology Corner
RE: Got forced into MS 365

Microsoft did not force anyone into anything. You are correct. I should just quit. Maybe I can get all the money I have spent on MS products refunded. I am afraid I'm not techie enough. If you make it to 80 years you may find changes harder and harder to follow. I feel lucky to get my colors back. I did find a solution.
mikestock 01/30/23 05:43am Technology Corner
Got forced into MS 365

My Windows laptop lost all its colors. Turns out I had to reset the entire laptop in order to correct the problem. I had to buy Microsoft 365 for $99.99/year. I lost Microsoft Live Mail as a result and have been unable to get get my second Gmail or my wife's Gmail account within their mail setup. Everything comes to the one account that I set up as my Google account. Can anyone find a way to circumvent this trap that Microsoft has put me into?
mikestock 01/29/23 12:57pm Technology Corner
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