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RE: No gas to stove only

I was going to suggest the stove's regulator.. (Stoves often have a on-board regulator in addition to the 11" regulator for everything else)
wa8yxm 05/29/23 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Remote measurement of fridge and freezer temperatures

The problem with battery operated RF remote sensors in the fridge and espically in the freezer is .. The batteries tend to not work. (And the frequency may drift) Beyond that I can not say much.... Now designing a sensor.. It's easier than you think.. inside that Accurite is a small blob known as a thermisistor.. You need to remove it and "remote" it. (Add leads) then route the wires (There is already a path as there's already a thermisistor inside the fridge and a water line into the freezer) and hook the leads back to the sender OUTSIDE where it's warmer. Alas.... I can not help you there. You will very likely destroy the thermistor (They are cheap but I know not the value> How cheap. oh 10 bucks for half a dozen give or take) If they are the right value.... Well 3-D printers tend to eat 'em.
wa8yxm 05/29/23 04:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Awning not working right

If that unit works the way I think it does (I had one) the controller is current sensitive.. That means you press the button and the motor starts to trun. when the motor suddenly draws more current (indicating it's not turning) the unit shuts off. Something may be overloading the motor.. first step is to inspect the awning to insure it's rolling and unrolling smoothly.. also check the gas shocks to insure they are not binding.. finally Lubricate.
wa8yxm 05/29/23 04:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No power to inverter

One thing I will warn you about.. on the inverter.. if it's like Mine. like inverter the wire leads all (Both 12 and 120 volt) connect in apanel in what I call the REAR (opposite the fan)... and there is a fuse.
wa8yxm 05/27/23 03:21pm Tech Issues
RE: How do you measure the ambient temperature?

Well there are proper ways and normal ways Standard method is an outside thermometer You can set it on the picnic table but make sure it's in the shade. If you want to get "Fancy" design a "pagoda" type house to set over it. Good ventilation and fully shaded so it's not reading sunlight. Now there are lots of proper "Shells" for outside thermometers. Oh. you can get one of the wireless types so you can read the outside temp. from inside... Just make sure it's out of the sun and has good ventilation around it.
wa8yxm 05/27/23 03:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Motorhomes with 19.5 vs 22.5 tires

I don't know about handling but the larger tires can carry a larger weight load and will last longer (miles) due to fewer revolutions per mile.. They also cost more (naturally) but I'd go with the 22.5s
wa8yxm 05/25/23 04:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Heated mat?

Have used electric heat a lot. works well but you need to be cautious about setting heaters in areas where they might cause fires... Ceramic types put out the heat just fine but do not get as hot over all (more surface area at a lower temp = same amount of heat) than the older glowing wire units. Oil Filled are larger and thus a problem on their own. I also have one with a remote thermostat.. That one works very nice. You can but a remote (plug in) thermostat at amazon and on the heater itself just crank it up to max. Google: plug in thermostat for space heater
wa8yxm 05/25/23 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Generac shutdown issues, help!

You can open up the box and I think (Read the manual to be sure) Tapping the OFF button will make the last stored CODES blink out.
wa8yxm 05/24/23 04:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

Some routers like the Archer use unique names for 2.4 and 5 gHz and distinguish between them by appending a "_5g" to the SSIDs. Others, like some of the ASUS routers, can use a single name for both and when a device tries to connect it automatically selects the correct WiFi. ASUS calls this feature "Smart Connect" and it can be enabled or disabled via the web interface to the router. However, there are some devices which have difficulty connecting if this is enabled in the router. I have both an Archer and an ASUS along with various tablets, phones and such. At least one of my Android tablets can't deal with the auto-select. The POS my internet provider provided.. Did not have the option to name just one band different. It only had one SSID/PSK Which is why I got the TP-Link Archer 10 And glad I am I did it. also turns out I was renting the POS and the pay back on the Archer is about 1 year.. I'm double happy with that.
wa8yxm 05/24/23 04:18pm Technology Corner
RE: 2001 Damon Intruder rear view mirror

If they look the same there is a good chance they are but grab as much info as you can. If it is JUST the glass that's broke... any automotive glass shop can fix you up.
wa8yxm 05/24/23 04:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

Get a new router I had that kind of router(One SSID two bands) and several devices refused to connect to it My New TP-Link Archer-10 has 3 SSIDs two are the same ..almost.. I set them to the 2.4 GHz SSID to the same as the old router (Saves logging in all the old hardware) likewise the PSK I set the same.. The 5 GHZ band is the same save for the addition of 5GHz to the ssid..making both of the bands Unique The Third SSID (Guest)is optional. Now my printer works over Wi-Fi. Smart plugs and devices work.. and Raspberry Pi's are very very solid.
wa8yxm 05/24/23 04:30am Technology Corner
RE: Connecting 2 batteries together

Not sure of the myths…but for sure there are some guidelines. Wondering what the addl concerns might be with 6V batteries though? You said there are concerns? Aside from having to hook up in series or series-parallel I’m not aware of any “concerns.” When you wire batteries in series you want Twins.. Same make, Model, Capacity, Age, as close to identical twins a possible.
wa8yxm 05/23/23 04:41am Tech Issues
RE: Connecting 2 batteries together

There are a lot of myths about paralleling batteries. For the most part the only thing you need to concern The Connecting cables need to be large enough (Same as the cable that runs off to who knows where) And the polarity. Most everythign else the batteries will work out by themselves In some very high current installs there is more (Load Balance) But you are into the hundreds of amp loads before that's a concern. With GC-2's there are additional concerns but since you are not going that route. That is all folks.
wa8yxm 05/22/23 04:27am Tech Issues
RE: Need fridge help

One of the most common issues I've seen with DSI systems is spark gap.. Being an old farm boy and having worked on many ICE engines I know a bit about spark gaps. If it's too big.. NO SPARK.. So. read the fine manual and break out the ruler.
wa8yxm 05/21/23 11:06am Tech Issues
RE: Incredibly Rude People

Have they fixed the I-69 Irish Rd exit under/overpass potholes and the roadways yet? Makes it hard to get to Williams GS Co. Road seems ok to me but I'll take a look Tuesday (At least coming from the west) I don't normally approach that ramp from the east (Get off at State/M-15) That's about half a mile tops from where I'm typing (Directions.. (NOTE I leave out a bit) Go to Davison Farmer's market (Court just east of Irish. Court is first Road/Light North of I-69) Turn WRONG way (Away from the market) The complex has over 800 apartments.. Good luck.
wa8yxm 05/21/23 11:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Incredibly Rude People

You have heard some politicians yammer about "Entitlements" Well Some folks seem to think they are "Entitled" to be rude to everyone. (Yes I know not the same thing at all but I hope you found the phrasing funny)
wa8yxm 05/20/23 03:03pm Around the Campfire
RE: Distance between the two RV?

I know one campground I was in when I had my slides out and my neighbor had his out you zig-Zaged between our trailers because the straight line was blocked by the slides... I'd like a bit more room.
wa8yxm 05/20/23 04:16am Beginning RVing
RE: Oiled my box fan and it broke...

Oil can mess up the windings but it takes a lot of it. But sleeve bearings eventually wear out. Even if oiled.
wa8yxm 05/20/23 04:14am Tech Issues
RE: Rain bow

Humm. from the video I'd say what they have in common is: "Hold My Beer and WATCH THIS!"
wa8yxm 05/19/23 04:01pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dead Refrigerator

You might try calling Dino but those boards are fairly standard. I'm surprised you can't find one . Alternative is a new fridge.. But again you might have size issues. They have an all electric models now day that only need around 30-50 watts running.. that's about the same as a dual lamp fixture with 1131 bulbs instead of modern LEDs.
wa8yxm 05/19/23 05:32am General RVing Issues
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