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RE: Ram 2500 vs 3500 TT stability w/ factory rear air suspension

I believe the 2500 with air bags has the bags further inboard. The 3500 with air bags has them further outboard. So for factory air, I think the 3500 is better. If you haven't driven a 2500 with the factory coils, I might suggest you give it a try. It is a VERY nice ride for a HD pickup truck. The coils have good support, loaded or empty. I tow a 9500 lbs trailer with about 1300 lbs pin weight and usually bikes, a grill, some firewood, etc in the back. It tows very well. Honestly, I rarely use WDH when towing.
spoon059 11/16/23 03:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

Yup, all those numbers are fabricated, without a doubt. I'm researching a XLT or Lariat trim, longbed Crewcab, either 7.3 or 6.7.
spoon059 11/10/23 09:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: Fifth Wheel Tag Renewal

I have very little information on trip permits and how they would be used to avoid paying personal property taxes you owe in your home state. And aren't they for commercial use? Buy a case of M&M candies and sell them at the campground. Boom... interstate commerce ;)
spoon059 11/10/23 06:12am Fifth-Wheels
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

So in theory, over 4000 lbs payload are possible, especially with lower lower trim levels. Those are pretty good numbers.
spoon059 11/10/23 06:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

The ‘23 is 12000 lbs and the ‘22 11500 lbs. Both have rear axle ratings of 7230 lbs …. so, really, as far as I’m concerned they can both handle the same payload anyway.Since you are the expert, am I correct in understanding that there are SRW 350s with a 12,400 GVWR?
spoon059 11/09/23 03:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

Another surprise is that this one has a 3828 lb payload capacity .... not bad for a 4x4 diesel crew cab fully loaded SRW short box (my 2022 only had a rated payload of 3270 lbs. I look forward to towing with it but it's possible the '24 will be in before I get a chance to try this one out. ;) What is the GVWR?
spoon059 11/08/23 02:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

On one side of the street you could buy a 2022 Ford F350 Platinum with 35000 miles on it for $70k and on the other side of the street there is the upgraded 2023 Ford F350 Platinum high output with only 10,000 miles on it for $80k.... which truck would look more appealing to you? 2022 and $10K to buy fuel. Especially if you're just going to turn around and buy a 2024 in less than a year.
spoon059 11/06/23 07:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

One of us seems to be missing something. Based on your comment you think that if a person knows something about HP, torque rise, towing etc, he should somehow have special insight into how others value the changes offered on the new 2023 Super Duty? So... you want strangers on the internet to tell you their opinions on the value of changes from the previous year model of the same truck to justify your decision to keep spending money on a depreciating asset? And you feel that someone other than YOU is "missing something"? Maybe you are right, cause I feel like I've been missing a lot in this thread...
spoon059 11/06/23 02:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

our resident expert on on all things truck(HP, torque rise, towing etc) I'm not sure I'd call him a resident expert on all things, when he has clearly never owned a truck ling enough to do simple routine maintenance...
spoon059 11/05/23 05:28pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Does anyone make a new front bunkhouse floorplan like this?

That's a pretty cool floorplan, never seen one like that before!
spoon059 11/02/23 02:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: I'm curious to know what you would do?

There are a number of things that make me less excited about flipping this time. 1. I’m not getting the kind of discount I got in the past 2. The order coming in at the end of the year is disappointing 3. I really like my 2022 4. My wife likes the massage seats and the dealer opted to delete the massage seats in order to get the order pulled 5. I actually don’t care for many of the changes they’ve made to the truck. Maybe I'm missing something here... if you don't want the one year newer truck, why are you even considering dumping MORE money into a new decpreciating asset? I feel foolish for upgrading a 10 year old truck, even though I'm pretty sure I'll need a dually. I can't imagine how I would feel upgrading a 1 year old truck...
spoon059 11/01/23 04:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Paradigm Rv..Alliance 5th

The folks across the street from us (military FamCamp with long-termers) sold their Solitude and moved into an Alliance Paradigm a year or two ago. We're in northern Maryland on the upper Chesapeake and they never had any issues with plumbing freezing in the Solitude... they did in the Paradigm last winter. I don't know the technical differences in build and insulation between the two units. Rob Last winter was also a LOT colder than it usually is in Maryland. We had a high of 4 degrees on Christmas Eve last year, which is significantly colder than normal.
spoon059 10/31/23 03:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How important is 90 degree turning?

Long bed, no compromise. :B And you usually get a much bigger fuel tank with the long bed, another huge upgrade!
spoon059 10/23/23 02:06pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

Regardless how them 2 TFL jokers do their “tests” there is ZERO chance that ANY gasser pickup has anywhere near the holding power of a comparable diesel with a good exhaust brake. Not even worth discussing. Not even if you’re trying to blow the pistons out backwards at 6000rpms in 3rd gear, “grade braking.” Again, anywhere from Denver to Appalachia/Canada to Mexico, a gasser will serve just fine. Not many kill ya hills in fly over states. Well... this thread imploded quicker than I thought. Not a single soul is saying that a gas engine brake is anywhere as strong as a diesel exhaust brake. I'm just trying to get real world users to give their experience. But typical, it goes sideways immediately. Appreciate the consistency guys. I'll just try different forums and hope that people can read and stay on point...
spoon059 10/20/23 12:00pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

Now a tidbit #1 rule from "me Again", go into retirement with paid off newer vehicles, RVs and other toys. Agree. I'm retiring from career #1 at 45 years old. I'll still be working at least another 10-15 years though. I'm hoping my next truck might be my last truck,
spoon059 10/20/23 06:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

I do not think much of TFLs exhaust brake reviews. They have a narrow set of "rules" for it. If the truck doesn't fare well under their rules, it gets a bad score...The do not read the manuals to see how each trucks EB is setup to work. One can quibble about not liking how a trucks EB is setup to work, but they should not be penalizing such trucks for poor perfarmance, when if operated according to their manuals the results are fine. Agree 100%. It's a baseline at best. It at least shows that the 7.3 with engine braking easily shows it mangaging 16,000 lbs going downhill. I'm sure real world use with T/H and possibly manual shifting would fare better.
spoon059 10/20/23 05:58am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

I’m curious what an “engine brake” looks like on a 7.3 or any gasser for that fact. Is it connected to the muffler bearings or the blinker fluid pump? To the OP, yeah… Not unless you want less towing capacity and less stopping ability and less mileage all while pulling a much bigger trailer a bunch of miles (in the future according to your last query). Such a huge step backwards, exaggerated by what you plan on doing w the truck. Idk, don’t make any sense to me. Looking at TFL's video, the Cummins required 10 brake taps coming down the hill and the 7.3 gas required 10 brake taps coming down the hill. I know that TFL intentionally didn't put the truck in T/H mode, which would have made the EB much more aggressive. Makes me wonder what the 7.3 will do in T/H or with some minor driver input. A new 350 would give me MORE tow capacity than my 2015 Ram. It is nice using the EB, but it sounds like the engine braking capability of the big gasser is decent (but admittedly nowhere near the EB). I won't be in a race, so I'm not dying to get another diesel. But again... I don't know what I'm doing just yet!
spoon059 10/19/23 05:29pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

I've got a 2022 F-350 7.3 with the 4.30 rear end. Currently I'm pulling a 8k lb TT, but I bought the truck to handle a 14-15k 5'ver that I will probably have by spring. Please come back and post when you get your new trailer! Sounds like you'll be doing the same thing I am considering. We'll be moving to eastern Tennessee hopefully, so we'll have some small mountains to contend with at home and we'll probably hit the Rockies once or twice on longer trips out West. I hope that our camping will be longer stays, so less out and back with the trailer. I love my diesel, but it's over $1 more per gallon right now and the mileage is a wash with those prices. I too keep my truck long past the manufacturers warranty. Couple years back I bought a $2818 DEF pump that threatened to put me in limp mode as we were driving home from Florida. The engine is GREAT, all the emissions garbage is awful. If I stay with a diesel engine, that will be coming off after the warranty expires...
spoon059 10/19/23 05:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

Why get rid of a 2015 RAM? I loved my Laramie and would have kept it if I had know how quickly my wife of 40 years was going to step off the planet. ALS is a terrible disease. My Ram is an 8 year old Tradesman, with awful stock seats that are murder on my back and butt for longer drives. I'm thinking my next truck might need to be a dually (but not sure yet). I currently have a company vehicle that I can drive for work and around town, but I retire from my current job in less than 3 years. I've got my next job lined up, which is fully remote but will require me driving my truck more. When I retire from this job, we are hoping to do longer trips and staying at destinations longer. I'll have the time to go slower up the big mountains, and I'll be spending more time at the beach or lake and driving the truck to the supermarket, etc. At this point I'm just doing my due diligence. I got fussed at in another thread for planning ahead, but I'm a planner. I might determine that a gas engine just won't work for my towing needs, but until I do the research, I just don't know... you know?
spoon059 10/19/23 05:18pm Tow Vehicles
Ford 7.3 engine users?

Looking to start a discussion with Ford 7.3 gas owners and how they like the truck. My next truck will be pulling a 14-15K 5th wheel and will be a long bed crew cab. The 7.3 looks to be a really cool engine. I'm interested in real world experience from owners who have towed with this engine. Is there a benefit with the 4.30 rear end and the 10 speed? Do I LOSE anything with the 4.30? How does the engine braking do going downhill? I currently have a 6.7 CTD with the exhaust brake and I can descend long grades and lose speed without hitting my brakes. That gives me great comfort for the times I'll be in the mountains. I know that engine braking won't be nearly as strong, but Fast Lane Truck says it's decent. Long bed CC comes with a 48 gallon tank in the diesel, does it come with a 48 gallon in the gas as well? Anyone have the built in 2K generator feature yet? I'm hoping that Ford puts the 7K generator option in the near future... that would be really good for boondocking situations. Is there a chance that Ford offers cylinder displacement for better economy unloaded? I'm not sure if Ford does that or not. Anything else related to the 7.3 as a tow vehicle and a regular driver...
spoon059 10/18/23 04:23pm Tow Vehicles
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