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RE: Ram 2500 vs 3500 TT stability w/ factory rear air suspension

Not sure why you'd need auto air for a 1000 lb TW TT. FWIW I towed the same 31' 9200 lb TT with a 1350 lb TW using a 2500 with the standard coils but airbags added and a 3500 standard leafs. Zero difference in stability. The bags were on the 2500 for a previous 5th wheel that had an 1800 lb pin weight. When towing the TT with the 2500 and airbags the bags didn't make any difference whether they had 5-25 psi in them. I know my trucks aren't what you're looking at but IMO 8000 lbs and a 1000 lb TW should make much difference either way on the trucks. A good WDH will make the difference.
goducks10 11/16/23 08:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Just Thinking

I would take advantage of the current market. But I'd put that truck on Facebook or autotrader, etc. The shape it's in and being a one owner you'll make several $1k more buy selling it on your own. I would venture it's gone in a week easily. Then you can take your cash and have an easier time dealing on a new truck. Of course you can still try the trade in route and maybe you'll get real close to retail. The markets still decent for used trucks and who knows what the market will be like in 4-5 years. New trucks will be more $$$ and used will naturally be worth less.
goducks10 11/16/23 08:23am Tow Vehicles
RE: Upper level travel trailers I'm forgetting??

Very rare for an ORV or NW trailer to have suspension/frame issues. The Grand Design Owners forum is littered with suspension issues from broken spring hangers to undersized springs and axles. ORV uses the CRE3000-4000 equalizer, Dexter wet bolts, KYB shocks and 16" GY tires on all their trailers. Frames are thicker and are made with USA sourced steel. NW uses the same steel but different suspension parts and shocks. The only similarity between ORV/NW and the Elkhart trailers is the components like fridges, WH, stove, etc. They all buy from the same parts bins. FWIW 15" tires are standard but 99% of ORV trailers on dealer lots come with the upgraded 4X 16" wheel/tire option. No OSB, dual pane windows as well. They're not immune to problems but when you get through the typical RV problem stage you have a much more robust trailer. For 2024 ORV and NW have updated their interiors which was long overdue. I'm ending my 5th season with my ORV trailer and it's as solid as day one. There's a reason they weigh more than their competitors.
goducks10 11/16/23 08:14am Travel Trailers
RE: New and Old Skins

Michelin changed the compound on the new and improved MS2. I recently had some installed on my truck. They rode really nice when not towing. Hooked up to my TT and the truck felt like it was on ice. They replaced the POS Firestones on my Ram 3500. While those tires didn't last very long they were much better at controlling the truck when towing. Went back to Discount tire and told them what happened. I put 2000 miles on them. They gave me a 100% refund and I got some Cooper AT3's. Much better than the MS2. Stiffer ride but my truck goes 50/50 towing and DD so I'll live with it.
goducks10 10/27/23 03:58pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

Of all the reasons I select a tow engine, exhaust brakes aren't even on the list. It's 50% of why I did. Come down a 10% curvy grade for 5-8 miles towing heavy with a gasser and you might wish for one. Depends on where you tow I suppose. But they do help on the flat. My Ram 3500 CTD EB is pretty strong and even on the flats when hitting the brakes the EB kicks in and I get even more braking. Getting the Rv moving is not a problem with most all tow rigs, stopping or maintaining speed downhill for long stretches is where the EB shines. If you've never had one then you'll never get it.
goducks10 10/27/23 10:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Shocks

My Outdoors RV TT came with shocks and a CRE3000. Rides like a Caddy over bumps. The only bumps I feel when towing are from the trucks rear tires hitting rough patches. Those aftermarket kits are expensive but worth it if you're having ride issues with the trailer. I put shocks on my last 5er as a DIY. Bought the shocks and welded brackets. If you have a standard non cushioned equalizer then I'd install a cushioned one 1st. That may help enough. Never had shocks on a trailer and don't feel bumps on the trailer. The only exception was a utility trailer riding empty but once you put some stuff on it, it settled right down. Had a 2010 Heartland POS TT with the Wide Traxx wheel spacing and no cushioned equalizer. Felt every but when the TT went over it. Added shocks and that took a good bit of it out. At the time it was all but impossible to find a cushioned equalizer for the wide axle spacing.
goducks10 10/26/23 09:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Shocks

My Outdoors RV TT came with shocks and a CRE3000. Rides like a Caddy over bumps. The only bumps I feel when towing are from the trucks rear tires hitting rough patches. Those aftermarket kits are expensive but worth it if you're having ride issues with the trailer. I put shocks on my last 5er as a DIY. Bought the shocks and welded brackets. If you have a standard non cushioned equalizer then I'd install a cushioned one 1st. That may help enough.
goducks10 10/24/23 10:02am Travel Trailers
RE: Changing the vinyl insert along the roof any tips ?

Not sure what yours looks like but mine are basically a screwed on trim piece that has a snap in vinyl insert. If so then you just need to squeeze the insert to fit inside the groves on the trim piece. Sometimes you can just push in the top or bottom followed by the other side. Pretty simple.
goducks10 09/27/23 11:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: A-Liner Sway

Tongue weight is to low. Needs to be 200+ lbs. Air the A liners tires up to the max on the sidewall. You should be able to rip down the hwy at 70 without concern providing the A's tires are up to it.
goducks10 09/26/23 10:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Bandon to Medford

Actually took that route for the same reasons heading to Harris Beach St Park a couple weeks ago towing a 31' TT with a LB 3500 truck. For the most part it's fine, it's the section nearest Bandon that sucks. Nothing white knuckle by any means, just slow tighter corners and typical coastal undulating road surface.
goducks10 09/25/23 10:10am Roads and Routes
RE: How do you decide how much to spend on an RV

I think you answered your own question when you stated the thought of spending $80k puts a knot in your stomach. That knot may not go away once the warm glow of newness wears off. Nice trailer though. Personal rule for me - pay cash for toys. We have not financed anything other than the house for almost 20 years. If we bought it, it would use about 1/3rd of our cash, and would be replaced in less than 2 years. But it’s a chunk of money. Which begs the question, Why have the cash if you are not willing to spend it on something you want? Is it all to be saved/cherished for some rainy day in the future?. Does your crystal ball tell you your future is guaranteed? x2. Life too short.
goducks10 09/21/23 06:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Northern CA wildfires

According to trip check this morning 199 is open. Google Maps says it's closed as you can't route from Grants Pass to Harris Beach on 199. Heading to HB St park in a week so hopefully 199 is cleared.
goducks10 09/05/23 09:12am Roads and Routes
RE: dish satellite

has dish removed sat. from it line up. my reciever will pick up 110, 119, but not 129. on the point dish screen it shows 121 and then 148. 129 was removed from Dish service due to the lease expiring as the satellite is reaching end of service life. All channels on 129 were moved to 110 or 119. That would've been nice to know before I cussed out my Dish equipment yesterday trying to setup. I had all 3 sats in clear view and kept getting the "Not all sats found" message.
goducks10 08/14/23 09:39am Technology Corner
RE: Is ForestRiver nuts or what? (Single axel Vibe)

According to the specs it comes with a TW near 10% so it should to fine empty. As mentioned it sounds like the owner is not loading it correctly.
goducks10 08/08/23 09:32am Travel Trailers
RE: 2022 dodge ram sway issues

Since you're buried in the truck and TT then I would suggest upgrading the coils on the truck. You can get after market stiffer ones that will give the truck more control. Then you need to setup the WDH properly. Have you used the front fender measurement method? You should return the front to close to 100% of the unloaded height but not over 100%. Is the TT level?
goducks10 07/26/23 08:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Where do you put your trash can?

Mines in a lower cabinet on a slide out tray.
goducks10 07/25/23 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: 2022 dodge ram sway issues

You have too much trailer for that truck period. @36'10" long and over 8000 lbs you're 100% in 3/4 ton range. Are you loaded up for camping or towing empty? Do you know your actual weights. Those weights you quoted are fictitious dry weights.
goducks10 07/25/23 08:55am Travel Trailers
RE: Ford vs Chevy vs Ram HD DRW Drag Race

Towed home from a CG today. 170 miles worth. Wouldn't of mattered if I had a 6.0 gas or a 6.7 PS. Traffic was thick with slow going semis and motorhome scenery gawkers. Not sure even a new ZO6 would've been much help. FWIW I didn't watch the video.
goducks10 07/13/23 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: The warnings are there for a very good reason

This is how nature weeds out the dummies.
goducks10 07/03/23 08:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: The buyers market

I’m still waiting for folks to go back to their pre-Covid past times. It’s still incredibly difficult to get reservations at any of the state or national campgrounds that we frequent. I think for several reasons we won't see a slow down in CG reservations. One is I bet a lot of pre Covid motel'ers are finding RVing more fun. 2nd I bet many are stuck with an overpriced RV thats been depreciating at a good rate lately. Many are stuck with what they have.
goducks10 07/01/23 10:02am General RVing Issues
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