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RE: How do I copy (not export) my Gmail contact list?

Thanks for the replies. I found a simple fix on another forum "Access contacts page thru Gmail, choose ‘PRINT’ and then change the Printer drop down to ‘Save as PDF’. Select all contacts. Click ‘Save’ and choose the file location you want to save it to.." I was surprised I didn't think of that. Simple and worked fine. EDIT: I should apologize to the two above respondents. You were essentially telling me the same thing, but it didn't sink in. :S
mr. ed 07/23/23 03:50pm Technology Corner
How do I copy (not export) my Gmail contact list?

I want to copy, not export, my Gmail contacts to a folder. I don't have a printer, or I would print the list. I've done an Internet search and can't find the answer. There's no "select all" button to click on so I can copy them. Does anyone have the answer? Thanks in advance. Ed
mr. ed 07/22/23 07:39am Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Problem

UPDATE: I've noticed that my Gmail works as it should in Brave browser, which I've just downloaded. I'll continue to use Brave since I know it's a good browser, having used it before. I appreciate all the tips you folks have given me. :C
mr. ed 07/20/23 07:13am Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Problem

Thanks for your replies and suggestions, folks. But as I mentioned in my edited post, If I click on the right spot on top of the taskbar, I can get it to work OK. I can live with that fine. opnspaces, I'll keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks. Problem is, I can only use one hand and it wouldn't be possible to hold down CTRL and scroll the mouse simultaneously.
mr. ed 07/15/23 09:31am Technology Corner
Gmail Problem

I've been using Gmail for years, and it's always worked well. Recently, when trying to send emails, the "insert" button doesn't show , which prevents entering anything in the "TO" or the "BCC" fields. It doesn't work in Edge, Firefox, or even Chrome. I even tried downloading other browsers as a test, such as Brave and Vivaldi..same issue. It appears to be a glitch in Gmail itself, IMO. Have any of you noticed this issue? Thanks for your observations. EDIT: I just found something interesting. It seems the "INSERT" button is hidden behind the taskbar. If I click on the right spot at the top of the taskbar I can get it to work; still not right, but doable. :C
mr. ed 07/14/23 05:11pm Technology Corner
RE: Incredibly Rude People

Mr. Ed, That's part of close quarters living, I'm afraid. ?? As far as noisy neighbors goes? State Parks and local picnic grounds can be hardcore partying on Holidays and weekends. I travel on business for decades and I don't experience this racous behavior at Walmart Sam s and private RV parks. Have you considered living inba small travel trailer in a private RV park? It'd likely be a lot cheaper than extended stay motels, and, motels. Yes, I've considered that, Joe, but my handicap wouldn't allow that at present. Perhaps IF I can improve enough. Keep in mind I use a wheelchair and my left arm is totally useless. If I could drop the wheelchair I'd probably be able to use an RV trailer since I'm already used to living without use of my left arm.
mr. ed 07/03/23 08:38am Around the Campfire
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

NamMedevac 70: sorry to hear of your problems with T-Mobile's customer service. Even though I had gripes about their business practices, I did find their customer service to be friendly and helpful. I still wish I kept my original Verizon service which I had for years, and paid less per month, although the T-Mobile service is pretty good, admittedly.
mr. ed 07/03/23 08:23am Technology Corner
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

T-Mobile has a bank card account called T-Mobile Money. I use that card number for autopay. By the way they pay 4% on the first $3,000 on deposit. I wasn't aware of that. Thanks.
mr. ed 06/28/23 03:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Wireless Provider Gripe

I would find the proper number for T-mobile and call them. Odds are if you got the notice through email to change to a debit card, it is a scam. I've not heard others using T-mobile mentioning this change so I would be leary. I had the same thought, so I called T-Mobile to verify it was them who sent the message. Yes, it was them. For those who questioned my having a debit card: the only reason was if I wanted cash back when shopping. I've done that several times without incident. I rarely do that now since I mainly use a credit card for all purchases. Saves me a trip to the bank or ATM.
mr. ed 06/23/23 08:20am Technology Corner
Wireless Provider Gripe

I received a notification from T-Mobile that in order to receive my discount for auto pay I would need to give them either my debit card or banking account number in order to continue getting the discount. I will never give any business my debit card or banking info!. The discount is only a paltry $5/month. I understand why they're doing this; they save the fee that it costs them for using a credit card. I kick myself for leaving Verizon,which I used for years. I was having a minor problem with them which I could easily have lived with. Anyhow, at least I have no problem with the T-Mobile product. I just don't like how some of theses businesses engage in business. Rant over!:M
mr. ed 06/22/23 07:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Sorta tells it all, don't it.

I get a kick out of the warning on frozen meals packages, "Warning, Product will be hot" Well, I don't expect it to remain frozen, but thanks for the warning anyway! I guess lawyerphobia is prevalent to a ridiculous degree in our society. :h
mr. ed 06/16/23 10:24am Around the Campfire
That was nice of Walmart

I always use self-checkout when I shop at Walmart. Two days ago I accidentally left a package of Pepperidge Farm cookies at the bagging area after they had been duly paid for. I discovered my mistake after I got home. Even though the cookies cost $4.00, I decided it wasn't worth driving back to the store; I figured someone had already snatched them by now. I returned to the store today for more shopping and told the employee in the self-checkout area of my loss. Without hesitation she told me to pick up another package and not to ring it up. I thanked her and let her know I'm on a fixed income, and every dollar matters.. I guess it also matters that I'm a frequent customer there, and many employees know me. :C
mr. ed 06/08/23 09:17am Around the Campfire
RE: Incredibly Rude People

OP here again. I think part of the problem here is young day workers being housed here by their employers for a certain length of time. Since they aren't personally paying rent they feel they can do whatever they want. If they become totally incorrigible they'll be evicted, although management may be slow in doing so (more concern for the noisy offenders rather than the decent residents). :S
mr. ed 05/21/23 09:49am Around the Campfire
RE: Incredibly Rude People

OP here. I run a box fan near my bed at night which helps a little. However, when neighbors get out of hand the gentle whirring noise of the fan isn't enough. Another source of contention is the fact most hotels/motels allow dogs. I've had situations where certain breeds of dogs will bark and howl all day until their owners return(may be one reason I prefer cats). Virtually all hotel/motel businesses now allow pets. Years ago, that policy was rare. Oh well, nothing can be done about rude people or pets. How I wish I was full time RVing again! But it's not going to happen any time soon.
mr. ed 05/20/23 09:31am Around the Campfire
Incredibly Rude People

It never fails to amaze me how some people can be so incredibly rude and disrespectful of others. Following a stroke, I was forced to leave full time Rving and live in various long term hotels. They are able to furnish handicap accessible rooms, which I’ve needed for the past 9 years. I’ve never wanted to live in an apartment type of atmosphere, knowing that I would need to put up with disrespectful people at times, but I had no choice.. It’s 2 AM Saturday morning. I got out of bed to heed the call of nature, when I heard a large “raucous” party going on further down the hall. Although they aren’t my immediate neighbors, I decided to go to the front desk to let the night manager know about it. It’s just my way to assist other residents who may be afraid to confront the rude group in that location (I won’t tolerate people who act like idiots). The manager was able to speak to them (she spoke in Spanish, but thinks they’re Portuguese). At any rate, she got through to them. I’m surprised that no one else complained (maybe out of fear of retaliation). When I was full time Rving I rarely had any problem with noisy neighbors as Rvers generally respect each other. There’s no chance that I’ll be in the physical condition to return to Rving. I’ll just need to keep adjusting to this unfortunate circumstance the best I can. Thanks for letting me rant on this forum. I hope the rest of you are enjoying peace and quiet. :)
mr. ed 05/20/23 01:55am Around the Campfire
RE: T-Mobile Gripes

OP here. On a POSITIVE note, I'd like to say that T-Mobile's service has been very good thus far, plus their customer service people have been very courteous and helpful when I had questions (and, I think they're US based). Additionally, I like my Samsung Galaxy A14 5G phone; quite an upgrade from my old Samsung J3 model.
mr. ed 05/09/23 06:35am Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Gripes

OP here. I agree with all the comments. I just kick myself for not sticking with Verizon, where I had been for years, and paying only $35/month for good service. As I get older (almost 79 now), my thinking ability isn't quite as sharp; besides, having had a stroke doesn't help. I'll just need to chalk this up as a bad experience and continue living my life as well as I can. Thanks for all the comments. :C
mr. ed 05/08/23 09:11am Technology Corner
T-Mobile Gripes

I signed up for T-Mobile 2 months ago. The service is good, but I feel i was conned by the store employee when he gave me some false info. I was told I would receive a free Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smartphone. I got the phone and even though I wasn't technically paying for it, I learned it was being paid off gradually in small increments, and wouldn't be totally free and unlocked for 2 years. That's an interesting ploy to keep a customer on their plan for 2 years. The store employee never mentioned this. I do understand now why they do this. It's reasonable to assume that a person could sign up for the service, get the phone, and then cancel and keep the phone. 2nd Gripe. According to their advertising, I expected to receive a gift card after signing up. Nothing happened. Upon asking customer service what was going on I was informed that I needed to sign up for a higher cost plan ($20 more/month). Ihis was never mentioned in their advertising, nor by their employee. My current plan is sufficient for my needs, and paying #20 more/month would effectively negate the gift card (worth $200). I'm usually more careful when dealing with businesses, and don't usually get scammed. I let my guard down on this one, although I do understand why T-Mobile has this practice. I would have stayed with my previous carrier (Verizon), where I was paying only $35/month for generally good service, but my smart phone was getting pretty old and I t6hought getting a free phone from another cell company was a good idea. LESSON LEARNED. BTW, the Samsung Galaxy A14 5G is a great device, and I'm happy with that, at least. Plus the T-Mobile cell service is also working well. I'll just continue on and won't let a simple error ruin my life. :C
mr. ed 05/07/23 10:59am Technology Corner
Just Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile

I’ve been a satisfied Verizon Wireless customer for many years. However, lately I’ve had trouble calling out during the early morning hours; then, after a while, everything would return to normal. Being handicapped, and needing phone service 24/7, I found that situation unsatisfactory. I tried giving Verizon a chance to fix the issue, but it was never completed satisfactorily. I’m also not pleased that they have given over their stores to some company named TCC. They don’t provide service there, and when I asked about the possibility of buying a new phone, I was advised to go to Walmart or Best Buy, since it would cost less. Additionally, since I already ported over my number to the new phone, They told me my monthly bill would double. Some nerve! :M Well, that did it! I immediately drove to a T-Mobile store nearby and signed up for their service. As part of the deal, I was given a new Samsung Galaxy A14 5G smart phone, plus a $200 gift card. Now, I’m no fool. I realize they're not going to lose any money. Anyhow, I’m very happy with the new phone, I get a stronger signal than Verizon in my apartment, and I can finally make calls without worrying if it’s going to work (I now see more bars in the signal strength meter than I ever did with Verizon). The phone is a 2023 model, and will receive updates for at least the next 4 years (it’s already running Android 13). My previous phone was a Samsung J3, which was a number of years old but still worked pretty well even though the signal strength usually hovered around 1 or 2 bars. So, I hope I made a good choice. Time will tell.
mr. ed 03/29/23 04:56pm Technology Corner
RE: car warranty companies

Doesn't Toyota offer their own service contracts? I wouldn't buy third party. I have bought Mopar service contracts. The good thing about them is they will give you a prorated refund on unused time if you cancel. I hadn't considered that. Thanks for the reminder. What always concerns me about warranties is that these outfits will try to find a way to deny the claim, and then the hassle begins. It's a crooked world out there! ;)
mr. ed 02/25/23 10:19am Around the Campfire
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