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RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

All the comparisons are the 7.3 gasser vs. anything but a modern diesel with an exhaust brake. Compare a 7.3 gasser to the same year diesel that is the relevant equation. All the other comparisons are antiquated. Yea I know you walked to school in 3 feet of snow in your day. …and you don't need four wheel drive. 2 wheel drive and sand bags got you through the blizzard. well if 2016 isn't new enough, our 2016 with EB on FULL, and trans in Tow Haul, pulling about 13,500# going down a steep hill 7%+ it will slow well below starting speed. It will actually down shift and keep slowing! Now history, our 2001 Ram 2500 CTD with NV4500 (5 speed manual) with a PacBrake EB, I could reduce speed as much as not more being pushed by the same trailer. Street driving I could almost bring it to a stop without touching the brakes.
rhagfo 10/28/23 01:10am Tow Vehicles
RE: Will pipes freeze overnight?

It all depends on day time temps and how cold it will get overnight. Before we full timed, I didn’t worry about overnight temps down down to about 28f as long as daytime is in the mid to high 40’s.
rhagfo 10/17/23 10:59am General RVing Issues
Just received coupons that expire 10/1/23!

Just got CW coupons from CW in the mail that expire 10/1/23!
rhagfo 09/21/23 11:44pm Good Sam Club
RE: Fifth wheel chucking (practical help needed)

Well some stuff I did to reduce chucking,new Bilstein shock on the TV, Shocks on the trailer, leveled the trailer when hitched, and run with a nearly full fresh water tank which is just forward of the axles. We run about 22% pin weight.
rhagfo 09/13/23 06:28am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Black Tank only holds 1/2 to 1/3 of capacity

Go watch this video National RV Training academy. I would go with the liquify brand based on his test. In your situation it may take a few treatments to get it cleaned out. I was in your situation, but not full time used about 1/2 box of Rid-x added about 10 gallons of warm water and let it sit for a month. In your case I would use a heavy dose of either of the two products listed. Go as long as you can before dumping, the use a wand to help clear out the residues.
rhagfo 09/12/23 05:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Ca emission control starting 2024

Volvo states that building an EV produces 70% more carbon pollution (whatever that means, kinda funny, was taught CO2 was a plant fertilizer!!) than an ICE vehicle…. “Diesel Bad”, don’t ya know - repeat the narrative!! 3 tonsEverything I've read suggests current EV production is an environmental problem big time. But everything else I've read suggests ICE's are on the way out for cars and trucks. Trains and ships not so sure. Well Seattle, WA, has had electric (not battery) buses for as long as I can remember late 50's at least. They are feed by over head cables.
rhagfo 09/05/23 11:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing

Hello all, just bought my first new toy hauler. I plan on hauling my side by side in the back. I have weight distribution bars and sway bars on a 2 5/16 hitch. Dry weight is 5262 and GVWR is 7,668. This gives me a cargo weight of 2,406. Side by side weighs 1700 lbs. This is my first toy hauler and want to make sure I’m getting the weight and balance correct. Any suggestions for this new guy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. What is your tow vehicle? I also agree with the get the side by side as far forward as possible. I would consider weighing the Side by side axles and put the heaviest axle forward.
rhagfo 08/29/23 06:41am Towing
RE: Proper Power Receptacle For Home?

An RV electrical panel like this is best way to go. Wire from your main electrical panel with wire correctly sized for the distance. Number 6 would handle the load. The breakers in that panel look to be Canadian, not US type.
rhagfo 08/27/23 06:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Help with Refrigerator Decision

Well I might be a bit late to the party, but have you considered a a 12 volt cooling unit replacement from JC Refrigeration. We lost our cooling unit last year and did the 12 Volt compressor unit. Best move we made for refrigeration, refer cools quickly, refer temps are always between 32 and 35 degrees, freezer just above zero.
rhagfo 08/07/23 07:45am General RVing Issues
RE: Selling an RV/payment

Banks make this process so simple and safe I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to use the processes in place. If you have an account at a bank, not only do they have notary's on hand to complete title transfer, they can also facilitate a safe and easy funds transfer to complete the sale. They verify funds from the buyers account, complete the transfer and validate it's in your account. Zero risk. Easy and has all the safeguards in place. While it is true that transactions over $10k require a SAR (suspicious activity report) it's transparent to the customer and further mitigates risk if the bank is actually the one doing it. Some people prefer the drama of cloak and dagger scenarios, but this type of transaction happens every day at every bank and it's the safest and easiest way to handle it. Get a buyer, call your bank and make an appointment for the both of you and let them handle it. Handling cash and cashier's checks is a much riskier method and way more of a hassle - And you still need a notary for title transfer - and the bank will now file 2 SARS. Because the truth is, that method is more suspicious. Let your bank help you, it's a service they provide for free. The fact that the OP is adamantly against wire transfers and not having the bank handle the transaction is actually more suspicious. As a buyer I wouldn't ever handle a transaction like this if the bank didn't handle it. Agree 100%! Done this at a bank before so easy and safe!
rhagfo 07/29/23 08:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Need advice if safe for my pickup to pull a heavy 5th wheel

I currently on the road and don't have access to my truck but according to my notes it's supposed to be able to pull 14,200 lbs and Payload capacity of 3425. The specs for my model rv say dry weight 13,576, GVWR of 15,500 and tongue weight of 2580. I'm currently looking for someone in the Salem, Oregon area to haul the rv to Montana since it looks like the rv weight is over what my truck can handle. After that I guess I'll be looking for a more capable pickup truck. Thanks again for all the input. Your 2004 will not likely have a "Payload Sticker", they didn't really come along until 2006. The only way for figure your "Payload" is go to the scales. Truck weight ready to tow, subtracted from the GVWR from the VIN sticker will give you available payload. Newer DRW 350/3500's have GVWR of 14,000# and payloads in the 5,000#+/- range.
rhagfo 07/25/23 11:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: What's needed for sewer hose storage

We use a 5" vinyl fence post, best solution I have ever found, all fitting also fit. width=640 width=640 width=640
rhagfo 07/11/23 07:48am Travel Trailers
RE: are my cords too long

Well we are currently spending a month at our daughters place. I have 63' of cable to get to the 30 amp outlet in her garage, the big difference is that all 63' is 50 amp cable 6/4 SOOW, this can easily carry 30 amps the distance, long cable needs larger gauge wire.
rhagfo 07/07/23 06:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2024 Chevy 3500 verses 2023 F350

Does 12 gallons more fuel (and a local Ford dealer) make it worth buying a Ford for a long time GM fan? We like the lonely stretches of NV a lot. Well 12 gallon difference 36 vs 48 gallon.If it is fuel capacity one just needs a Ram! Well current Rams have as large as a 55 gallon tank, but I am talking real fuel capacity like 170 gallons!! I just wonder how this would have sold if Ram actually put into production! width=640 Ram Long Hauler
rhagfo 07/04/23 03:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you remove Eternabond?

Wife's hair dryer. Don't use high and keep moving. I have heard this works, but still not easy. Don’t use the stuff myself, self leveling Cali will give a better seal and easier to remove.
rhagfo 07/01/23 11:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing Motorhome

2011 DiesalTiffin Allegro Red open Road 36’ May need to have it towed. Read owners manual it said remove drive shaft and tow. So can or how should it be towed. From front or rear? Should it be towed or lifted onto a flat bed?? Anyone have so actual real world experience with this. Having it towed, from the front , with drive line disconnected, not necessarily removed. Make sure the towing company is familiar with MH towing, I said disconnect, as opposed to removed, the rear of the transmission will leak fluid if the drive line is removed for the transmission. The would remove the bolts from the universal joint at the differential, then secure the drive shaft to the frame.
rhagfo 07/01/23 11:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2024 Chevy 3500 verses 2023 F350

Stronger exhaust springs?? To keep the muffler bearings from coming apart or something? OMG , thanks for the laugh. It surprises me you dont understand the need for stronger exhaust valve spring with an exhaust brake. The PacBrake kit for the old 12 valve Cummins included new stronger springs, these were needed to keep the valves seated against the back pressure.
rhagfo 07/01/23 10:36pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Where can I find this RV?

Why not go with a smaller 5th wheel, 32' to 34' should have all you are asking for.
rhagfo 06/30/23 11:29pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: New battery time

We never boondock with our TT, and since we now live in a place where it can be stored on property, it will always be plugged in. Do I really need a deep-cycle battery? Probably the only time it will ever be disconnected is winter storage, and then I'll probably disconnect the battery and keep it inside. You list a Miami, FL location, and talk about “Winter” storage.
rhagfo 06/29/23 03:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2019 Ram 3500 - dash display configuration?

I can't believe how this normally helpful forum was so off the mark on this topic? My original question was "On the new dashboards, how do YOU have your dashboard display configured to show your most important settings/gauges?" I didn't ask how to configure, how to operate, how to navigate the screen setup ... I simply asked for some examples of YOUR favorite setup! In the aviation world, setting up a NAV GPS, there's day long arguments about NORTH UP vs TRACK UP, but I don't think I've seen one of those discussions immediately dive to the bottom of the pool with "Hey, if you can't figure out how to set your GPS to Track Up, I'm not going to show you my setup." Well what I display may be different than what is important to you. I have boost and speed, then a couple clicks away temp, trans temp, oil temp, and oil pressure. Another click and I have all six tire pressures.
rhagfo 06/21/23 07:40am Tow Vehicles
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