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RE: lamination on 5th wheel

front cap ?? Rear cap ?? Need more tech input for a good speculation on the problem.
JIMNLIN 09/20/23 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Curt E16 Hookup Question

The sliding bar type I had years back was a safety catch behind a claw type hitch jaw. The pin rests against the half round claw....the sliding bar slide behind the claw keeping the claw closed around the pin. In 8 years no noise. jaw type I'm not familiar with Curts E16 jaw type. OP...I would suggest dropping by the selling dealer shop and let them show/explain the proper procedures for this particular hitch. 5th wheel hitches use several different jaw type systems even in the same brands. I'm wondering if the OP is referring to Curts E16 sliding rail hitch for short bed trucks.
JIMNLIN 09/10/23 08:46am Towing
RE: TT Wear on one tire..only took few short trips

It could be one, or more than one, of several issues. Your on the road so drop by a truck tire dealer with the camper. I've found they know more about tire wear issues on trailers than a rv dealer or car tire dealer down on the corner. If its just a bad tire or loose bearing or loose wheel lugs... they can fix those issue. If a bent axle a big rig trailer repair shop can bend the axle back to specs quickly and get you on your way.
JIMNLIN 09/08/23 12:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: TPMS - Tire Pressure Increase

Tire pressure increases while traveling. In researching I have seen where a 25% increase in pressure is fine. So at 65PSI I could expect to see pressure up to around around 81 and all should be good. Any thoughts on this? When I was on the road pulling non rv trailers for living we had no TPMS or inferred temp guns. We used a tire thumper at every stop and felt the tires by hand looking for one that was much hotter or low pressure. If one tire is hotter than the others check its pressure. Several of reasons one tire may run hot and higher psi that a nominal pressure/temps of tires on that vehicle.
JIMNLIN 09/04/23 01:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Load range E--ST Tire

FWIW, Goodyear now has a load/inflation chart for the Endurance ST. Goodyear also says in their rvtires website "weighing your rv"... *Special Considerations* ***Unless trying to resolve poor ride quality problems with an RV trailer, it is recommended that trailer tires be inflated to the pressure indicated on the sidewall of the tire. Trailer tires experience significant lateral (side-to-side) loads due to vehicle sway from uneven roads or passing vehicles. Using the inflation pressure engraved on the sidewall will provide optimum load carrying capacity and minimize heat build-up.*** clicky link Good advise as the first part covers those that over tire their trailer above recommendations. The last mentions side to side loading. We see that out here in high wind areas and 40 mph side winds. I've seen my 16" LT E tires on service trailers (3042 lbs with 6k axles) run 92-94 psi all day long in 110 degree outside temps.
JIMNLIN 09/02/23 12:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires

Assuming your 8000 lb trailer is a tandem axle....with those 15" load E tires at 2830 lbs X 4 tires = 11320 lbs capacity. A 8000 lb TT may have 10-15 % hitch weight = in the 1000 lb range leaving 7000 lbs on the trailers axles. Typically a over tired trailer with 11320 lbs of tire capacity may make for a rough ride but shouldn't cause any overloaded tire issues.
JIMNLIN 09/01/23 06:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Towing

Any suggestions for this new guy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. I would load the combo up and make a short run and see how the combo handles. If it suits your expectations thats great....if it needs attention then is the time to fix that issue(s). First tho.....As others mention get your trucks unladen axle weights. Then load the trailer and hitch it all up and get truck and trailer axle weights. JMO ..anyone who wants to carry weight in their vehicle should know that vehicles unladen separate axle weights. Don't depend on brochure weights.
JIMNLIN 08/30/23 12:02pm Towing
RE: hauling capability

2015 Fleet Ford spec show a F350 srw crew cab 6.2 engine can have over a dozen gvwrs ranging from 10000 up to 11300 lbs every 200 lb increments or so. Also shows a 6290 or 6730 or 7000 rawr ...all above depends on 156" or 172" wheel base and 2wd vs 4wd and 17" vs 18"/20" wheels. Every trucker should know his trucks front and rear scaled unladin axle weights. Drop by a set of CAT scale and find your trucks axle weights with attention to the rear axle as its going to carry most if not all of a truck camper weight. Simply subtract your trucks rawr from scaled rear axle weight = the truck actual payload. Also works the same for the front axle . Gotta' know your vehicles loaded axle weights. You sure don't want to exceed a tire/wheel or spring pack ratings.
JIMNLIN 08/24/23 03:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires- LT or ST

Carlisle HD and Endurance came out in the sept '16 and Jan '17.... both are those companies newest gen ST tires. Both have a very good service record so far. Better service record than Maxxis ST8008 with over 30 tire complaints on this and IRv2 rv websites. My 1997 11200 lb 5th wheel/5200 lb tandem axles, came with new Marathon ST225/75-15 D. At that time I wouldn't use a ST tire so I upgraded to 16" wheels and LT225/75-16 E BFG Commercial T/A/other recommended LT brands. I'm running in the 51k-54k mile range/7-8 years per set with no issues. Deleted " a year range"...jim"
JIMNLIN 08/22/23 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to search for tires?

A trailers suspension (short spring length) is very stiff and rough riding vs twice as long LDT truck rear suspensions. Best way to tell if a tire has a balance issue is read its tread wear pattern. If any odd wear then check for a tire tread that maybe starting to separate in spots....bent wheel (radial runout). A tire..any tire that is jumping up and down on a trailer is most of the time a defective tire. Time for a replacement tire. I, as others, don't balance any of our rv or non rv trailers tires nor have any abnormal wear patterns for not doing so. If you feel the need or simply want a balance job done on the trailers tires as "insurance" or "peace of mind" no one is going to think badly of you for doing so.
JIMNLIN 08/19/23 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

IF you do a high percentage of miles on a freeway interstate not having to hit the brakes a dozen times a mile, more like zero with cruise will get 2-3x the mileage of the city person. Good point. I'm rural out here an seldom see big city stop and go type driving. I bought a new '03 2500 Dodge/Cummins NV5600 came with a Jacobs exhaust brake thru Dodge Business link program. The Jacobs was activated with a push/pull switch on top of the tranny shifter. It stayed on 90 percent of the time. At 132k miles I got the bug to change the front OEM pads even tho they had a few more miles left. I see much the same on Dodge/Ram....GM Dmax/A and Ford diesel forums. it truly makes a difference in brake service life on driving style and city vs highway miles of service.
JIMNLIN 08/18/23 08:43pm Tow Vehicles
RE: RV Axle Alignment Shop in Buffalo NY area

I can do the porta power and chain trick that i see on youtube, But would rather just take it to the shop and watch it being done. When I was on the road I looked for a big rig trailer repair shop for axle work. They have all the equipment that aligns from the pin/ball or pintle hitch receiver to the trailers front axle. From there they can bend the axle back to alignment with the hitch....set toe angles...and check camber....and set the following axles (tandem or tri axle). Drop by a real pro shop and let them show you how to properly align a trailers suspension. After replacing a axle myself or a shop I always ran the trailer in service and watched for odd wear patterns in the tires tread. Pulling trailers I didn't always have time in my schedule or was close to a good trailer alignment shop. If a odd tire wear pattern showed then was the time set up a appointment for a check or R&R. I would run the trailer but watch the tires for irregular wear issues. .
JIMNLIN 08/18/23 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: How to search for tires?

Trailer hubs don't come machined balanced like automotive hubs on our cars/trucks. Adding weights on the wheel can be a hit or miss. Also steel trailer wheels and some forged aluminum center hole and lugs are stamped at the time of process. Most stamped lug holes don't come concentric to the bead seat flange. I've watched a old truck tire dealer/truck repair shop go through his supply of 16" trailer wheels using a engine lath/dial indicators looking for just one that didn't need several 4" long weights in one spot. Thats a big reason commercial truck tire dealers that are savvy with non automotive wheels recommend spin the tire/wheel/hub ass'y on the trailer and measure the tire for radial and lateral run out. Something most tire shops down on the corner in town don't have much if any experience with. And short (28"-30") stiff trailer springs are a huge damper for smoothing out of balance vibrations if any.
JIMNLIN 08/17/23 12:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Need advice if safe for my pickup to pull a heavy 5th wheel

PS: Where do you find the "max pin weight" rating? I've only ever found the GVWR and axle ratings. Or are you speaking of the rating on the hitch which is independent of the truck ratings? Its common for rv folks to claim their trucks gvwr based payload sticker is how much pin weight or truck camper weight they can load on their trucks rear axle (in the bed). There is no one ton srw that can carry those big gvwr based 4000-4500 lb sticker loads in the bed over the 7000-7250 lb rawr without exceeding tire/wheel an rear spring pack. They would need higher rated tires/wheels and rear suspension. Another fallacy of using those new high gvwr or the payload sticker to figure how much pin weight...or truck camper weight their trucks can safely carry.
JIMNLIN 08/14/23 02:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dodge 3500 towing heavy

If I remember right the older 3500 srw Dodge trucks had 6200-6500 rawr (tire/wheel/rear spring pack). Your trucks drivers side door post certification sticker has the trucks fawr/rawr. Drop by a set of CAT scales and weigh your truck front and rear axles separately. Subtract the CAT scale number from your trucks rawr will give you how much in the bed payload you have to work with. Those older trucks rear axle may weigh in the 3200-3400 lbs ...subtracted from 6200 rawr = approx 3000-3300 lbs before exceeding a tire/wheel or rear suspension. This trucks rawr will more likely be overloaded. The '05 truck has the AAM 11.5" rear axle good for over 10k lbs so its not a concern. And of course if its the 5.9 Cummins it won't have any issues pulling that size trailer. Many older 350/3500 srw truck owners with heavy truck campers...heavy 5th wheel trailer hitch loads upgraded to 19.5" tires/wheels...air bags of some type of rear suspension help
JIMNLIN 08/04/23 12:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Grand Kid coming

Congrats. Enjoy them as there growing up....then scatter all over the country.
JIMNLIN 08/03/23 08:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Can I tow this?

The 6.2 engine has 420 hp/460 torque so no problems pulling in Rockies or high head wind flat lands on all day runs. If your 2018 has the NHT tow package this gives the 1500 GM truck a 4300 rawr and good for around 1800-1900 lb payloads. My wifes std duty '16 1500 chevy crew cab 4wd 5.3 6 speed.... rear axle weighs 2360 lbs. Your '18 rear axle will be close to that number unless you carry the kitchen sink. :).
JIMNLIN 08/03/23 08:04pm Towing
RE: Creak when reversing the fifth wheel

Great thanks so doing this on the road sounds doable one bolt at a time makes total sense thanks When jacking a trailer till the suspension hangs watch those side links as sometimes they can flip. If it does when letting the suspension down it can cause much more load on one tire and the equalizer bar doesn't work like it should (suspension imbalance). BTDT and its a bear to get the link to flip back in the correct position. When it does flip back its a big bang.
JIMNLIN 08/02/23 07:11pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Moving an abandoned truck camper.

Problem is not looking thru Caseys you tube channel and see how he handles a customers vehicle/structure that can't be bent or scratched. He has more Oregon clean up you tubes to watch hundreds of volunteers and see the huge mess these types of slugs have left Oregon forests. These folks are on there own time and equipment helping out. Some one jumped to the wrong conclusion about wrong methods.
JIMNLIN 07/31/23 07:09pm Truck Campers
RE: Need advice if safe for my pickup to pull a heavy 5th wheel

We got the rv hauled for us. The hauler said the tongue weight was 3850. Is a dually going to be an absolute requirement to pull it safely? Now add all the things (weight) you going to put in the trailer plus your stuff your going to carry in the bed of your truck may be closer to 4500 lbs all depending on scaled rear axle weights. Too much for even a new gen 350/3500 srw truck unless you mod the truck with higher rated tires/wheels and rear spring pack. Some of the new gen 350/3500 srw trucks may have a 4000-4500 lb payload sticker. However thats a gvwr based payload from front and rear axles. About the most these trucks can carry in the bed (rear axle) is in 3500-3800 lb range all depending on scaled rear axle load numbers. Safe bet is a 350/3500 drw. Depending on brand/year models they can have rawrs from 9350-10500 rawr and 6K-7K lb in the bed payloads. I started pulling trailers in the early '60s some times making a living. Back then and even now the trailers brakes have stopped the trailer and the trucks brakes stops the truck.
JIMNLIN 07/30/23 08:45am Fifth-Wheels
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