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RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

As another person already posted the easiest way is just to rename each network. For me I name one of them 'yourwifiname here24' and the other 'yourwifinamehere5' to be able to distinguish which one to connect too by just addint the '24' or '5' at the end of your wifi name.
austinjenna 05/24/23 04:45am Technology Corner
RE: How common are fold-up vs "standard" sinks in wet baths?

From my experience the fold up sink is typically in a class B or truck camper because the majority of those rv's have wet baths, Generally a class C as you mentioned has a dry bath and would have a fixed sink.
austinjenna 05/21/23 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

While others debate the merits of different approaches, let me say that pouring bleach or any other liquid into the water tank is difficult. I used to use a flexible funnel, but all of the accordion folds held a lot of bleach that would drip everywhere, including on my pants and shoes. The solution I found was a horizontal funnel found at auto parts stores used for filling brake fluid reservoirs. It is smooth and bent. Here is one example: Just pour the bleach into your fresh water hose - then put that into your tank. There is no need to buy anything else to do it.
austinjenna 04/22/23 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

I use a cup of bleach in my 60 gallon fresh water tank. I pour the bleach into the hose first as its easier for me that way then fill the fresh water tank up. I bypass the water heater - that has its own sanitizing way. Turn on the water pump Go to each faucet and turn it on until you smell bleach then move onto the next faucet. Do all the faucets, shower, outdoor shower, toilet etc... You only need to let it sit an hour or 2 after that the bleach solution is diluted and wont really do anything. Then I turn on all the faucets and pump it through until the tank is empty. You might want to open your sewer valves so there is no overflow. I then fill up the fresh water tank again and pump it through all the faucets and I might do that twice. Then you should be set. For the hot water tank I use vinegar and fill that up and let it sit, usually overnight then drain that and I use the little hot water wand to rinse it all out. Then turn the hot water bypass back on and you are done. Its inevitable that you will use a lot of water sanitizing everything. At least this is my method.
austinjenna 04/21/23 05:16am Tech Issues
RE: Walmart overnight parking

By the way when we do stay at Walmart it is because we are pulling in late and leaving early, no campgrounds or to far away. Last time the campgrounds was 30 miles roundtrip from where we wanted to be the next morning. I think thats what the majority of folks do. The WM's are generally close to the highway so easy pull off to get some sleep, eat in the morning and then head back out.
austinjenna 04/04/23 04:16am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Just Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile

I have Verizon and have stuck with them as I have not had any issues with them. In saying that I know that T-Mobile has really stepped up their game in the last few years and if they have not already overtaken Verizon they soon will.
austinjenna 03/31/23 04:43am Technology Corner
RE: stairs

When they first came out a lot of folks were happy because of the added stability they gave them. I know my wifes first thought after seeing them was - So isn't all the dirt/rain etc going to go inside the camper? My first thought was that I would never be able to use them at the storage yard being in close proximity to the trailer next to me. I just figured if I ever bought a new trailer like that I would need to have them swapped out.
austinjenna 03/10/23 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: ebike for a heavy rider?

I ride my Ebike all over the CG. I may ride it into town or to the ch area . I ride my Ebike distances I could never ride a regular bike. An Ebike flattens the hills and picks up the slack that a regular bike doesn't do. It not about $$$ or longevity its about going from point A to B with ease. An Ebike takes you up the inclines in ways that a allow older riders to keep riding. Some may call it cheating. But cheating is driving the car to town, Ebikes allow one to enjoy the biking experience, while maintaining a comfortable pace and getting some exercise. An Ebike makes biking enjoyable vs. challenging. I get some enjoy the challenge and a more intense work out, However there are many that are beyond their days of being challenge by a bike and prefer an enjoyable ride. I totally agree with this statement. Maybe some are thinking there is no exercise in the electric bikes but there is. Ours are pedal assist so they 'help' with the pedaling. We have taken them pretty much everywhere and have enjoyed so much more than we could have on a regular bike. We have ridden all the 50 miles of carriage roads in Acadia, Along the waterfront in NJ, the 35 miles or so in Chicago waterfront etc..which would have not been possible without them. It really gets us out to see more than we normally would have.
austinjenna 03/09/23 03:22am RV Lifestyle
RE: ebike for a heavy rider?

Hi, My wife and I have the Aventon Level - original version and now they have the V2 version out. I am 6'4 and 280lbs and the bike is capable of 300lbs. It is a rear drive comes with a rear rack, fenders, etc... although we did buy aftermarket seats and the battery is removable. We take these with us all the time when we go camping and have about 1500 miles on them without any problems. They come in multiple frame sizes (S,M,L) as well as either step through or step over. Keep in mind whatever you buy they will be heavier than your normal bike and would need a bike rack to support the additional weight. For that I bought the KAC K2 rack, they are not rated for RV usage though. When we take them camping we just store them inside. If you have any other questions just let me know. Hope it helps
austinjenna 03/08/23 06:11am RV Lifestyle
RE: State Parks

I just booked into Myrtle Beach for the last week in March 7 days + 1 free. That’s supposed to be a busy week. Going from there to Charleston the next week and no problem there either. Happy camping folks, enjoy your life. Myrtle Beach in March would hardly be considered as prime time for camping. I think the folks on here are talking about the summer months when the parks get filled up.
austinjenna 03/04/23 04:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

I camp at both state park and private CG's. The experience at a state park is much different than a private park. State parks are generally more about experiencing nature vs. Private. If you just want to compare them in terms a $$. In some cases the prices maybe close enough. However if you want to compare pricing in a resort area, or an area with some sort of attraction private will be much more expensive. If you want to compare experience they are generally very different. Most state parks are built on land that was set a side for public use because of some unique feature. There is generally way more to a state park than just a cheap camp site. I would agree with the above statement
austinjenna 03/03/23 05:04am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

I checked Ohio State Parks and they state "If you don’t arrive for a reservation and if you don’t contact the park to cancel, you will forfeit all fees paid." So, if you are staying at your state parks, you do stay at campgrounds with a requirement to show up on the first day. Sorry that is not what that means that there is a requirement to show up on the first day. What it means is if you don't show up and didn't cancel the reservation you wont get any money back.
austinjenna 03/02/23 02:08pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

Campgrounds with the "must occupy the first night" rule mean occupied by a person not a vehicle or trailer. I have never been to a CG that had this rule. Not saying it doesn't exist but I have been around a lot and never seen or noticed it. Probably because I am occupying the site so it didn't matter to me. I can see that this going back and forth will lead to nothing so I will end it. I wish you all well in what you are trying to do and happy camping.
austinjenna 03/02/23 10:30am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

I have no problem if they actually used it. But to leave it vacant is a waste. But more importantly it denies others the chance to use the site. Is it OK for Elon Musk, Warren Buffet or Jeff Bezos to book all the state parks in the country and leave them vacant because they can afford to! It's also not sour grapes on my part because when I see all the vacant sites it's because I'm actually at the CG camping. Typically I have a site already. However I recognize that there is a problem because the sites are showing as reserved on line. In some cases the site has a tag showing it as reserved but no one shows up the entire time. Wasting an opportunity for others is a real problem and contributes to the shortage of camp sites we see all over the country. I hope I'm ruffling some feathers because the inconsiderate behavior needs to be addressed. Fines and penalties will resolve the issue because it will separate those who think they have money to waste by making reservations that don't plan to keep. From those that do have money to waste. Yes there are some truly wealthy people that fines and penalties won't faze. But a $100.00 or more penalty will open up quite a few camp sites. Where do your rules end? Is it just for camping? If I go to a sold out sports venue and see empty seats - do I make them sell them to me because they aren't being used? Probably not and why - because someone paid for them even though they are sitting empty and others could enjoy it. Would it really make you feel better if someone booked the site for a week, came on Sunday to drop off their rv, left and didn't return until Friday night for the weekend?
austinjenna 03/02/23 09:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

If you not there the site would be open up period. The only thing to debate is should you be fined? Death is not an excuse otherwise there would be a lot of Grandmothers and Aunts dying Friday night at check in time! The vacancy problem can be curtailed, we just need policy makers to be aware of the problem and then have to stomach and determination to implement STRICT rules to address the issue. As you can see from this thread there are plenty of people willing to tie up sites and knowingly leave them vacant as long as the reservation meets their own personal criteria. Some reserve sites for "just in case" without a firm plan to use the site. Those that intentionally create vacancies are not concerned with the financial cost and can afford to waste the money on the vacant site. They have no concern for others who would actually use the site. It's the other campers that must put there foot down and demand policy makers fine the abusers and eliminate deliberate premeditated vacancies. They paid for the site and its theirs to use. Its not up to you to decide on how they use it. Just sounds like sour grapes on your end because you didn't get a site for lack of planning better.
austinjenna 03/02/23 08:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

As far as who determines a no show is not rocket science. You have 24 hours to show or call CG with explanation otherwise you are penalized. My grandmother died or the dog hid the RV keys is not a valid excuse. Either you call to say I broke down but I am now on my way or you face the penalty. Yes some innocents will become collateral damage but the no shows will cease. If you re-read my post I never said who determines a no show. Its rather obvious if they didn't check in LOL. I said who makes the determining factor on opening up a previously booked site when the person notifies the CG on why they are late. According to you a death is not good enough but a broken truck is LOL
austinjenna 03/02/23 03:56am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

One of the things that the Ohio state parks did in regards to people booking the entire week and then going in to modify their reservation just to get the weekend, was that they no longer allow any reservation changes. If you cancel the reservation it cancels the entire reservation. You cant go in to modify your reservation and cherry pick a few days out of it. After you cancel you need to wait until you can try to rebook it. In the meantime others can sign up for email alerts if a site becomes available in that campground. So the original person who made/cancelled the reservation stand a good chance that someone else already booked it. At least here there are no more days of just packing up your camping gear and going to find a site that day. Everything in our state parks is by reservation. Even if you pull up and the CG is half empty you still need to go on the reservation system and reserve a site. They don't allow walk ins. The days of not planning out your trips ahead of time for summer and making reservations thinking that you will just pull up and get a site are virtually non existent anymore, at least in summer at the popular campgrounds. As far as what others suggested, that if they didn't show up on time the site should be re-opened. Who makes that determining factor as the 'why' they didn't show to see if a site should be reopened? What if someone was called into work, truck issue, trailer issue, kid broke arm..but they still intend on coming for the rest of the it the 17yr old kid at the check in?
austinjenna 03/01/23 06:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

goducks10 wrote: Just so someone else can have the spot? Absolutely. Why should everyone else be denied the use of the campsite because of one selfish person. Because they paid for it, period. Its not up to you to decide 'how' they use it. If they book for a week and are there just for the weekend then so be it and its there choice.
austinjenna 03/01/23 05:41am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: State Parks

This may work well for many on this forum. A young couple that wants to take their kids camping would probably not go without a reservation as they have to schedule vacation time from their jobs and make numerous preparations. Driving 4 hours to find no sites would be a hardship. That is why it is such a shame to see the sites in state parks go empty because people are gaming the reservation systems. Nothing will change until not showing up the first night hits the gamers really, really hard in the wallet. The issue is you think the CG's really care and they don't. They have the money from the site so it makes no difference to them if the site is occupied or not. It actually works out in their favor because there is no cleanup from the site, less people using the bathrooms, showers, swimming pools etc.. In todays world you need to make reservations in advance - at least here in Ohio for the state parks as there are no walk ins allowed and all sites must be booked online.
austinjenna 02/28/23 04:05am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bicycles

I carry 2 electric bikes inside my bunkhouse 5th wheel. Transporting them inside keeps bikes out of weather and eliminates security issues. Same here. We have 2 full size electric bikes and put one in the bunkroom and one on top of the dinette. On my old fiver I had a receiver on the back but the rear takes a lot of bumps and my bike holder was starting to bend and this was without electric bikes which are heavier just 2 standard bikes and the rack was a Yakima. so after that I just started putting them inside
austinjenna 02/17/23 04:40am Fifth-Wheels
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