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RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

But E-pay still puts your info out there which is my point. Either you trust the electronic banking world or you don't. There is really no escaping it unless you pay all bills and all matters with cash. THere is only one banking system it's all tied together. Sooner or later you have to pay the bill. Unless you pay in cash you participate in some form of the system. If T-Mobile is offering you $60.00 in savings a year why not take it? They would rather give you a discount vs. paying credit card fees to the bank. No matter how you slice it at some point you are exposing your banking info, which will always have an inherent risk. Fraud, identity theft and deception are not a new phenomenon's. They have been around long before electronic banking and debit cards. But you miss the Limit of Liability issue. A CC is limited to $50 and 99.9% of the time $0. Stolen debit card info will empty your linked bank account and you have to fight to get the funds returned. I spent the past 10 years designing and writing electronic banking software and, with this new check washing issue, I think it is much safer for retail banking. Not as safe as international commercial funds transfer because of so many customer-facing interfaces, but safer than checks.
magicbus 06/23/23 07:27am Technology Corner
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

I thinks it sort of naïve to think you can somehow shield your info by not using a debit card. How do you pay the credit card that T mobile now uses? With a check? When you write a check you put all your info out there. Are you fearful of writing a check? In the end its no different in terms of others having access to your info. I pay with an e-payment via online banking. Regarding checks, go read up on check washing. There really is no reason to use paper checks anymore. And, if your debit card is compromised your bank account gets emptied. With a CC you just reject the charge. No reason whatsoever to have a debit card. Dave
magicbus 06/23/23 06:30am Technology Corner
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

Personally I would never even have a debit card, too dangerous. But in your case why not open a no fee credit card and give them that number? You may find it makes your life easier by having other monthly bills put on autopsy too. It takes the same amount of self-control to pay the one credit card monthly bill as it takes to pay multiple regular bills. Dave
magicbus 06/23/23 03:42am Technology Corner
RE: Looking for solar powered (or not) wifi security cameras

Check out Vosker Cameras. Dave
magicbus 06/12/23 04:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Water Pump

Agreed on the antifreeze intake valve being in the wrong position. Dave
magicbus 06/10/23 03:26am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Solar trickle charge

A quick test would be to disconnect the negative cable at the house battery on a sunny day and put a volt meter between the POS on the battery and the disconnected cable. If the solar is working you will see a voltage reading, hopefully over 13 volts. Dave
magicbus 04/28/23 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Jeep exploded ...

A couple of hours ago I pulled out of my driveway and down the street to the stop sign. In the middle of the intersection was a Jeep on fire. I think it was a Liberty. Looked like the flames were coming from around the battery. One guy emptied an extinguisher but couldn’t stop it. Dave
magicbus 04/25/23 12:37pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Separate” sink in a wet bath?

Here you go. Dave
magicbus 04/12/23 03:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Separate” sink in a wet bath?

I have a separate wall-mounted single lever control for my shower, which I think is what you are asking. Dave Yes this is what I was thinking. So you've got a separate wall-mounted control for the shower, as well as a separate sink with its own faucet and controls?Exactly. Dave
magicbus 04/11/23 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: “Separate” sink in a wet bath?

I have a separate wall-mounted single lever control for my shower, which I think is what you are asking. I wish they had skipped the sink and made the whole shower/toilet area larger since the sink is small and cramped and the kitchen sink is 30” away across the aisle. Dave
magicbus 04/11/23 04:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Flying J/Pilot oil

Once pilot bought flying J they stopped catering to RV'ers. The place is nowhere near as clean, and there prices went up considerably. Its a private business so they can operate it as they see fit. Just as we can choose to go elsewhere.Now that you mention it that does seem to be when the prices jumped. I had never put the two together. Dave
magicbus 04/07/23 11:29am Snowbirds
RE: Flying J/Pilot oil

…By time you pay their ridiculously high fuel prices there is little price difference and peace and quiet. Dave Dave, I often found Flying J fuel cheaper than the competition. I've never stayed overnight at one. We just got back to New England from Florida and would often notice that Flying J and Pilot along with other truck stop chains were about 8% higher than smaller stations. It makes sense because they offer a lot of additional services to drivers required to spend downtime somewhere, and someone needs to pay for that. When I used to travel a lot in my DP I often fueled and spent the night in FJ/Pilot. As it became more expensive (and more of a hassle) I migrated over to campgrounds and the occasional rest area. Dave
magicbus 04/06/23 03:44am Snowbirds
RE: Flying J/Pilot oil

Don't stay there any more. Stay at a regular RV park like the rest of us do Agreed. By time you pay their ridiculously high fuel prices there is little price difference and peace and quiet. Dave
magicbus 04/05/23 03:23am Snowbirds
RE: Lubricant for tow bar arms

I used Tri-Flow for my tow bar arms and still use it any time something is going into my hitch receiver to make sure it releases easily. It is my go to spray lubricant. Dave
magicbus 02/23/23 03:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Washer issue driving me nuts

Did you clean the door gasket so it’s drain holes operate as they are supposed to? Dave
magicbus 02/09/23 11:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Washer issue driving me nuts

The reason you need to leave the washer door open/ mop water from door sill/ spray bleach is because you need to press in and peel back the wide door gasket dead center at the bottom of the door sill and clean the drain holes in it. Ours clogs with dog hair and we clean it regularly. The gasket is attached on one side just for this purpose. Dave
magicbus 02/04/23 09:10am General RVing Issues

Started getting the Sprinter organized for our annual 6 weeks on the Florida gulf. Being from Massachusetts I don’t need to practice poor driving skills, they just come naturally. Dave
magicbus 01/13/23 12:36pm Snowbirds
RE: Password

Interesting sidebar… a pair of twins we see every winter in Florida flew in from Canada last year landing an hour apart. When the second one went through customs she was pulled aside because the facial recognition system determined she was already in the US. It took a while but she figured out the issue, texted her sister to come meet her at customs, and they got it sorted out. Dave
magicbus 12/12/22 04:17am Technology Corner
RE: Removing Sap

Goo Gone ,I use for pine sap on my awning.Even works for removing wet epoxy. Dave
magicbus 12/11/22 01:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Directv ??? what are they doing???

Dunno, maybe they're giving out freebies trying to keep from losing customers.Makes sense. At home they gave me the NFL Ticket for the season, a movie every couple of months, and a premium movie channel once a year for 3 months. Dave
magicbus 12/09/22 04:07am Technology Corner
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