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RE: Fun Fact about Oregon State Parks

Well we are currently hosting at Silver Falls and have had a almost a full month of snow! Isn't there a plan in place to add a larger campground? Seems like I read something about it. Haven't been up there in a long time, need to get there again. Several Oregon State parks inline for upgrades.
goducks10 04/01/23 08:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fun Fact about Oregon State Parks

Thanks for the link. We'll be a 4 this summer. Bullards, Ft Stevens, LL Stub and South Beach. They should've added another statistic. The two State parks that are almost impossible to get into. Harris Beach and Silver Falls. LOL Well we are currently hosting at Silver Falls and have had a almost a full month of snow! That has to be beautiful up there with the snow. I guess hosting is one way to get a spot. LOL.
goducks10 03/31/23 11:39am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Fun Fact about Oregon State Parks

Thanks for the link. We'll be a 4 this summer. Bullards, Ft Stevens, LL Stub and South Beach. They should've added another statistic. The two State parks that are almost impossible to get into. Harris Beach and Silver Falls. LOL
goducks10 03/30/23 09:25am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

Just wear ear plugs.
goducks10 03/28/23 05:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Works for me. CG's are crowded enough as it is. You're very welcome. I wouldn't want to run into more people like you. What is people like me?
goducks10 03/23/23 05:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Seven States That Are On My Do Not Visit List: California Maryland Massachusetts New Jersey New York Oregon Washington After all, I'm just helping them out. Since they don't want the type of vehicles I drive, then they shouldn't mind losing any potential tourist revenue. I just wonder if they are going to stop jets from flying into their states? Works for me. CG's are crowded enough as it is.
goducks10 03/23/23 09:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Been to china multiple times. Depends on where you are as far as visible polution as well as non visible but noticeable polution (eyes, lungs etc.) Some places are really bad, other places are comparable to most large U.S. cities. But then in the U.S. places near coal fired plants have pretty bad visible and respiratory pollution as well. it's hard to clean up the pollution from coal fired plants, way worse than NG fired plants. We had a relatively new coal fired plant about 150 miles from us. Every time we drove by it on our trips east the air was visibly darkened, sometimes pretty bad. Now that they have converted it to NG air is visibly clear whenever we drive by. If you are referring to the Boardman coal fired plant, it closed two and a half years ago. Don't believe they ever converted to natural gas. The owner, Portland General Electric, closed the plant as it transitions to renewable energy sources, namely wind energy. The emissions of that plant were nothing compared to the sight of the hundreds of ugly wind turbines serving as a visual blight and destroying the view shed of nearby pristine country. Wind turbines have destroyed the beautiful vistas of the Eastern Columbia River Gorge. If the greenies weren't so anti fossil fuels, they would be protesting in the streets to remove the wind turbines. I find the view driving out near Boardman boring as heck. Miles of rolling brown hills.
goducks10 03/20/23 08:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: purchasing from dealer with a hail "freckled" sidewall

Walk away. There's too many used RV's out there for sale and prices are dropping. Why settle for a possible fixer upper?
goducks10 03/18/23 09:54am General RVing Issues
RE: The Ford Explorer Men only Edition

Cute. I get it . . . in recognition of Women's History Month. OK. So, when is Men's History Month, or did I miss it? The world's population is almost an equal split, 50.4% men, 49.6% women. So, we should expect equal billing, right? Women haven't had equal billing ever. They just got the right to vote in 1920. They still are told what they can and can't do with their bodies by old white men. They still get paid less. 18% less. There might be as many women as men but they sure as heck don't get equal billing IMO.
goducks10 03/10/23 10:55am Tow Vehicles
RE: ADCO Designer Series UV Hydro cover - any feedback?

I've been using the ADCO Aqua Shed for 4 seasons now. It's still in great shape. I used the same model on a previous 5th wheel for 5 seasons and it was still good so I gave it away when we sold the 5er. I'm in the PNW so we get our fair share of rain in the winter and it holds up well against that and the wind.
goducks10 03/07/23 06:18pm General RVing Issues
RE: State Parks

I just booked into Myrtle Beach for the last week in March 7 days + 1 free. That’s supposed to be a busy week. Going from there to Charleston the next week and no problem there either. Happy camping folks, enjoy your life. Myrtle Beach in March would hardly be considered as prime time for camping. I think the folks on here are talking about the summer months when the parks get filled up. Isn't it spring break then?
goducks10 03/04/23 01:17pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Electric and ICE forever together?

It will depend on whether auto manufactures have a demand for ICE vehicles. Some demand for ICE cars may go dead if EV's become cost effective. Just like sedans of the past. Ford quit making them and tooled up for SUV's. Same will happen for ICE. Whats popular will be built.
goducks10 03/04/23 09:07am Tow Vehicles
RE: Axle and tire?

Yes, dump your tires if they say Made in China. I run 16" Michelin XPS RIBs. Zero problems in 9 years of towing all over the USA. Not sure what you paid for them 9 years ago but today they're off the charts expensive.
goducks10 03/04/23 08:56am Fifth-Wheels
RE: TT Hitch qutestions

Shocker hitches work as advertised. But aren't really necessary. Most frame failures from Lippert frames are with 5th wheels. Very few ever from TT frames. What does fail with TT's that have Lippert frame components are the spring hangers, springs, and axles.
goducks10 03/03/23 02:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: State Parks

I’m just wondering if I’m in the minority or the silent majority. I have never experienced the issue of a public campground being booked solid but a substantial number of sites being vacant. But to be fair, I also don’t spend any of my time trying to determine the “booked” vs. “occupied” status of the hundreds of campsites over the week that I’m there (I got no time for that). In other words, I won’t be calling the governor, it’s not an issue to me. True. Most of the CG's, State or Forest Service types only have 3-4 out of 30-35 no shows. Not really anything to get upset about. YMMV depending on region.
goducks10 03/03/23 09:22am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

#1 These are government campgrounds run by government workers or government contractors. They. Don't. Care. Reserved sites are paid for and they don't care if the site sits empty. All your whining isn't going to make much difference. #2 Increase your options. I still haven't figured out why so many of you people think private campground owners are the spawn of Satin. There are also plenty of city/county parks that are under used. Go. Someplace. Else. I have found that using a 50% off discount (Passport America or Happy Camper) often gives me a w/e/s site for the same or less than the state/federal parks w/e sites. Once all the fees are added in, I have discovered that many public parks have priced themselves out of my preferred budget. Sometimes, you just need to go camping someplace different. X2
goducks10 03/02/23 06:27pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Replacing solid steps with folding steps

Do you have a slot for fold outs? I have a 2 door TT and love my solid steps. If I had a 1 door 5er then now way would I go SS.
goducks10 03/02/23 06:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: State Parks

If you not there the site would be open up period. The only thing to debate is should you be fined? Death is not an excuse otherwise there would be a lot of Grandmothers and Aunts dying Friday night at check in time! The vacancy problem can be curtailed, we just need policy makers to be aware of the problem and then have to stomach and determination to implement STRICT rules to address the issue. As you can see from this thread there are plenty of people willing to tie up sites and knowingly leave them vacant as long as the reservation meets their own personal criteria. Some reserve sites for "just in case" without a firm plan to use the site. Those that intentionally create vacancies are not concerned with the financial cost and can afford to waste the money on the vacant site. They have no concern for others who would actually use the site. It's the other campers that must put there foot down and demand policy makers fine the abusers and eliminate deliberate premeditated vacancies. In Oregon there's a CG called RiverBend. It's run by Linn County. Super popular all summer because it's close to a fish/ski lake. Lots of small towns and a couple cities nearby within 10-40 miles. Few year back we were talking to a one of the camp hosts and we were complaining about all the walk in sites that were booked wed thru sunday and that people were driving in to grab sites then driving back home only to show up fri nite. I said that's not fair. He said "Why not they paid for it". Thing is Linn County got more money that way because more likely than not many of those sites would be empty wed/thur. IMO it's a systemic issue and good luck changing decades old policies.
goducks10 03/02/23 10:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

One of the things that the Ohio state parks did in regards to people booking the entire week and then going in to modify their reservation just to get the weekend, was that they no longer allow any reservation changes. If you cancel the reservation it cancels the entire reservation. You cant go in to modify your reservation and cherry pick a few days out of it. After you cancel you need to wait until you can try to rebook it. In the meantime others can sign up for email alerts if a site becomes available in that campground. So the original person who made/cancelled the reservation stand a good chance that someone else already booked it. At least here there are no more days of just packing up your camping gear and going to find a site that day. Everything in our state parks is by reservation. Even if you pull up and the CG is half empty you still need to go on the reservation system and reserve a site. They don't allow walk ins. The days of not planning out your trips ahead of time for summer and making reservations thinking that you will just pull up and get a site are virtually non existent anymore, at least in summer at the popular campgrounds. As far as what others suggested, that if they didn't show up on time the site should be re-opened. Who makes that determining factor as the 'why' they didn't show to see if a site should be reopened? What if someone was called into work, truck issue, trailer issue, kid broke arm..but they still intend on coming for the rest of the it the 17yr old kid at the check in? As far as who determines a no show is not rocket science. You have 24 hours to show or call CG with explanation otherwise you are penalized. My grandmother died or the dog hid the RV keys is not a valid excuse. Either you call to say I broke down but I am now on my way or you face the penalty. Yes some innocents will become collateral damage but the no shows will cease. That don't work out here in Oregon. Sorry
goducks10 03/01/23 01:28pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

CG's have budgets based on occupancy expectations. If the budget is based on say 50% filled for the whole callander year with summer peaking at 100% and winter and 0%-? then it's of no issue if they have no shows. No shows are not cancellations. More times than not a cancellation can be put back into the system and rebooked. Every rebooking makes $8-$10 or abouts for fees. So thats bonus money if the site gets rebooked. No shows are simply part of the original perceived budget. It would be hard to deal with no shows depending on how each CG is set up with the computer system. !st off a no show isn't noticed until the next day or latter. Then someone has to notify someone else that there's a no show and that person has to start the process of trying to get it back in the system. Problem with that is it may only be a res for 3 nights. So by the time the 3rd night rolls around the sites back in the system but the 4th night is booked by someone else. It's just too much work to deal with no shows. There's only so much that can be done before the Cg starts to lose money. How much time and how many more people on the payroll would it take to make a few extra $ to help someone get a site for 1-2 nights after a no show? On occasion we've booked a site that was #2-3 on our preference list hoping that when we show up our 1st choice was still open. It's worked more times than not. No one lost money on that transaction. We just tell the host we moved to a different spot and they change the tags. Easy peasy. Fines and penalties will cover any administrative cost associated with dealing with the offender. The idea is once in place the policy will be a deterrent. Hand out a few fines and the no shows will cease. Imagine how many people would abuse handicapped parking if there were no fine. In my area its $350.00 fine to park in an ADA spot. It was not always $350.00 but it was increased until they got results. Same with passing a school bus. All buses now have cameras $300.00 fine if you pass the bus when its' red lights are on. The fines pay for the cameras, staff and then some. If the reserver doesn't show they lose all their camp fees. Why should they have an additional fee charged? Just so someone else can have the spot? And how would anyone know that someone didn't show up for the spot they wanted? Most all the spots I camp at in Oregon state that if you don't show by the checkout time the next day you forfeit the site. So one days wasted. Then what process would have to be in place for someone to get that spot?
goducks10 02/28/23 11:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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