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RE: Health rant

My wife has now lost 62 pounds all on her own over 1 year and 2 months with her constant determination. She's 81-1/2 years old but so much younger acting and now very active. She seen the light in the tunnel and has so much more energy now. Not using any "special" or "commercial" or "advertized" diet plans used but simply common sense and counting her calories and eating about 1/2 to 2/3 size portions of what she used to eat on her plate while always guarding to be sure she's had a minimum of 45 grams of good protein each and every day. She says just stay almost away from the fats and high calorie foods like sugars and greases, butter, a lot of bread, and candies. It works! She says it really was not hard to do either but must be continually dilligent and no snacking inbetween of useless calories. I am so proud of her and she looks so much better too!!! Wants to lose another about 10 lbs yet. Has gone from size 22 down to size 18 and that is a special reward. Getting adequate daily protein is ultra important to the body as it supports and repairs and maintains your blood, bones, heart functions, brain and nerve functions, repairs and maintains muscles, makes your hormones and enzymes and are an energy source, maintaining your balance, and curbing your hunger. Not enough protein in your body leads to anemia, weakness, and fatigue which also makes you feel older. I have lost 24 lbs along with her and still would like to lose another 8 more lbs but not more. Will be close to my college weight then as an old fart at 82 years old with 2 new knees to replace my bone on bone worn out painful ones. My first knee replacement is scheduled in November 2023. Yup, I'm eager!!!
travelnutz 09/25/23 11:07am Around the Campfire
RE: Facing Prostate Surgery

Jamesu, I do remember everything that happened to me about every day as to my prostate tobacle from 2010 to today. It sure wasn't fun then for 2-1/2 years but as you said, the final results is what really counts, and even today I am a very happy old fart and as active at 81-1/2 as a 50 year old. Wait until I get my knees replaced and then I might be like a 30 year old. I can always hope!!! Never give up...
travelnutz 07/04/23 08:22pm Around the Campfire
RE: Facing Prostate Surgery

When I was 69 my prostate showed it had 3 individual cancers growing in it and ofcourse my PSA had elevated the last year but was still not real high. In September of 2010 I had davinci robotic surgery to destroy my prostrate. All 3 cancers were gone and luckily it was caught before any of the 3 cancer growths broke thru the prostate's wall and would spread. It was a piece of cake surgery and recovery until I had gotten a growing infection from the surgery as they had a computer failure with the surgery and must have had some germs gotten into the operating room from the tech getting the computer up and running again. I guess I just drew the short straw! Anyway I had developed a baseball sized absess at the prostate area and got extremely sick and rushed to the hospital in Grand Rapids Michigan at 90+ mph on the interstate the 32 miles. I was so sick that they said only a 50% chance but if I made it thru the night with all the drugs and I may have a better chance of survival. Well, obviously I survived and was in ICU for 8 days and was released to go home to a waiting nurse. The hospital said/admitted it was their fault and I would have a right to sue them but I said if you will take care of me with whatever it takes and I would never receive a bill for even a penny at all that I will agree not to sue you. The came back to my room a half hour and said "OK, we agree to your proposal". All signed an agreement and I told my wife what had happened when she came to take me home. What good is a long drawn law suit and being awarded lots of $$$ if I might have died anyway??? We did not need the money anyway. The hospital was super and kept the agreement totally they had signed and notorized and I nor my wife have any regrets. This happened the morning of the day I was to go home. I spent the next 6 weeks with a nurse at home at their costs and a PIC tube in my upper are with 4 injections every 8 hours but it worked. Then they showed my wife how to do all the injections for the next 8 months every 8 hours with the PIC tube and a weekly nurse to check me and see how I was doing and if there were any isues. HA HA, my now 70 year old was my nurse too. I had fully recovered before early 2012 and yes, I am alive and well yet today and my prostate reading has remaimed always at ZERO. I have no incontence issues at all nor any other problems other than both my knees need to be replaced (sports wore them out to bone on bone) which will happen this late summer. I'm now 81-1/2 years old and healthy as can be and my prostate surgery was almost 13 years ago!!! Also lost 24 lbs since September 2022 by eating less calories but lots of protein foods and feel great. I'm now down to just 21 lbs over my high school sports playing weight. My wife started on a low calorie (1200) for first 6 months high protein self imposed diet last July 2022 and has lost 57 lbs so far. She is on a 1500 calories the last 6 omnths and is still losing lbs but slower and she has so much more energy and much happier too. Both of us are now within 7 lbs of our final goals. We have not used any commercial or advertized diet plan, just read the labels and measure and record in writing in our note books every bite that goes into our mouths for both calorie content and protein content. It works!!!
travelnutz 06/30/23 08:02pm Around the Campfire
RE: Maybe when I get a little older

This coming October of 2023, my wife and I will have been fully retired for 24 years. I loved what I did working and made plenty of money doing it owning my own mechanical engineering operation. However, sold it and retired. I not really sure why I waited so long to retire but no grass has grown under our feet and we have been constantly busy with a large family, volunteering, Rv'ing much, Boating, and other types of travel and recreation. Have had lots of medical issues mainly for my wife. However, where there's a will, there's a way and she will not quit or give up even though handicapped nor will I quit doing the things we like either. Some people just talk about doing things but we actually do them yet albeit some to most things a little slower now, but we still do, go, and enjoy even though we are both in our 80's. We are not dead yet!
travelnutz 04/09/23 07:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: 2023 camping season

We are still going as you can't after you are dead!
travelnutz 01/21/23 01:42pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Health rant

My wife and I are both over 80 years old and are quite healthy despite our age and both having been retired for over 23 years now. Wife has had 19 operations so far (11 of them were very serious operations) (3 were fusions etc and has 14 screws in her and 2 hat shaped brackets and 2 plates) and with long recoveries and rehabs required. She is disabled but not wheelchair bound since 1999 and says she doesn't want any more operations. Who would? I sure cannot blame her when she says she will just continue living with pain and doing all she can daily and enjoying it. I am a cancer survivor of 13+ years now but that certainly won't stop me, it's just my age is what slows me down a little bit. We are very picky about our eating and only eat very protein rich sensible lower calorie foods with a low sugar content and we always cut off or squeeze out all visible fats. My wife has already lost 46 pounds so far and I am so proud of her diligence, and I have lost 22 pounds both since mid-July last year. Just 10 more pounds to lose for each of us is the target. We sure do not miss the extra weight at all and feel so much better. Like old kids in a candy store!!! We avoid all processed foods or with chemical content as much as practical and/or possible and that sure helps. Doesn't help that both of us just love to cook but we are doing it more wisely now!
travelnutz 01/16/23 01:32pm Around the Campfire
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