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RE: Truck was totaled, looking at GM 6.6 Gasser

Mike Not too many folks posting recently. The few that have posted about them like them. Better than the 6sp you have. Being as the 10 sp has a 4.5-1 fist gear vs the 6 @ 4.1-1. Going with a 3.73, ene a 3.42 will have as much or more go power as you current rig. Lower rpm at 60.... I'd probably choose a 3.73, or the 4.1, only because I've put a 1-2" larger diameter tire on the last few I've owned. That 2" tire changes GR from a 4.1 to an effective 3.73. An inch to a 3.95'ish ratio. Go buy one, don't look back! Marty
blt2ski 09/20/23 10:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford to release the F150 in Australia

BB_TX, I've had oversized tires for a number of years/decades.....but with this said, I usually only go up a size, ie about 20mm wide and inch taller. Usually this has netted me better load handling, traction in most cases, this does depend upon the tread design! I do lose an mpg or two, slower stopping to some degree, again, depending upon some factors. NOw doing what Grit has done, one of my sons with his 1500 reg cab, 3-4" lift kit, 31-34" diam tires.......his 4.8V8, 3.42 tires and a 4l60E tranny is not liking all that tire to turn! SOme 4.10's would help him. I seem to generally speaking, mildly modify most of my trucks depending upon the usage. My current 1500 is a bit more than normal. 2" front leveling kit, 2" rear 1800 lb capacity add a leaf and shocks to match the front struts. tires as mentioned. It can be fun! expensive, can pizz off a spouse that has leg issues climbing..... Marty
blt2ski 09/15/23 08:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Silverado 1500 Diesel - First impressions

Thermoguy Somebody has the max tow diesel on here. He's pulling an 8000?;?!? Lb trailer with out issues. It's rated for more. He admits max load for him mostly chassis related. If one could find one, not built in an older style 8600/8800 gvwr 8 lug 25 series. Cats meow for a 10k trailer, decent mileage etc etc. Same basic power as the original T444e piwersyrok but 10 gears. Marty
blt2ski 09/08/23 02:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford files trademark for F200 pickup.

IF it does fail per say. Will it be Ford's first, last or one of many failures in automotive design?!?!? Along with let's add ANY other vehicle manufacture for that matter. Time to wait and see what this is. I'm personally hoping it's an 8 lug over the DOT HD class 2 8401+ gvwr chassis design. Granted emissions are not an issue, but braking, power, payload, more towing capacity along with more "fuel" to tow longer distances etc. Something many of you have beeched about! Marty
blt2ski 09/05/23 04:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: hauling capability

Pretty much to the lb. Thanks for explaining that enigma. Hence while ALL of us need to understand ratings vs actual abilities of our trucks. Tow ratings typically have been one 150 lb driver, lowest base interior. But the highest cost leather etc, you've lost 500-700 lbs of payload and tow/hauling capacity. Some cases, you may have made so you have no tow/haul capacity, if the occupants weigh what the payload is. I was that way with my two Astro/Safari vans with my 4 adult sized teenagers....1200-1300 lbs of 6 people. The new tow reg recommendations are supposed to take into account people weight per seat belt as camper capacity has been since early 80's, maybe before then. This way you won't get a surprise when you have no payload to tow or haul. Marty
blt2ski 09/03/23 02:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: hauling capability

My 2017 6.2l came with the camper package and the maximum camper weight was way under the payload rating. Never made sense to me but one of the many reasons I shied from a truck camper. This is because the max camper weight assumes you will have # seatbelts times 150 lbs in the cab. 900 lbs if a crew cab will be removed from max payload. Some pickups like my 1500 get no camper ability, because after removing the 900 lbs for people, you in reality, can't carry a camper! Marty
blt2ski 09/03/23 09:45am Tow Vehicles
RE: hauling capability

To add to stir crazy. Try figure out the lowest deno.inator on rear, most important. You may have a literal axle componant to 9000 lds, brakes to 8500, springs to 6400, tires to 6000. Nothing illegal about adding a leaf to spring pack upping them to say 7500-8000 lbs. Changing from a 3000 lb tire capacity to 3500-4000 lbs per tire.... Now you have an ~7500 lb RA capacity, an additional 1300-1400 lbs of payload. Assuming a bit less than the 1500 gross, as the springs, shocks, tires, potentially rims may add a few lbs to the truck. In Wa st where I am, I also have to make sure I have enough paid for gross tonnage, sold in 2000 lb increments. If you run down the road between 6-8000lbs, as I do in my 1500, so in his GM 1500, another son in his Taco! We three have 8000 lb registrations. Door sticker, normal 1509/ half ton registration of 6000 lbs would put us potentially finable for being over weight. Multiple issues to deal with, to make sure you safe, AND legal! Marty
blt2ski 09/02/23 01:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Battery Size (replacing)

Stir Crazy He's on his "THIRD" battery in 6 years! Ave is 2 yrs per. 6 yrs is probably pretty Ave for basic deep cycle lead versions, that get 500-2000 discharges, dual purpose 200-500, starting battery 1-10. He's cooking them either overcharging not checking the water frequent enough, or draing too far to get max battery life too far. Marty
blt2ski 08/31/23 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Size (replacing)

East Penn/Deka makes a decent lower cost AGM. You can find under Deka, West Marine, Napa, locally Puget sound the budget battery shops are also EP batteries, as are Duracell's. Marty
blt2ski 08/30/23 03:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Size (replacing)

8D and 4D batteries aren't used in boats?;?;? USCG use 8 8D per Cutter based in Puget Sound. I know a few folks with 1 8d per motor. Reality iirc mat, two or 3 31's equal an 8d with out the weight to toss a 150'ish lb battery around. With this said, on brand of lead deep cycle I know of, stuffs a bit more lead into their batteries, so you get another 5-15 AHR. So their 24 is just shy of a 27, 27 shy of a 31. AGM as noted, last a long time. I've seen some Northstar, now Odyssey branded A,gM, along with Mastervolts coming back at work 8-12 yrs old on boats. Be lucky to get 2-4 with a typical 12V lead deep cycle. Also most AGM batteries s considered dual purpose. You can star motors, or cycle them down as house batteries. I use a lead DP for my sailboat. You can drain these many more times than the typical 4-6x with a true starting battery. AGM batteries try to get charged at 40% of there list AHR, putting many charging systems in trouble, as they can not keep up with the battery taking the charge. You toast an alternator, or charger. Lead or gel need 25% or so of lost AHR to charge them up. I used to drain two 24's overnight when winter camping in my trailer, just keeping the rig warm in 10-20f temps. 2 270 AHR 6v woul net me 24-36 hrs in those temps. I had no hook ups. A single 24 in sailboat can last me a day or three depending upon what electronics I'm using. I have 5 years with a Northstar 31, vs 2-3 max with lead versions. OP has a battery. There is more than one way to set up RVs and boats to suit ones needs. Lithium may be next house battery, half the weight of leaf, triple the usable AHR for a given size. Marty
blt2ski 08/28/23 04:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

Like ALL things great and small. Break life depends upon two major factors. If you do A LOT of stop and go city type drive. lESS miles. IF you do a high percentage of miles on a freeway interstate not having to hit the brakes a dozen times a mile, more like zero with cruise will get 2-3x the mileage of the city person. I have best I can tell, 130k on my 1500. I go 160k on an 05 DW GM crew cab. Replaced the brake pads and calipers on my 92 Navistar a year ago with 170k miles. That rig does mostly non freeway miles. Even my 1990's GMs, got 100k out of rear drums, 25-50k out of front pads, depending upon if an auto, lower, vs manual trans. Not to mention 30-40k per auto trans rebuild vs 80-100k miles per clutch.... Today's rigs are better ALL around than thru the 90's. 2000 on up, ALL brands started getting some serious improvements. Marty
blt2ski 08/17/23 07:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

My 68RFE regularly saw temps above 200*. 220* was pretty common for me. Must be that Amsoil fluid that keeps yours so cool. You mean this Amsoil fluid and his aftermarket finned oil pan. We know all about it. :B Must have been very impressed to save that pic! Or he forgot it was a simple gasket that failed, like many do at times before the REST of the unit fails! Marty
blt2ski 08/08/23 10:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Can I tow this?

God advice received, albeit with zero other helpful input or response from the OP. Barring the extreme weight or vehicle condition scenarios that many on here like to put forth to “help” those with less than common sense, yes a 2018 6.2 GM half ton will pull that trailer smartly, safely and capably in any reasonable configuration/scenario. Common sense isn't common. Agree wholeheartedly...... What scares the hell out of me is wondering when I’ll get to this state of being and praying that I’ll notice it as not to embarrass myself regularly…. Grit, Who's to say you aren't embarrassing yourself currently?!?!? You just don't know it?!?!?!? Marty
blt2ski 08/08/23 07:44pm Towing
RE: Dodge 3500 towing heavy

I bought a 2003 brand new in December of 2002. Mine was a short bed with the HO engine and the NV5600 manual. Kept it for about 10 years and around 110,000 miles. I never had trouble with the engine or tranny (or really anything with it). My usual load was the trailer I still have today (12,000 pounds) with my 5500 pound boat towed in tandem. I did add a Smarty Jr and a Jacobs exhaust brake. That truck was great. I think with the tuner it was actually stronger than my 2012. That is basically what i want to do eventually i would like to buy a boat and tow that when i go camping and i would like to buy a tuner and an exhaust break for the truck. The manual transmission that Bionic man's truck had, has a tow rating 2-3K lbs higher than you auto. Along with an overall low 1st gear lower too. Easier to start in steeper grades, vs stalling out depending upon the steepness of the grade. I'm talking over 15-20% mind you, not a typical 4-6% freeway grade. IE something you WILL need 1st gear to start on! I had an NV4500 behind a GM 6.5td, it could outpull on the freeway, low steep grades etc the higher rated 4L80E. Yet the ability of the manual was 20K up a 30% grade, vs 16-18% for the auto. THe atuo overheated frequently vs the manual version. Yet it was rated 2000 lbs LESS than the auto. THere is more to this towing ability than just ratings per say. OH, a 265-65-18 LRE 10 ply tire has a few more lbs of capacity than the equal diam 265-75-16, and 800-1000 lbs more than the 265-17 tires you have! THose are the worst 31.5" diameter tire in a 265 width of any that I know of! Marty
blt2ski 08/07/23 11:14pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

There was a time when one was lucky to get 25-30k out of front brakes, maybe x2 or 3 out of the rear. 80-150k out of some depending upon how much is stop and go vs freeway driving. IMHO choose what pads/drum material is best for you. Marty
blt2ski 08/05/23 08:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Power Stroke vs 2023 Ram Cummins Towing Challenge

The video that the troller posted originally has nothing to do with the HO engine and the Aisin transmission. It’s the old 68RFE that can’t handle the high output. So, without question, a 2500 would perform better with a different transmission (preferably with 8 or 10 gears) that can handle more HP and TQ. And if we’re making requests, let’s do a ZF since they are one of the best. And no, I don’t care even a little if the transmission is outsourced. My 11 HO DRW 3.42's with 68rfe did a fine job with none of the complaints from others towing 30k combined. Probably because I ran the HE!! out of it for the first hundred miles, trained it well. Nice firm shifts! The only issue was getting the load rolling on grade. If it had 4.10's I would probably still own it pulling 35k+. Ron, You have just described the positive for the 8 and 10 sp transmissions. You won't need 4.10s with a 6 so to move 35k lbs. Because the 10 sp that Ford and GM use has a 4.56 iirc 1st gear vs you 3.5x. reality is, a 10 sp will have an overall low, lower than a 4.10 geared rig, yet give you the low rpm freeways gears. My 6sp 4.3v6 has more torque hitting the ground than ANY of my 4.10 gear 4 so autos. I have a 4.10 in first, instead of a 2.48 in 1st, I can multiply more with my ra at 3.42. This is what your missing with a 6 so vs a 10 sp. My 6sp is better than my 4 so autos, not as good as the 8 so at 4.3 in 1st, 10 sp is about 4.5x. that lower gear you want for startup is in the transmission! Ye Ford4x is correct, you may not tow much faster up hills on a freeway grade, UNLESS you can get more HP and or torque to the rear wheels. Marty
blt2ski 08/01/23 12:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Power Stroke vs 2023 Ram Cummins Towing Challenge

I do not think more gears in a RAM/Cummins will change towing performance very much. What it could provide is truck that can perform equally as a towing monster and a freeway cruise. My 2015 with Aisin and 3.42 gears was a freeway cruiser, that towed at 24,500 lbs combined just fine. As it is now, if one wants really heavy duty towing you go for 4.10 gears. So with more gears you could have your cake and eat too. What occurs on the IKE will not change that much, and I6 is just what it is, a quarter horse not a race horse. CONCUR!!! Also that "Quarter Horse" understands WHOA-NELLIE much better than the race horses. I tow heavier than anyone else on here at 35,500# combined and don't want or feel the need for more gears. Actually, what you two would find with a 10 sp, is an overall low lower with the 342 set up vs a 410 asian setup. But have the top end lower rpm of the 342. Your overall ratios would be better. A slight improvement of performance and mpg solo or towing. When the hill is too steep for direct, a taller gear below for a bit faster freeway or mtn pas speed. Granted I'm not talking alot better, but an improvement overall. Enough to make the $70-100K chang out. For most of us probably not. Their would be an improvement. Marty
blt2ski 07/30/23 11:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Dual hitch adapter.. De-rating when extending hitch.

Grit, reality, an extension for mount, and trailer hitch itself. I need to add a foot of hitch to one trailer to get it to go around, and jackknife my flatbeds. Typical pickups with a 3.5-4' hitch worked. But a flatbed 8' wide, one needs 4.5-5' of tongue length. Those extensions I linked are for pickups with 10-12' bed campers, s those folks can tow with out supet long tongue extensions. It's going to come down to a, OP will need to take ALL of our thoughts, put a positive and negative to the equation, maybe come up with a answer. If this was me, depending upon the age of truck, I would do a hitch extension as I linked. Along with extending the trailer tongue, or if still in buying stage, have the manufacture build a longer tongue, so I can jack knife around the bike. I would also add a leaf, or just plain replace the current rear springs with another 1500-2000 lbs of rating, so the rear does not say as much as the lighter springs. Potentially making it so not too much weight is pulled off the FA. With that, I don't feel their is a single bullet point to do what the OP wants. It could mean literally needing to go with a heavier suspension rig too. Marty
blt2ski 07/28/23 03:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dual hitch adapter.. De-rating when extending hitch.

The link I did, WAS ment for the towing part of equation. Assuming the upper tube would hold the bike. Putting an extended 2" bar a foot or so is not an issue. I was given one 18-24" for my equipment to tow with my Navistar from the bed manufacture. This got the ball mount beyond behind the flaybed. Needless to say, the first time someone forgot to remove the mount, dumping the bed. Mount and bed were bent. I've stuck with as short of mounts as I can since. No issues with the bed hitting the mount dumping. I'm of the opinion, yes opposite of mkirsh, not holding his NO against him, this can be done, safely and sanely. It will take some ingenuity with a welder etc. I would also derat total trailer rating from 10k lbs, by the hw percentage divided by bike and it's components. Say total 300 lbs, that's 3000 lb derate of trailer capacity. It appears like he's towing a max 3000-5000 lbs of trailer. IMHO below ratings overall. OP will still have to deal with unloading part of FA with that load behind. A stiffer higher capacity spring pack could alleviate that part of the issue. Reason I say this, is my ET with 1500 lbs of HW, with Navistar 16k rear suspension loses less that 100 lbs off the FA. My dually 3500 with an 8500 rear springs, lost 300 lbs, and a SW 3500 WL 6400 lb springs lost 400. Latter truck handling issues were felt due to amount of the FA. My background etc on where my brain is going with this. I'm probably more positive on a solution than some are. Marty.
blt2ski 07/28/23 02:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dual hitch adapter.. De-rating when extending hitch.

(url) Not sure if that will clicky, that's torklifts extension options. They go upwards of 7500 lbs of tow capacity. It appears that they can do a setup as required by OP. Marty
blt2ski 07/28/23 08:33am Tow Vehicles
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