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RE: De-winterizng an RV

Ok….time to admit I am dumb! Took me forever to figure out the bypass valve was nowhere on the water heater…..or at least the part on the outside of the RV. Now next stumbling block. It is apparently behind a panel in the bedroom under a closet and drawer. Even has a notice on it saying to remove the panel to get access to the water heater. How nice. Except the panel has no hinges, no pulls, no screws or any way to remove it except for somehow prying it off. My luck I would try that and destroy the panel or the frame around it. Someone tell me why I was dumb enough to buy another motor home! Is there a secret in a “guys only” manual that tells how to do this stuff? The one I am with is suffering from some mental decline and is no help at all. Figured getting an RV would be good for him to get out and enjoy before his mind is too far gone. So far have not made it out of the yard! ?????? Have you contacted the previous owner? Are you certain it's behind the water heater? Often they are near the water pump or in the wet bay.
way2roll 05/29/23 06:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Brake system for 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

What kind of tow bars do you have? We have the ready elite tow bars with integrated mechanical brake. Nothing to install in the car and not invasive to electronics.
way2roll 05/26/23 12:44pm Dinghy Towing
RE: De-winterizng an RV

Could you try calling the previous owner and asking them?
way2roll 05/26/23 12:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generac shutdown issues, help!

Glad you got it sorted out. The box looks like nice work. I love a good food truck so good luck and cheers to you!
way2roll 05/26/23 06:39am Tech Issues
RE: Tree Fell onto My Fifth Wheel

Depending on your state can be different different. Some states like NC say that if the repair is 75% or more of the "value" of the vehicle, they will total it. And value is fair market value. Insurance companies won't use NADA, they use sold comps and they are usually lower than you think. Your Rv is 15 years old. My guess it will have structural, water, electrical etc etc. It doesn't help that labor is probably $120/hr. In short, my guess would be that they total it, and the value will be less than you think.
way2roll 05/25/23 11:46am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Motorhomes with 19.5 vs 22.5 tires

I had this same thought many years ago when shopping for a gasser. Since then we have owned 2, both with 19.5 tires and never felt like it was an issue. Both of those were smaller Class A's though. If going 34+ feet I think you'll find they come with the larger wheels. I think it's more of a capacity/spec to chassis thing than a handling one. Smaller tires are cheaper.
way2roll 05/25/23 11:39am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generac shutdown issues, help!

It’s not a RV so not subject to all the weird travel trailer “stuff” that virtually no one else cares about…ever, when actually using trailers. Maybe we need the payload capacity of the tow vehicle before we can talk aboot his generator too?Yes tow vehicle information is also needed. Weight can be a very significant factor for liability, severe accidents do happen. I wouldn't ignore it but to each his own... Why is tow and weight information needed for this conversation?
way2roll 05/25/23 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Generac shutdown issues, help!

Are you getting a code? My guess is it's going into over heat shutdown mode. Open air generators are just that and require passive air around the unit to cool it. By enclosing it you are trapping all the heat. It shuts down as a self protective measure. That's my deduction, since you said it ran fine before you enclosed it and now it doesn't. If they were meant to be enclosed they would have come that way. Even vented, the pics show it's pretty buttoned up and the sound mat and foil is just insulating it's own heat.
way2roll 05/23/23 11:45am Tech Issues
RE: No power from house batterys

Problem solved. Motoring west next week. Ya Who What was the solution? Reporting back can help others.
way2roll 05/23/23 07:41am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Incredibly Rude People

I find that most people couldn't care less about anyone else. I don't even think it's a conscious thought. They just don't think about anything other than themselves. There are exceptions of course, but it's becoming more and more about "me". Often people will be inconsiderate on purpose to dare someone to say something. Like it's cool to be as provocative as possible. There are kind and considerate people out there. I try and seek them out and do my best to be one as well. Sometimes it's not easy ;-)
way2roll 05/20/23 06:45am Around the Campfire
RE: Addressing truck/wind push in a Sprinter based Class C

I think I'll try bumping up the PSI. My main concern was ride harshness with more air. It rides nice at 60 psi otherwise, temps stay good and I usually don't see any more than an 8 psi increase when they warm up. But if you guys mitigate some wind push without sacrificing ride, I may give that a shot. Certainly the easiest thing to try. Thanks!
way2roll 05/20/23 06:11am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Addressing truck/wind push in a Sprinter based Class C

With or without the cab over bunk? Either way, if you're running the unit loaded for travel at close to the GVWR 11,030lbs, on soft tires, there's not much you can do. Others have tried everything from air bags, to sway bars (Helwig?), to stiffer shocks, to whatever. I have noticed some handling improvement from adding Sumo Springs constant contact bump stops, front SSF-106-47, and rear SSR-338-54. That's as far as I chose to go. I also run my tires at 75+psi all around to reduce the mushiness of the ride, but leave a little room for temperature expansion/contraction. You may find that you'll get used to the crosswind and truck bow wash wander over time. I hardly notice it now, unless it's really bad, and then we just find a place to stop, and wait it out. Thanks for the response. Ours has the cab over bunk which I imagine exacerbates the issue. It's not horrible and I question throwing money at it at all. I get used to it. In a recent trip there was a lot of crosswind and I was introduced to Mercedes' "Crosswind assist feature". I had no idea what it even meant, but apparently it automatically adjusts a few things to maintain lane. Sumo springs seems to be what a lot of folks recommend and that's a pretty cheap and easy thing to try. Does the 75 PSI give you a lot of unwanted road feedback, like expansion joints? I think max on those tires is 80.
way2roll 05/19/23 11:07am Class C Motorhomes
Addressing truck/wind push in a Sprinter based Class C

On our previous Class A gassers; proper psi and the CHF addressed most truck/wind push. In our FW and F350 we had no problems at all. As much as I love our new 2023 Sunseeker on the MBS 3500, it gets quite a bit of truck/wind push and sway. I have set the PSI correctly - based on weight all tires set at 60 psi. Has anyone had any successes with any other approaches?(shocks, sway bar, trac bar)? I've heard pros and cons on each of these.
way2roll 05/19/23 09:26am Class C Motorhomes
RE: RV Life Posting On Fresh Water System

No. Fear is a great motivator even without supporting facts. Heck, made up facts to generate fear works equally as well.
way2roll 05/18/23 06:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Class A Motorhome Gasser

If memory serves - GM stopped making the 8.1 in 2006 and Ford continued production of the v10 until 2019. That may affect parts availability.
way2roll 05/17/23 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

I just find it interesting that a 3 year old thread has been randomly resurrected twice. And FWIW this question is completely subjective to the user. So many variables not the least of which is the placement, height and angle of your dump valves and where you are camping and the angle and placement of the hookup. I have them. Sometimes I use them, some times I don't. I go by the rule - better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
way2roll 05/17/23 05:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Can you identify this equipment and/or beer can ?!?...

As far as asking his bud, maybe Buds not currently on site. Then just walk over and look. If someone asks, tell them you are checking it out for your bud. Still something odd that he went close enough and took a picture but walking up close enough to actually see what type of beer, seems odd. Odd newbie post all around and a hit and run. Some interesting folks out there.
way2roll 05/10/23 09:04am Around the Campfire
RE: What is this switch?

Eject button
way2roll 05/09/23 11:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel Ecomony - Towing

A long time friend once said "People that get concerned about "fuel economy" with towing, or upgrading to a different vehicle probably can't afford to RV in the first place." Concerns with range are a lot different than concerns with cost of fuel. A more efficient vehicle and/or one with a larger tank can make a big difference in how and the ease in your travel. And are you trying to imply that folks upgrading to a different vehicle are trying to save money?
way2roll 05/09/23 07:33am Towing
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Truck is at the dealership. They haven't gotten to it yet. My dealer told me my batteries were fine. When they tested them they never isolated them. Local auto parts store isolated them and found that they were bad. Back to the dealership with the readings. Dealership admitted they never isolated them to check them..
way2roll 05/09/23 06:17am Tow Vehicles
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