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RE: Awning dissassembly

I disconnected the control arms, and I didn’t hear any springy sounds, so I guess there was no problem.
waynefi 10/05/22 01:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Awning dissassembly

This is getting really confusing. There are several “my RvWorks” YouTube videos where he does need to pin the roll on an electric awning, but it doesn’t look like the model I have.On the Solera video, they never disconnected the other end, which is where the spring would be if there is one. On the my RV works videos, he pins the spring through a hole that I can’t find on mine. The gas struts won’t cause me problems because I have that part of the arm completely disconnected, so I can stick it in the back of the truck with it half open.
waynefi 09/30/22 04:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Haloview byte tango wireless system.

I just bought a Haloview MC7108 wireless camera. Used it on one trip, and it works well. It is on 22 ft trailer, slightly below roof line, and I get a strong signal.. My trailer was pre-wired for Furrion. That means that there was a plastic hood high on the back of the trailer which covered some mounting screws and a 12 volt plug. I bought Haloviews mounting bracket for pre wired RVs, which is a bracket that fits the mounting holes and a cable that adapts Haloviews plug to Furrion’s. The only problem I have is that the plug is too long to stuff into the wall, so I am left with a coil of wire outside.
waynefi 09/30/22 11:26am Tech Issues
Awning dissassembly

I managed to sideswipe a tree while pulling out of my driveway and bend up my awning. I had to remove the awning to be able to move the trailer at all. The awning itself is not damaged, but the control arms are bent. Now I need to take the whole thing into the dealer for repair. The easiest way will be to take the control arms off of the roller, but the dealer’s tech warned me that I need to put in some cotter pins so the awning won’t try to unroll Looking at the assembly, I’m not sure what he means. Remove the screw on one end, put in a pin, then do the same on the other end? The awning is a Lippert Solera electric awning.
waynefi 09/30/22 10:30am Tech Issues
RE: switching to dual propane

Interesting, one comment on Amazon said that it decides which tank to draw from based on which tank you open first. I like the knob better than that.
waynefi 08/31/22 11:17am Tech Issues
RE: switching to dual propane

This is the switchover valve that I recommend. It is also a regulator, so you don't need your current one. Other than that, you about have it covered. Cavagna Kosan 924N RV Auto Changeover Regulator w/RV 'L' Bracket. width=320 What is it that you like about the Cavagna? I can see the advantage of one that has a lever to tell it which tank to use first.
waynefi 08/31/22 06:53am Tech Issues
RE: Funny water pump leak Posting a picture of my pump, mostly to test photo posting.
waynefi 08/28/22 02:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Funny water pump leak

Answers to a few of John’s questions: The pump is a Lippert Flow Max 689051. The water heater is a Suburban SW6DE. I did not notice any weeping around the pressure relief valve. The thermostat seems to be around 129, which is a little hotter than I would like. I really did mean leave the water heater on. As long as the water stays hot, it doesn’t leak. It is only when is is heating and expanding that it leaks. That is why this was such a pain to track down. The water heater is so close to the floor that I can’t slip any kind of bowl under it, but I built a little frame to hold a plastic sheet to confine the water. When it leaks, it is about 1/2 cup, then it stops. My last trailer had significant water damage to the floor, and I’m not sure I ever knew where the leak was, so I’m paying a lot of attention to this one. I can see what a big job your hobby could be. Wayne
waynefi 08/28/22 10:32am Tech Issues
RE: Funny water pump leak

Thanks JBarca, I think you nailed it. Starting with a cold hot water tank, I turned on the heater and did not flow any water. It started dripping 10 to 20 minutes later. I flowed some water, and it stopped. The water was dripping from the bottom of the pump. Both inlet and outlet connections felt dry. Since this is a brand new trailer, I’m not sure whether I should go back to the dealer, or put in some kind of accumulator myself. At least I have a work-around. When I turn on the heater, wait 10 minutes and flow some water. Then don’t turn off the heater until I really need to.
waynefi 08/28/22 07:44am Tech Issues
RE: Funny water pump leak

Answering a couple of questions about my leak: This is using the pump. I rarely connect to city water. I tried the paper towel trick, but I have never caught it in the act. The towel is either completely dry or soaked. I tried putting a little tray under the pump. It does catch the water, but I can’t tell if is inlet side, outlet or the pump itself. This is a brand new trailer. We saw the leak 3 times on a 10 day camping trip. The pump was on the entire time. It may be that the leak only happens when the water heater is on, but still not every time. The heater is nowhere close to the leak. I’ve seen the leak twice in the week since the trip. Both times it happened like this: I decided to shower i the trailer to see if that caused the leak. I turned on the hot water, and waited. When I went back out, the spot was already wet. Dried it off, took a shower, and checked it again. No additional water after the shower. In order to post a picture, I need to put it somewhere else on the web, and then link to it, right? I’m not sure where to put it.
waynefi 08/27/22 11:09am Tech Issues
RE: Tongue weight limits and wdh

What happens with the tongue weight limit when you are using a weight distributing hitch? My Tacoma says the the tongue weight limit is 650 lbs. Does that mean that if my trailer has a tongue weight over 650 I need a wdh, or that I shouldn’t pull that trailer even with a wdh? The function of a wdh is to take weight off the tongue, right? How would you even measure the tongue weight with the wdh in place? My current trailer has a nominal tongue weight of 380, but that is before water, a second battery, etc. Your Taco's owners manual towing section should detail how much tongue or trailer weight, will require a WDH. The Taco owner’s manual says I need a wdh for a trailer above 5000 lb, but it doesn’t say what tongue weight it expects for that trailer. My trailer is 3700 empty, but I still use a wdh.
waynefi 08/26/22 08:18pm Tow Vehicles
Funny water pump leak

I’m getting a strange water leak in my TT. It will occasionally dump a half cup of water onto the floor below the water pump. I look once, it is dry. I look again an hour later, it is wet. The it won’t happen again for days. I can’t find any pattern to it. Of course, when it was i at the dealer’s, this never happened. Has anyone seen anything similar? The pump is s Flow Max in an rPod 195.
waynefi 08/26/22 09:47am Tech Issues
RE: Tongue weight limits and wdh

Here’s my guess about how the limits work: Putting weight on the hitch does two things. It adds weight to the TV, and it takes weight off of the front axle. The payload limit tells whether you have added too much weight. The tongue weight limit tells if you have taken too much weight off the front axle. A WDH hitch helps with the front axle weight. So if a CAT scale tells you that the gross vehicle weight is within limits, the rear axle weight is within limits, and the front axle weight is close to what it was without the trailer, you’re OK.
waynefi 08/26/22 08:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tongue weight limits and wdh

The 650 pound limit came from Toyota, so it’s not a limit on the ball mount, etc. It is either the hitch receiver or something about the stability of the vehicle. I always thought it was about taking too much weight off of the front wheels. Here’s another part of the mystery. The Tacoma’s tow capacity is 6500, the tongue weight limit is 650, exactly 10%. A lot of trucks have that 10% value. Why?
waynefi 08/25/22 08:03pm Tow Vehicles
Tongue weight limits and wdh

What happens with the tongue weight limit when you are using a weight distributing hitch? My Tacoma says the the tongue weight limit is 650 lbs. Does that mean that if my trailer has a tongue weight over 650 I need a wdh, or that I shouldn’t pull that trailer even with a wdh? The function of a wdh is to take weight off the tongue, right? How would you even measure the tongue weight with the wdh in place? My current trailer has a nominal tongue weight of 380, but that is before water, a second battery, etc.
waynefi 08/25/22 03:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: finding the leak

I’ve never checked a seam for leaks. Not sure I could see a small hole or separation. I redo the caulking at least yearly. Do you remove the old caulking first? Sounds like that could cause as many problems as it fixes. I am dealing with rubber roofs. The old trailer that had the leaks was a 2012, but now I’m more concerned about the brand new one.
waynefi 08/22/22 10:20am Tech Issues
finding the leak

My old TT had water damage to the floor. I never saw the water, and I was never really sure where the leak was. I know I’m supposed to check the roof seams for leaks, but what am I looking for. Will it be obvious that there is a gap? Is the roof the most common problem? The damage was in two places, the bathroom and near the door, which is also near the sink. Could the leak be around the door frame, or something to do with the drain pipes?
waynefi 08/21/22 11:28am Tech Issues
RE: switching to dual propane

You'll also need a double holder, a rod, and a large wingnut to secure the new load. Maybe a 30 or 40 pounder single would be easier if height isn't an issue? The propane holders I see on etrailer include a shelf, the rod, and a crossbar the holds on to the top of the propane tanks. I’m not sure how the switchover valve mounts. Thanks to the people who showed the combined switchover/regulator. That does make mounting easier. We do a lot of spring and fall camping. It’s less crowded then. With a single tank what I would wind up doing is carrying a spare tank in the truck so I can swap it when the first one goes empty. I don’t really like carrying a propane tank in the truck, and the first one is likely to go empty at an inconvenient time, like when I’m off doing something, so DW has to do the switchover.
waynefi 08/19/22 07:51am Tech Issues
switching to dual propane

My new trailer came with a single propane bottle setup. I am planning to switch to dual bottles. Is there anything hard about that? I think I need a new rack, a switchover valve, and a new cover. Anything else? Are some switchover valves also regulators, or do I need to keep the one I have?
waynefi 08/18/22 07:01pm Tech Issues
RE: stuck slide

Well, four 65+ year olds did manage to push it back in. Part of the time we had the good motor plugged in and running, and 3 people pushing on the other end. I also used leveling blocks to un-level the trailer, slide side high. (still level front to back). So, it is in and drivable. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions.
waynefi 08/06/22 05:12pm Tech Issues
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