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RE: Robot Tolls - At My Limit!

Maryland. Has anyone had trouble with Maryland? I went through 2 tolls in Maryland over a year ago. October1, 2022. In November 2022 I checked on their website to see if I had tolls to pay. It said they were none to pay. I took screenshot of that. With the date and everything. Now yesterday I got a new thing in the mail from Maryland. It says I owe a six dollar and an 8 toll plus $70+ in penalties. Civil penalties it’s called. Between last October and now I have received nothing else. No communication. Only this notice over a year later saying that I owe fees and fines even though I screenshotted their system showing no tolls. So I called customer service. Trying to get those fines taken off and to pay. The woman was pretty nice. No problems there. She reduced everything down to $24 which is still more than I should be paying, but just to get it over with that’s fine. This is how they rob people. I understand it. it’s a shake down because you’re not from the state. No problem. I’m paying the $24. So she put me through to the automated system. It doesn’t take my card. It takes me back to her. No problem. So we try my card manually. Decline. It has over $5000 available on it. We try it again. Declined. So I try my debit card. There’s $10,000 in there. Declined. Apparently their system is not working properly or my bank is deciding that they are not on the up and up. OK so no problem here now. I’m going to spend even more time paying a toll. I go onto their website and I create a brand new account. Putting all of my license plate information. Credit card information. (The online system took my card no problem ) They ask for a lot of information. I had to fill it all out so that I could pay online. Well guess what? The online system says I HAVE NO TOLL DUE!!! I am beyond my limit here. This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Nothing works with that system. I can’t even pay. I don’t even know what else to do. But it sure will keep accumulating and they will pass it onto my state won’t they? Has anyone else had all these problems with Maryland? Also it should not take $24 and 6 hours of my life to go through two ******* tolls. Especially not when it cost all of those toll operators their jobs. I have had it with these kind of tolls at this point. Interesting problem. Was in Japan recently and all toll roads have gates w ETC Electronic Toll Control, automatic toll readers which most cars trucks have inside. Plus theres also atendant booth that takes cash or cc. Grab a ticket when entering highway and pay on exiting. The price is displayed instantly when paying or spoken by computer in your car when exiting without stoping. Very convenient and precise,japanese are serious about perfection in everything. Only downside its bit pricey,to drive on toll roads about 30$ for 300 klicks.
free radical 10/25/23 08:48pm General RVing Issues
RE: Acoma Pueblo Sky City Walk Through Only Photos Allowed

Interesting place,thnx for showing this. ??
free radical 10/25/23 08:13pm Truck Campers
RE: An EV motor home/van?

Speaking of electric rv,how about this
free radical 10/22/23 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Uncle Tony on Rivian Trucks and Parking Garage Fire

Fwiw lion batts do NOT spontaneously combust. Maybe the Frod trucks have been damaged when loading or deliberately so by EV haters,wouldnt be the first time. Tesla batts dont burn even when shot by machine guns
free radical 10/15/23 08:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How many EVs is GM actually selling?

Heres nother way of reducing polution of transport Methanol made from carbon capture Geely semi truck
free radical 10/14/23 06:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How many EVs is GM actually selling?

I thought GM quit making the Bolt. I haven’t seen an ad for them lately. I expect a big push back EV’s and more attention paid to hybrids, alternate fuels, and a lot of folks putting off buying a new car until their existing one just falls apart. Then they’ll by a used car. Alternate fuels cost more to make then gasoline,forgetabout it. Never hapen. Same w hybrids,why lug around and maintain ICE when pure EV is so much simpler. GM will go broke again bc it cant compete w Tesla advanced way of building and seling cars.:( Im keeping my old Silvy until Tesla gets CBRTK on. Tesla has biggest SCharger network in the world and geting bigger stil to make traveling easy.choice is easy. :B
free radical 10/08/23 07:20pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How many EVs is GM actually selling?

I think some of the newer companies like Lucid, Rivian and Tesla don’t count them sold until they are delivered. But for the most part they don’t stock them on lots either. We have noticed a bunch of mustangs sitting on the ford lot but when we looked they all had big upcharges on them. Not sure why they do that. They are literally more expensive than a tesla model Y here. Weird. Legacy auto are called Stealerships for a reason ! :W
free radical 10/08/23 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How many EVs is GM actually selling?

GM's production and "sales" of EVs, including pickup trucks, went up by a large percentage in the 3rd quarter. But they count vehicles as sold when the dealer takes them. The Bolt seems to be selling to consumers well but the Hummer, maybe not. Is it that consumers don't want them or is it the ridiculous markups the dealers are putting on the Hummer? GM 3rd qtr EV sales From autoevolution: "Despite GM reporting 1,167 GMC Hummer EVs sold in the third quarter, many still lie on dealer lots, waiting for a buyer. A quick search on CarEdge reveals that 976 brand-new GMC Hummer EVs are available at dealerships. If you filter out the vehicles still in transit, 651 units are still waiting for a buyer. If you want to find out why, just look at the prices. Many are listed at more than $150,000, sometimes even $200,000. This means the dealer markups on these units are outrageous, in some cases as high as $100,000. Of course, not all of them were reported as sold in the third quarter. CarEdge also mentions how long they've been on the market, so we used this filter. Remarkably, 849 of them have been on the market for between 7 and 97 days, which means they were likely delivered from July through September. This sounds like almost the entire third-quarter production is still waiting for a buyer." GM is out of touch w reality,no one will pay that much for EV unless its some kind of Supercar :)
free radical 10/08/23 06:44pm Tow Vehicles
Amazing German motorhome

Sorry cant make the link work See 808 chanel
free radical 09/13/23 08:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best app for spam blocking

Fwiw I never answer calls from anyone I dont know. Let all go to voicemail. If theres no mesage its spam. I also BLOCK all numbers that dont leave mesage. I never accept read any text msm.from people I dont know. Solved all problems
free radical 09/09/23 06:13pm Technology Corner
RE: electric RV appliances

I dont have propane,and never will,since acident with litle Coleman cooker. Use Espar diesel heater. Very eficient and dry heat. All electric RV is nice if you have enough batteries and solar. Pricey and I got no room for many panels. Love natural gas heat in my house tho,cheap and can run even without electric power.
free radical 09/09/23 06:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: electric RV appliances

Yall keep putting all your money into all these EV's and solar. China really appreciates all your support and backing. Im sure they do :B Btw Where is your Iphone made ?
free radical 09/09/23 05:40pm General RVing Issues
The best smartphone on earth

free radical 09/06/23 08:22pm Technology Corner
RE: Beach Roamer Campers

Needs more aerodynamic front end. How well those panels works remains to be seen
free radical 09/06/23 08:18pm Truck Campers
RE: In case you wonder

It's not just about the recycling. It's about the process, which at this point in time has it's drawbacks. With 60% of our current electricity coming from fossil fuels, that presents a whole new set of issues. My concern would be in states that have rotating blackouts such as California or the issues Texas has. . Then there's the whole issue of lost revenue from lack of gas taxes that will most likely be made up by new taxes elsewhere. Just some things to think about. EV are already being charged yearly when renewing plate sticker. Payin by miles driven by reading odometer would be most fair method imo. Btw in my neck of the woods its like this Ontario is a leader in renewables and nuclear. In 2018, over one-third of Ontario's electricity generation was from renewables and over 92% was from non-emitting sources. Slower growth in new renewable capacity is expected over the medium-term, while substantial nuclear refurbishments are planned over the next decade /quote You can put men on the moon but cant build reliable energy network!? What hapened to this Build Back Better promise. --- In near future Europe wont allow sales of any New cell phones unless one can replace bateries easy without any tools
free radical 08/26/23 07:08pm General RVing Issues
In case you wonder

What really hapens to used EV and other lithium bateries
free radical 08/24/23 07:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: YouTube camping videos

Im trying to learn Japanese so watch anything w subtitles Tatsuo and Umiko Runtime chanel
free radical 08/12/23 08:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Old Timer RVing

As long as youre healthy live it up and go travel. Just avoid some of those bad areas,seems the world is geting worse everyday. Look at Nick Johnson chanel on YT for example.
free radical 07/30/23 07:23pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling an RV/payment

when you cash the check do not walk out of the bank with all that money. have the bank issue you a cashier's check that you'll take to your bank to deposit. No, I don't want to deal with banks. My question was about cash transaction. Walking out is fine, as soon as the buyer isn't shady. I will not sell to a shady buyer, have pretty good spidey sense about people. Just want to make sure I won't be given fake cash, so won't sell to cash directly one on one. Banks parking lots are pretty safe, and I'd drive around to lose anyone who might be trailing me (I've been around some dangerous places in this world, know the procedure) Theres something called civic forfeiture when police can take your money claiming its from ilegal activity. And you will have to sue the state to get it back It hapened to many people. See Lehto law chanel Something to consider.
free radical 07/29/23 04:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Help/Advice - First time water damage repair

Fwiw If the roof is completely dry Id use one of those special truck bedliner coatings to waterproof it. Puting aluminum over plywood is bad idea as it will sweat and create condensation. May not hurt anything IF plywood is coated w some waterproof paint or epoxy but then again the water may seep into interior again.
free radical 07/20/23 06:16pm General RVing Issues
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