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RE: May have towed too much weight

What year is your Pilot? I have a 2015, I know the newer ones might need the transmission cooler added as an accessory to get the 5000 pound capacity. If it was hunting a lot on highways and you weren't shifting to lower gears as recommended in your owner's manual, you may have cooked the fluid. My Pilot did OK with our ~3200 lb camper (my Pilot is rated 4500), but it had its work cut out and I had to use D3 on the highways.
sparkydave 05/22/23 01:54pm Towing
RE: 30 vs 50 amp electrical issue help

A quick Google search on a Heartland Mallard M32 shows that it has a 30 amp connection. Since it is labeled accordingly, it seems very unlikely that it is mislabeled and the dealer just gave you the wrong cable. Most likely you tripped a breaker or a GFCI and your battery ran down. As others have said, it doesn't force 50 amps if you plug it into a 50 amp supply, it only takes what it needs. Here's an analogy; if you plug a 60 watt lamp into a 15 amp outlet, it takes about 1/2 amp. If you plug it into a 20 amp outlet, it still takes only 1/2 amp.
sparkydave 04/17/23 10:24am Tech Issues
RE: Pet Peeves in RV Parks

Since this happened at two places I've been to; teenage pranks. Seems bored teenagers with little parental supervision go and turn on all the hot water faucets in the shower houses, then you go to take a shower, and - no hot water. My wife tells me it's not just the boys doing it either, she's gone to take a shower and found all the hot water left running in the women's side too.
sparkydave 01/09/23 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: Replace instant hot with standard water heater?

Good question, I've wondered how hard that would be. If my tankless ever quits, I'd seriously consider putting a conventional in. The dimensions appear to the the same, the issue might be whether the wires to the control panel are compatible since the control panel would be different. My compartment door might need to be replaced since the exhaust protrudes through a large hole in the door, and I'd have to add the bypass valves since the tankless doesn't have them.
sparkydave 10/28/22 01:09pm General RVing Issues
RE: More and more instant hot water systems

Our new 2023 Wolf Pup 14CC came with an on demand water heater, that's new for 2023. Wish we had a 2022 that still had the conventional one. I have two gripes: It has trouble getting up to 120 for high demand things like the sink, it seems to top out at 105-110 degrees. It seems the strategy is to dial it down to a comfortable shower temperature and plan on only turning the hot water on for a shower. The second is you have to stick to just taking a quick shower and don't turn the water off. I found out the hard way that you can't warm it up, get wet, and turn it off while you wash up. When you turn it back on, the water will still be warm all right, but it gets cold fast and then you have to wait for it to light up and heat the water up again.
sparkydave 10/25/22 02:26pm Travel Trailers
RE: WFCO WF-8955 amps in absorption mode

Interesting, our new Wolf Pup has an 8955. So far, I've only seen it stay at 13.6 volts. Haven't left it on long enough to see if it drops to 13.2, but it never goes to 14.4. Strange thing is the manual cryptically says "although the converter is outputting 14.4 VDC, you will not be able to read that on a voltmeter due to the voltage-current relationship". Funny how the WFCO 8712 on my old popup had no problem going to 14.4 volts, and it could be measured. Even my Harbor Freight battery charger went to 14.4 when I used that to top off the battery.
sparkydave 10/12/22 07:14am Tech Issues
RE: New trailer brakes shuddering

Update: Seems the brakes just had to break in a little. Got back from our maiden voyage to Punderson (maybe 100 miles round trip), and they aren't shuddering anymore. Pulled the lever a couple times when nobody was behind me, and they work well without locking up or vibrating.
sparkydave 10/03/22 07:51am Tech Issues
RE: Winterizing tankless water heater

Many thanks, I'm thinking that's the plan. Blow out, run the pink through it, cross fingers that it doesn't have any new automatic drain ports come spring.
sparkydave 09/30/22 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: We got a new RV

Congrats! We just picked up our new Wolf Pup 14CC last weekend, and we're taking on its maiden voyage tonight. Having explored mine already, I looked in the compartment where the water pump, water heater, and assorted plumbing connections are, and there was a length of hose with a valve hanging off the inlet side of the pump. I believe you flip the valve, remove the cap at the end of the hose, and put the hose in the antifreeze bottle to have the pump pull the pink stuff through.
sparkydave 09/30/22 06:30am Toy Haulers
RE: Winterizing tankless water heater

Yeah, the guy doing the walk through seemed excited that the tankless was a new thing, but I'm learning more about it and thinking it's an overly complex and expensive thing that could be a problem child. I found a Youtube on winterizing one, but he was using air. I'm just not convinced that works, especially when the manual indicates it doesn't hold enough water to cause a problem. Key thing: It still holds water after blowing it out, and there's another Youtube of somebody showing how he repaired his after it cracked from freezing despite blowing it out.
sparkydave 09/29/22 07:13am Tech Issues
Winterizing tankless water heater

Our new 2023 Wolf Pup 14CC has a tankless Furrion water heater, which is new for this model year. Furrion manual says blowing it out with air or running pink stuff through it is OK. Finding some horror stories online of people with freeze-damaged Furrion tankless heaters who tried blowing them out with air and finding out that parts of it hold water and there is no drain. Forest River's manuals don't cover winterizing the tankless ones, only the conventional ones. I'm inclined to think running pink through it seems pretty straightforward, anything I should do differently?
sparkydave 09/28/22 06:54pm Tech Issues
RE: New trailer brakes shuddering

Thanks Doug, that's another piece of useful info that strangely wasn't included with our new camper. I'll try the break-in procedure and hopefully that takes care of it.
sparkydave 09/27/22 11:51am Tech Issues
New trailer brakes shuddering

Just picked up our new 2023 Wolf Pup 14CC Saturday, and on the way home I noticed that just as it's coming to a stop, there's some vibration I can feel. It doesn't feel like warped rotors, it's very rapid. Pretty sure it's not skidding, I don't hear any skidding and I don't see the tires bouncing. If I dial down the power on my brake controller (Tekonsha Envoy rebadged as a Draw-Tite), it reduces the vibration. By the time I got home it was improving, so could it be the brakes just need to wear in a little? My popup never did this, even when the brakes were brand new. They don't vibrate at speed, it's just when I get below 5-10 MPH I can feel it.
sparkydave 09/26/22 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: Closer to a head on then you ever want to be...

Glad you're still with us, Desert Captain. My family lives out in Arizona and my folks have a cabin in Payson, so I'm somewhat familiar with the roads you're talking about. I'm pretty sure I understood it; minivan was in a great hurry, passed in a no-passing zone, and thanks to your quick response managed to avoid a bad situation for everyone. That's what you would call a "brown trouser" moment. Edit: Saw your newer post. I had it misunderstood, now i've got it.
sparkydave 09/16/22 08:52am General RVing Issues
RE: Compressor refrigerator opinons

Thanks all, didn't know they have been around that long. We're looking forward to having a much larger one with a freezer that won't require cranking up the roof, sliding the bunk out, and folding the galley up if we want to load it or unload it! :D
sparkydave 09/14/22 07:45pm General RVing Issues
Compressor refrigerator opinons

The wife and I are trading up from our trusty old 2004 Rockwood 1940LTD popup to a 2022 Wolf Pup 14CC. We're pretty excited, we went the the Cleveland RV show last weekend after browsing a bunch of small travel trailers, and we fell in love with this Wolf Pup. Got a good deal and a deposit on it, and the dealer called to say we can pick it up next weekend. I'll miss my old popup since it was my first camper and I've made a lot of improvements in it. I won't miss the set up and take down, and we won't miss the mad dash to the bath house when nature calls in the early AM. I saw that it has a 12 volt compressor refrigerator (and a freezer!), are they good? I'm inclined to think they'll cool off a little faster than the absorption fridge, just wondering if there have been any teething difficulties since they seem to be a relatively new thing compared to the tried but true absorption refrigerators.
sparkydave 09/14/22 10:39am General RVing Issues
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