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RE: Sewer Hose Connections

Sewer hose wrench I got a pair of those.. NOT at all pleased with them I also got Oil Filter Pliers at Harbor Freight And they fit perfectly and worked great.
wa8yxm 08/12/22 05:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas Class A

Two biggest issues I have with a Class A gasser 1: Cargo Carrying Capacity (All the junk you bring with you) Mine was LESS THAN 1000 pounds 2: Towing: The hitch receiver was rated for 5,000 but after I substracted the GVW (not max but scaled) of the Motor home from the Max CGVW (Combined gross vehcle weight) i was only left with 4,000 for the towed. Most Big D's have much mroe capacity in both areas. Noise... Well this old farm boy loves the sound of a big engine working.
wa8yxm 08/12/22 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to keep outdoor refrigerator door open They come in assorted sizes get one big enough to clamp the door and not compres the seal here are some other types that are even larger. Like this one at Ace Hardware. in fact that's what I'd suggest if you wish to go past the towel.
wa8yxm 08/12/22 05:48am General RVing Issues
RE: New to RVing and Already Upgrading

Kind of like my OTHER hobby.. (Ham Radio) or..well I kind of like photography too. Always a better radio, Camera, RV out there :) Enjoy the upgraede.. RV wise I'm about 1/4 looking for a "Downgrade" My History First Tent (still have one) Then Tent Trailer (PUP) Then 13' Scamp Then Class A (sadly totaled by a nice semi driver.. Though I did not think so kindly of him at the time.. but as I cleaned it out and found "issues" I was unaware of he got nicer and nicer) Now I'm looking for basically a 16' Scamp.. OR equivalent.. Need Bed, Kitchen, (I have a small fridge) Table to eat and computer on. and toilet (Do not need shower but usually a trailer this size has a "Wet" toilet) There is an advantage (in my case) to a "Wet" toilet (Toilet and shower in same place you can sit while you shower) But i'm not going to describe it. Do not wish to break my bank however.. Still will be interesting search GVW <200 0 lbs is also on the "requirement" list but that can be "Dry" weight (no water on board)
wa8yxm 08/11/22 03:12pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to keep outdoor refrigerator door open

if what you do works, I'd stick with it. Agreed. There are many options that's likely one of the best. Another is this. if it is inside a copartment you can cut a piece of wood to "Slide" under the door (Cut it in a "U" shape) The door fits in the "U" and the wood either side of it both holds it open (By "Banging" gently against the frame) and prevents it from opening too far (Tight fit it) I forget how I did mine.
wa8yxm 08/11/22 03:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Refrigerator is dead

Dometic.. May not be as bad as you think.. Some things to check before you reach for your wallet. First if the on/off/temp controls et-al are above the top copartment pull that panel straight otu you will find a mulit-wire ribbon cable leading off to who knows were (Well I do as do many others) unplug and re-plug a few ties 3,5,10. Oh that panel is called "The Eyebrow" you can put it back now. Now to the other end of that cable A black box likely on the lower left in the OUTSIDE compartment.. Do the same thing on that end. Inside said box you will find some fuses.... Check them You may also have a terminal board bottom center in the outside compartment. ore fuses and possible bad traces (This is a basic board AND fixable if you have the skill. I do but will not instruct. NOTE about this board.... IF 120 volt is an option.. it will be there. it's also where the Ice Maker gets power if you got one... Thus caution please. Now more on that board. There is a long black or white tube ribbed.. It has a sort of a plug in the end of it.. This is supposed to be "put out" through one of the vent holes in the cover so it DRIPS DRIPS DRIPS on the ground.. alas many fail do do that and if you leave it INSIDE it drips, drips, drips on the terminal board mentioned above.. You can imagine the end result. Funny note: Took my Dometic in for a recall. Was mentioning the "Many forget" part of the last pargraph when the service tech returned my keys to the service consultant. Service tech says "I always put it out"... he lied.
wa8yxm 08/11/22 03:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Any Words of Wisdom?

On my Power gear sometimes I'd let it "Jump" a tooth (Actually NOT recommended) If I wished to do it right I'd run it out part way. then go down and pull a pin (Do not lose it) knock one gear "off track" adjust and restore gear to position. Restore washer/bushing (you need to be careful to not lose that) and the washer and pin.. I had enough practice I usually got it 1st Try.
wa8yxm 08/08/22 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Break down

The GOOD news (And it's not all that good) is the expected homicide total for this year is like 62% of what it was last year or the year before.. (So perhaps they stand a somewhat better chance of arriving home safely) Other than "It's still too high" I won't comment farther.
wa8yxm 08/08/22 04:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Coffee Quality?

Want a good cup ? Buy a bag of eight O'clock whole bean Dark Italian Espresso, and a bag of Eight O'clock Columbian Peaks. Guy True story (related) Some years ago some TV show or Magazine (Long enough I forget which) or newspaper did a "Coffee Tasting" thing where they brewed a lot of different coffees (Note this was long enough ago that you got the 8 O'Clock brand at an A&P store so you know it was long ago) (IT was A&P's house brand before the stores closed). 8 O'Clock was the winner . Something to be said for fresh ground. I may have mentioned making coffee for a crowd.. Again the day I needed to make 3 pots (30 cup type) instead of just one with left over.. Fresh Ground that morning on the way to the event. I often fresh grind myself.. but whole bean can be hard to find now days (Opinion of that.. Omitted due to not wishing to melt monitors).
wa8yxm 08/08/22 04:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: toilet

There are two styles of toilet. One has a "Ball" shaped Dump valve and the other a Gate valve. The Ball Valve types come with a tool to clean the seal.. I've never actually used it but did clean by other means.. The other (Flat gate valve) ( I do not recall a tool. but again cleaning may help.
wa8yxm 08/08/22 06:44am Tech Issues
RE: Our most used adapters when towing with an Electric Vehicle.

It's a good thing we don't need adapters to put energy in our gas or diesel tanks. Nothing worse than having proprietary plugs and receptacles to achieve the goal of charging batteries. Similar to all the different versions of plugs for electronic gadgets. Well. you are mistaken.. I've seen adapters for just that use. (Though they are rare these days) In the old days some cars could only use one of.. generally. 3 pumps. or else they had to use an adapter. There are other considerations as well. Today I can not use one of three gasoline pumps with my Ride.. (The other two work fine) And it's best not to try and adapt. (I might get away with it for say a half mile but I truly don't wish to try it) And this is a high-gasoline-usage month for me.
wa8yxm 08/07/22 04:11pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12V Fridge Issues

I am on my second 12 volt chest freezer/Fridge. the first one lasted about 16 years then failed (Compressor cycled on/off/on/off/on/off almost as fast as I type and I type fast. So I got a replacement.. (Liked the original better but the 2nd one is good) It's kind of a spare/backup/ transport unit only a couple cubic feet. Right now it's got Perogries. Turkery Burgers.. 6 pounds of IQF Blueberries (it froze them the think is set to -4° F) And a bunch of "Ice blocks" I toss in my thermal bag before I go shopping for cold food. Works great. I still like the other one better (All freezer) no "Refrigerator" compartment) Oh both of 'em could be adjusted to "Refrigerator only" if needed. The moral of this post: Like most everything made by man.. Failures happen.
wa8yxm 08/07/22 04:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Norcold cooling problem

So Why does the freezer work perfectly on electric power? It may have to do with how often you open ye old door. That said.... I will be following this thread While I'm not sure the way I understand it is the manufacturer decides the ratio of Freezer to Fridge cooling.. BUT.. There may be other factors (like cool freezer first THEN cool fridge) I am shooting in the dark here so if someone knows.. PLEASE POST.
wa8yxm 08/07/22 04:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Our most used adapters when towing with an Electric Vehicle.

The advice I give RVers is to cary a FULL SET of adapters so you can do whatever you need Looks like you are doing precisely that.
wa8yxm 08/07/22 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Water heater temperature

Tank temp is regulated usuallyu 120 degrees. You can get a higher temp t-stat for most makes. The "Dripping shower head" if you use a shower head with a cut off and totaly cut it off then when you restore flow you tend to regret it (Too cold or too hot) but the DRIP tends to make is "normal" when you re-start flow (This is assuming a cut off valve in the shower line not the mixer valves) There is also a temp, regulating mixer valve or several out there but I do not have a link.
wa8yxm 08/07/22 07:48am Tech Issues
RE: stuck slide

You are assuming the line is shorted.. Just because the controller says it is. That might (or not) be the case.. Sometimes the controller says a problem exists when it does not.. There are about a hundred reasons (or more) this can happen including power surges. Lightening strikes (can be up to a mile away and still false it) and temporary issues that self-clear.. I have one (Other) device here that occasionally trips a fault sensor.. I bypass. it works. and restore the fault detector and it still works Problem passes. But that could be your problem too so try the reset.. Worst that happens is it does not work.
wa8yxm 08/06/22 04:35am Tech Issues
RE: Coffee Quality?

You need to be careful about the brand you buy... Some coffee stories. Best cup I ever had was a little Mexican place in Palmdale California.. Worst: Starbucks For some years my daughter was part of an "After school" orchestra and they had coffee. And other refreshments at their rehearsals.. I took care of all that stuff (Filtered the water to the coffee pots. made sure we had pre-ground in stock) usually I made one 30 cup perk, and at the end practice some left.. Well one day (Rehearsal followed by performance) I hit the "Gourmet"coffee section of the local supermarket.. Whole bean ground to spec. Made 3 pots that day (I brought a spare coffee maker) Try house blend from The Unseen Bean ( I have met the owner and tried a few of his blends. "House blend" is my favorite. I got it ground (He can grind to order or whole bean) Roasts on Monday Ships on Tuesday Arrives by Saturday (in my case)
wa8yxm 08/05/22 03:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Waste water totes for fresh water

I would recommend against it.. HOWEVER I have an alternative recommendation. Due to the ownership of these forms the link will be to Camping world. (When I edit it in) But the bladders come in assorted sizes I googled "RV Water Bladder Tank" without the qutoes Other stores sell 'em Some come with pumps. Some do not. 45 gallon bladder
wa8yxm 08/05/22 04:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Gauges are not working

I'll support the Ground as 1st guess.. #2 and 3 are a Fuse (Marked gauges likely 5 or 10 amp) and a plug fell out... True story: Radio in my motor home was very "Bump Senistive" the radio clearly worked but no sound from the speakers. Well after many hours of pulling hair out.. Found the idiot did not plug the plug in all the way.. Pressed on it and click-click 100% operation. (the clicks were the plug's latches latching).
wa8yxm 08/05/22 04:48am Tech Issues
RE: Panic Water buying Again?

The level of Lake Michigan is dropping.. NESTLES bottled water.. Much of it comes from Lake Michigan.. (Additional comments about Nestles omitted). Coca Cola. not sure where they get their water from but I know a restaurant that sells 16.9 oz for $1.69.. or did when last I was there, and people buy it. These same people who are paying $12.80/gallon for water whine about 4.00/gallon for gasoline. (Departmetn of Some People) I drank tap water for $0.00. Get a Filter. I've used both PUR and Britta refrigerator filters and several "in-line" filters. all worked well... I think Britta (not sure on this might be PUR)contains an SAFE anti-bacterial element (Literally an element.. Silver) that kills harmful bacteria but 1: The Pox is a virus not a bacteria and 2: Silver is basically harmless to humans (Enough and it can discolor your skin but takes a lot and still not dangerous) (multiple pre-internet sources). Gallons of clean water for Well Cents per gallon,.
wa8yxm 08/05/22 04:46am Around the Campfire
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