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RE: Progressive RV Insurance requires you to have another car?

There's another thing here that might be relevant. Progressive has a multi-vehicle discount on their policies. I have Progressive on my RV and I get a discount because my motorcycle is also insured by them.
bob_nestor 11/12/23 05:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Amarillo, TX RV Park

I believe that it's not "Dumas City Park" but Texhoma Park Ooops, yeah you're right. It's operated by the City of Dumas but called Texhoma Park. Sorry.
bob_nestor 11/07/23 03:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Amarillo, TX RV Park

On our many trips back and forth to Colorado we always overnighted at Ft Amarillo RV park on the west edge of town just off I-40. Quick access to restaurants, fuel, and shopping if you need any of that. If your route to/from Colorado takes you thru Dumas (that's the route I take either US-87 or US-287), then the Dumas City Park is a great place to stay overnite. Free camping (donation encouraged) but it has a dump station, fresh water and 30/50a outlets at all the RV spots! It's a level gravel lot but includes a doggie area and a kiddie area with playground equipment and rest rooms. The only downside for some is it's near the railroad tracks so you do get some train noise and train horns.
bob_nestor 11/07/23 10:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: CBD oil

I'm one that believes nothing beneficial comes from marijuana. You and I may be the only people who agree on this. The number of Informmercials on FaceBook hawking CBD as a cure to anything and everything under the sun is a pretty good indication that we're probably on the right side of this argument.
bob_nestor 11/06/23 11:04am RV Pet Stop
RE: Campgrounds with Dish Network streaming TV to Roku

Maybe I'm missing something here, but doesn't the "option" require that you have a good WiFi or cell connection? My FireStick and Roku connect to the WiFi in my home or RV. At home my WiFi comes thru my router that's hardwired to the Internet. In my RV the WiFi comes off my Hotspot that runs on the AT&T network. If I have a good usable Hotspot in my RV then I can use Dish Anywhere and connect to my home Dish receiver that gives me access to all the channels I have at home, including my local OTA stations.
bob_nestor 10/12/23 06:18am Technology Corner
RE: Pleasure Way with high miles vs Roadtrek with low miles

The number of miles on an RV is more of a function of the chassis and how well it's been cared for over the years. The diesel Sprinter is typical German engineering - usually over-engineered, over-complicated and over-priced. But kept in good shape they run for a long time. And as has already been stated, build quality of the Roadtrek (especially around the 2006 timeframe) was pretty abysmal. I owned one and learned a lot about RV maintenance and repairs from the ownership experience.
bob_nestor 10/06/23 09:25am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: How do you decide how much to spend on an RV

In my opinion, Wait a few months, you’ll be able to buy it at recession prices. The down side of that is your 2016 will be correspondingly worth less also. I’d say it’s not really an optimal time to buy a depreciating asset. I suspect you're right. Driving past RV lots now they appear to be full or filling up with RVs, both new and "used only once or twice". Many who bought RVs during the pandemic are also finding out what it really costs to own an RV and many of those are probably under water on the financing they used for their purchase - they're starting to try and get out from under their RV purchases. I'm seeing a lot of alarming reports on the massive buildup of debt for things like cars, homes and RVs as well as the steep decline in peoples savings. It probably isn't going to be a pretty sight when things hit the fan, but could be an excellent buying opportunity for those who bidded their time on major purchases and kept their powder dry. Also good to keep in mind that cost is what it took to build the unit; price is what the dealer is asking (cost plus profit or loss), and value is what someone is willing to pay.
bob_nestor 09/22/23 10:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: AA and AAA Rechargeable Batteries

I also use a lot of eneloops. But some things dislike the 1.2 volts vs the standard 1.5 on alkaline. Pale Blue Lithium AA/AAA rechargeable are nice as well, but as you point out some devices don't like the slightly lower voltage. They're available on Amazon. One thing I really like about them is they have a USB-C port built into the battery, so no more hunting for the special recharge device to recharge them. Just plug in any old USB-C charge cable directly to the battery. The battery also has a charge light that shows when the battery is fully recharged.
bob_nestor 08/23/23 12:50pm Tech Issues
RE: pilot lights ok, oven burner won't ignite

Doug is probably spot on with his advice, but the other thing that could cause something like this is the propane regulator needing replacement. I had the same problem as the OP described - burners wouldn't stay lit. The refrigerator would work on propane but the propane powered generator wouldn't stay running. I replaced the regulator and everything was back to normal. What I discovered in my research is there's a small bit of oil added to propane gas to keep things lubricated. Sometimes the propane supplier overdoes it with the oil and when that happens it collects in the regulator and basically reduces the gas flow to the point where appliances needing higher gas flow stop working.
bob_nestor 08/20/23 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Kwikee Steps Won't Extend

Two fairly common causes of the Kwikee steps not extending or retracting. One, it could be the magnetic sensor in the door frame not sensing the door is open or closed. This usually causes the steps to not retract. Testing for this is simple - take a strong magnet and bring it in close proximity with the sensor in the door frame. If the steps retract then this is most likely the issue and either replacing the sensor, the magnet in the door or adjusting the sensor placement solves the problem. (If the gap between the door magnet and the sensor is to large the sensor won't detect door closed. This can happen as the door gets a bit mis-aligned due to vehicle vibration, etc. My fix is to just place a garden hose washer behind the sensor so it protrudes a bit more.) Second, for the steps no extending. The motor used in the steps can develop a flat spot on the armature from vehicle vibration while traveling down the road. In this case the motor needs to be replaced. One simple test of this is to rap on the step motor a bit to see if it "wakes up" and the steps extend. BE CAREFUL DOING THIS! Watch where to put your arms, hands and fingers while doing this as you can loose body parts if they're in the wrong place when the steps decide to work.
bob_nestor 08/08/23 06:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Truly unlimited and temporary Hot Spot

If you can add a hotspot option to an unlimited AT&T plan, that might be your best option. Pay it when you need it and turn if off when you don't. Yeah, I have thought of that. Easy enough to turn on and off and doesn't require a new SIM each time. Expensive though. $80/month. This is the easiest option though. I see visible plans for $45 but I don't think you can just get a hot spot, I think requires an existing phone plan. Be sure to read the fine print. Many plans that have "unlimited" data have a very finite amount of data that can be used when using a hotspot. Yeah, "truly unlimited" is an oxymoron - it would require infinite bandwidth and depending on how you interpret "unlimited" possibly infinite speed. Both would violate the known laws of physics. There's only so much bandwidth that has to be shared with other users and only so much data that can be crammed into any given frequency used. But that doesn't keep a lot of people from expecting "unlimited" to mean as much data as I want delivered as fast as I want for as long as I want.
bob_nestor 07/13/23 11:11am Technology Corner
RE: Discontinued control board

In my fruitless efforts over the years and with various Dometic refers, to work better than an old fashioned ice-chest in the summer in the SW I fiddled with the control boards replacing some of them with Dinosaur boards. I've got a new Dino P-711 (P7109231) sitting on the self that indicates it is a replacement for Dometic with model or serial numbers above 285... Also have a Domentic control board with part number 3850712-01. Both are working boards. You might call Dino and check to see if they can confirm that the P-711 I have will work, if so let me know. Ditto on the Dometic board.
bob_nestor 07/10/23 11:44am Tech Issues
RE: Towing an EMPTY tow dolly behind a Fifth Wheel east coast.

FWIW, I towed a swivel-wheel trailer behind our fifth wheel through and in Virginia, and never garnered a second look. But that was about 10-12 years ago. As was said, sometimes you just roll the dice and take your chances. What's life without a little gamble, now and then. :) Ah, but a swivel wheel "trailer" is a platform considered to be an extension of the tow vehicle, not a trailer in the traditional sense - at least in most States. Here in Texas they're not required to be licensed or registered. I towed mine thru a number of States (not on the East Coast though), and never had an issue or got stopped by law enforcement.
bob_nestor 06/23/23 08:40am Towing
RE: Low-profile A/C Opinions

Truma has some new low profile, German engineered, unit that they've just come out with. The marketing info looks interesting and they can be retrofitted in a non-ducted setup. Plus they have dealers in the US who can do the installation or replacement. I haven't any experience with their A/C units, but I've been really impressed with my tankless Truma water heater and Truma's service. They also have a tankless water heater/furnace Combi that looks interesting which some RV manufacturers are now using in a few of their models.
bob_nestor 06/21/23 09:48am Fifth-Wheels
RE: How Does Amazon Fire Stick Show Local TV Channels?

You can get your local channels with the DishAnywhere app installed on your Firestick BUT you need to have Dish at home. However it needs a Sling adapter installed on the home receiver and an internet connection. I have this setup on my old/discontinued Dish VIP222K (works with a VIP722 as well) and it works just fine. Actually it not only allows you to get your local channels but also any other Dish channel you're subscribed to. I don't know what equipment is required to do this with the current generation of Dish equipment, i.e. the Hopper though. Obviously you need to have a Dish receiver at home with the Sling adapter or equivalent, have it connected to the Internet and on. In your RV you'll need a way for the Firestick to access the Internet via WiFi. With all that in place you should be all set. I've used this setup to watch all my local channels and Dish channels in my RV while camped in a friend's backyard in Alaska.
bob_nestor 06/19/23 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: Best Fridge Type

Absorption refrigerators don't seem to do very well in the hotter southern summers, unlike compressor units. However they are less power hungry, especially when run on propane. Compressor units have been used for years in the boating industry and newer models seem to be getting a lot more energy efficient. As others have said, they're probably the wave of the future in the RV industry (thankfully!). If you intend to camp in the south in the summer you really need to look at the compressor units. If most of your camping is in RV parks with hookups, then the compressor unit is probably the best way to go. If you boondock a bit the compressor can be a tough call, unless you have a good battery bank and possibly solar. If you go the solar route then best to look into something like Lithium-Ion for batteries. A second alternator on the engine for a quick recharge is probably a good idea too, especially if your coach batteries are Lithium-Ion. Solar with flooded cells is pretty much a gimmick since it's almost impossible to get the batteries fully recharged and without a daily full recharge. You'll be running the refrigerator during the day on the surface charge so they'll deplete faster with each day.
bob_nestor 06/09/23 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Bad Experience at Little Dealer Service Department

It's been my observations over many years and vehicle purchases that in the industry (both automotive and RV) the Sales Dept and the Service Dept are basically run as two completely different companies. Sales makes a big deal out of their Service Dept to aid in making the sale, but once you've signed the papers and driven off you're forgotten - until you're ready for a new purchase. The Service Dept doesn't care about building a dealership-customer relationship with good timely service that could result in another sale down the road. Second, the RV industry, unlike the auto industry has a completely different warranty setup. In the auto industry the vehicle you buy is typically covered by two warranty policies, one for the tires and one for everything else. And the "everything else" warranty is backed up the the manufacturer to the point that you can go to virtually any dealer in the country and get prompt warranty work done. The RV industry is completely different here - Sales leads you to believe you're getting a warranty similar to what you get in an auto, but in fact you get a library book full of warranties. When you have a problem it's up to you to find out which warranty applies and find someone who will honor that warranty and do the work in a timely fashion. The RV manufacturers are usually no help in getting their dealers to tow the line either, and often you're forced to try and get warranty work done with the dealer you bought it from - no matter how far that may be from where you are when you need service. Finally, from what I can tell, Thor is more into building and selling units as fast as they can thru as many dealers as possible. For some of their lines they offer virtually identical floor-plans and options under multiple nameplates. They claim this is to give the buyer more choices, but it seems to me it's a way of undercutting their own dealers. A dealer may think he's got quite a large territory in their dealership agreement only to find that it's be cut in half by another dealer selling the same type of units under a different nameplate right down the street from him.
bob_nestor 05/26/23 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

Some routers like the Archer use unique names for 2.4 and 5 gHz and distinguish between them by appending a "_5g" to the SSIDs. Others, like some of the ASUS routers, can use a single name for both and when a device tries to connect it automatically selects the correct WiFi. ASUS calls this feature "Smart Connect" and it can be enabled or disabled via the web interface to the router. However, there are some devices which have difficulty connecting if this is enabled in the router. I have both an Archer and an ASUS along with various tablets, phones and such. At least one of my Android tablets can't deal with the auto-select. The POS my internet provider provided.. Did not have the option to name just one band different. It only had one SSID/PSK Which is why I got the TP-Link Archer 10 And glad I am I did it. also turns out I was renting the POS and the pay back on the Archer is about 1 year.. I'm double happy with that. Yeah, renting that equipment doesn't make sense to me either - much cheaper to buy your own and accept the small risk that it may need to be replaced. I use an ASUS RT-AC3200 for my main router w/WiFi in the house for my small home network, and I have an Archer C50 in my RV barn for WiFi in the workshop and for RV camping guests to use. It is hardwire ethernet connected to the ASUS. Overall I like the ASUS unit much better than the Archer, but both work just fine. When on the road with the RV I have a grandfathered AT&T hotspot ($20/mo unlimited) in the RV that's wired to be always on.
bob_nestor 05/24/23 05:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

Get a new router I had that kind of router(One SSID two bands) and several devices refused to connect to it My New TP-Link Archer-10 has 3 SSIDs two are the same ..almost.. I set them to the 2.4 GHz SSID to the same as the old router (Saves logging in all the old hardware) likewise the PSK I set the same.. The 5 GHZ band is the same save for the addition of 5GHz to the ssid..making both of the bands Unique The Third SSID (Guest)is optional. Now my printer works over Wi-Fi. Smart plugs and devices work.. and Raspberry Pi's are very very solid. Some routers like the Archer use unique names for 2.4 and 5 gHz and distinguish between them by appending a "_5g" to the SSIDs. Others, like some of the ASUS routers, can use a single name for both and when a device tries to connect it automatically selects the correct WiFi. ASUS calls this feature "Smart Connect" and it can be enabled or disabled via the web interface to the router. However, there are some devices which have difficulty connecting if this is enabled in the router. I have both an Archer and an ASUS along with various tablets, phones and such. At least one of my Android tablets can't deal with the auto-select. The other issue with connection to WiFi has to do with hidden SSIDs. Most devices let you manually enter the SSID and password to connect to an SSID that is hidden or not advertised. Some devices can't do that like a couple of the inexpensive Android tablets I have. At least one of the Androids I have also has an issue trying to reconnect to a previously known (and saved) SSID if that SSID is later hidden which isn't a problem for better engineered devices. As for hiding SSIDs, some feel it offers some additional level of security, others claim this isn't true. Hiding the SSID at least keeps people who aren't all that tech savy from seeing and trying to connect to your WiFi though. In short, if the tablet is an inexpensive (cheap) one, it may have a number of small nagging issues trying to connect to, use and reconnect to WiFi. But as others have stated, if the tablet doesn't support 5ghz, it won't see when it's available and therefore can't/won't use it.
bob_nestor 05/24/23 11:07am Technology Corner
RE: Where can I find this RV?

You might try searching on this site: RV Search It has quite a bit of information for searching, although not always really up-to-date. One nice thing is that if you find something close it will have links to units that are for sale around the country.
bob_nestor 05/22/23 06:09am Class C Motorhomes
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