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Tire Recommendation for Tow Vehicle

I have a 2010 F350 with Goodyear Wrangler AT/S 275/65R20 tires on them that will need to be replaced soon. I have seen that they have discontinued these so I am looking for any recommendations from folks on what tires they have and like. I should also mention this is just for road driving/towing my fifth wheel, nothing off road etc... Thanks
austinjenna 08/23/23 07:45am Towing
RE: Site squatters

We were in a National Forest undeveloped site popular with boondockers. Next to a lake. There are several spots where RVs can set up. No services, amenities, or reservations. FCFS. Just a shady grove of pines next to a lake. We were in one spot I thought was particularly nice (three steps out my door and start casting), and the dozen or so other possible campsites were mostly unoccupied, two other campers at the other end. The rest were empty. We had been there three days, when another RV pulled in. He stopped. looked at my camp for several minutes, then got out and walked around the rest of the area. After a few minutes he walked back and came up to me. He asked (politely, I'll give him credit for that) if I would move to another site so he could have have mine. This spot was his favorite and did not really like any of the others. He even offered to help my pack up and move. I was too shocked to answer at first. Then I gathered my thoughts and replied no. I would not move, but I intended to leave the next morning and he could have it then. He grumbled about something I didn't catch, and stormed off, he and his family giving me the evil eye. I guess I was rude by not breaking camp and moving right then. At the crack of dawn the next morning, he was knocking on my door wondering when I was going to be pulling out. Even while I was packing up later he and his entire family were standing there watching me, arms folded. DW and I were laughing as we did finally pull out and leave. Life is too short to get angry and ruin my day over people like that. I think I would have just said 'No - this is my favorite campsite too' I would not have even told him when I was leaving
austinjenna 08/12/23 04:49am General RVing Issues
RE: 12 volt fridges

You should be able to put a multimeter on the battery during the day and watch the voltage or look at your charge controller to see if its charging the battery. As far as keeping the battery topped off while in storage - if you have a battery disconnect switch which will stop all power from going into the trailer and your charge controller is hooked up to the battery it should keep it charged and topped off - thats how my setup is
austinjenna 07/28/23 04:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Front landing legs wont work - advice

To all who commented it ended up being a bad switch. I replaced it and life is good, thanks for the suggestions
austinjenna 07/20/23 04:00am Fifth-Wheels
RE: directions

I use the RV trip wizard which will take you a preferred 'rv route' way by avoiding low bridges, etc... It has worked well for me.
austinjenna 07/19/23 04:23am Beginning RVing
RE: Front landing legs wont work - advice

I have ordered a new switch that should come sometime today so hopefully that will solve the issue
austinjenna 07/19/23 04:20am Fifth-Wheels
Front landing legs wont work - advice

So my front landing legs wont retract or extend. Here is what I checked so far but still unsure of the issue. Battery is connected and showing 13.x V All lights inside/outside etc.. all work fine. I checked the fuse going to the landing gear switch and its good. The wires on the extend/retract switch are all connected (its a 6 pin switch). Tracing the positive wire from the battery to the switch, its showing 13.x v at the positive pin on the switch. It has a little jumper on the switch from the positive to another pin - that is also showing 13.x v I disconnected the wires going to the landing leg motor from the switch and used jumper cables directly to the motor - the motor works. I then hooked up the positive wire from the landing leg motor going to the switch. For the negative on the motor wire I hooked it directly to the negative side of the battery, pressed the switch and it worked. But only one way which is understandable. Reattached the neg wire on the motor and nothing happens when using the switch. On the multi meter the positive wire on the motor shows 13.xV when pressing the button on the switch even though it doesn't turn the motor. I checked the ground wire and it looks good. So I was thinking it might be the switch itself. What are your guys thoughts?
austinjenna 07/17/23 04:54pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: ebike for a heavy rider?

Nothing in your post said anything about “E-bikes get people who otherwise wouldn't out on bikes”. Your post was all people who own bikes not riding them. Getting the bike out of the garage takes motivation. Obviously you can buy an e-bike and it can spend just as much time hanging in the garage. Buying an e-bike does not buy motivation. Like Samson said, a regular bike is cheaper and better for you. In a busy world, 10 minutes on my regular bike is better for me than an hour on a e-bike I think the main point is doing any exercise is better than doing nothing. If you have mobility issues or anything like that then an ebike might be good a good choice for you. If you have no issues then a regular bike will do. You just need to be motivated to do something.
austinjenna 07/14/23 04:43am RV Lifestyle
RE: Streaming

I need to ask - why do you need a Mobely? Our phones have unlimited data and I use that all the time for streaming without a problem. I was just wondering what I am missing about having one is all.
austinjenna 07/13/23 05:04am Technology Corner
RE: Hocking Hills OH and New River Gorge WV suggestions?

The pencil sharpener museum is closed. The air force museum is more like 2 hours from Hocking Hills. There is lots of hiking trails at Hocking.
austinjenna 06/30/23 05:17am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

As another person already posted the easiest way is just to rename each network. For me I name one of them 'yourwifiname here24' and the other 'yourwifinamehere5' to be able to distinguish which one to connect too by just addint the '24' or '5' at the end of your wifi name.
austinjenna 05/24/23 04:45am Technology Corner
RE: How common are fold-up vs "standard" sinks in wet baths?

From my experience the fold up sink is typically in a class B or truck camper because the majority of those rv's have wet baths, Generally a class C as you mentioned has a dry bath and would have a fixed sink.
austinjenna 05/21/23 04:50am General RVing Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

While others debate the merits of different approaches, let me say that pouring bleach or any other liquid into the water tank is difficult. I used to use a flexible funnel, but all of the accordion folds held a lot of bleach that would drip everywhere, including on my pants and shoes. The solution I found was a horizontal funnel found at auto parts stores used for filling brake fluid reservoirs. It is smooth and bent. Here is one example: Just pour the bleach into your fresh water hose - then put that into your tank. There is no need to buy anything else to do it.
austinjenna 04/22/23 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: How do you sanitize your fresh-water tank and lines?

I use a cup of bleach in my 60 gallon fresh water tank. I pour the bleach into the hose first as its easier for me that way then fill the fresh water tank up. I bypass the water heater - that has its own sanitizing way. Turn on the water pump Go to each faucet and turn it on until you smell bleach then move onto the next faucet. Do all the faucets, shower, outdoor shower, toilet etc... You only need to let it sit an hour or 2 after that the bleach solution is diluted and wont really do anything. Then I turn on all the faucets and pump it through until the tank is empty. You might want to open your sewer valves so there is no overflow. I then fill up the fresh water tank again and pump it through all the faucets and I might do that twice. Then you should be set. For the hot water tank I use vinegar and fill that up and let it sit, usually overnight then drain that and I use the little hot water wand to rinse it all out. Then turn the hot water bypass back on and you are done. Its inevitable that you will use a lot of water sanitizing everything. At least this is my method.
austinjenna 04/21/23 05:16am Tech Issues
RE: Walmart overnight parking

By the way when we do stay at Walmart it is because we are pulling in late and leaving early, no campgrounds or to far away. Last time the campgrounds was 30 miles roundtrip from where we wanted to be the next morning. I think thats what the majority of folks do. The WM's are generally close to the highway so easy pull off to get some sleep, eat in the morning and then head back out.
austinjenna 04/04/23 04:16am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Just Switched from Verizon to T-Mobile

I have Verizon and have stuck with them as I have not had any issues with them. In saying that I know that T-Mobile has really stepped up their game in the last few years and if they have not already overtaken Verizon they soon will.
austinjenna 03/31/23 04:43am Technology Corner
RE: stairs

When they first came out a lot of folks were happy because of the added stability they gave them. I know my wifes first thought after seeing them was - So isn't all the dirt/rain etc going to go inside the camper? My first thought was that I would never be able to use them at the storage yard being in close proximity to the trailer next to me. I just figured if I ever bought a new trailer like that I would need to have them swapped out.
austinjenna 03/10/23 04:59am Tech Issues
RE: ebike for a heavy rider?

I ride my Ebike all over the CG. I may ride it into town or to the ch area . I ride my Ebike distances I could never ride a regular bike. An Ebike flattens the hills and picks up the slack that a regular bike doesn't do. It not about $$$ or longevity its about going from point A to B with ease. An Ebike takes you up the inclines in ways that a allow older riders to keep riding. Some may call it cheating. But cheating is driving the car to town, Ebikes allow one to enjoy the biking experience, while maintaining a comfortable pace and getting some exercise. An Ebike makes biking enjoyable vs. challenging. I get some enjoy the challenge and a more intense work out, However there are many that are beyond their days of being challenge by a bike and prefer an enjoyable ride. I totally agree with this statement. Maybe some are thinking there is no exercise in the electric bikes but there is. Ours are pedal assist so they 'help' with the pedaling. We have taken them pretty much everywhere and have enjoyed so much more than we could have on a regular bike. We have ridden all the 50 miles of carriage roads in Acadia, Along the waterfront in NJ, the 35 miles or so in Chicago waterfront etc..which would have not been possible without them. It really gets us out to see more than we normally would have.
austinjenna 03/09/23 03:22am RV Lifestyle
RE: ebike for a heavy rider?

Hi, My wife and I have the Aventon Level - original version and now they have the V2 version out. I am 6'4 and 280lbs and the bike is capable of 300lbs. It is a rear drive comes with a rear rack, fenders, etc... although we did buy aftermarket seats and the battery is removable. We take these with us all the time when we go camping and have about 1500 miles on them without any problems. They come in multiple frame sizes (S,M,L) as well as either step through or step over. Keep in mind whatever you buy they will be heavier than your normal bike and would need a bike rack to support the additional weight. For that I bought the KAC K2 rack, they are not rated for RV usage though. When we take them camping we just store them inside. If you have any other questions just let me know. Hope it helps
austinjenna 03/08/23 06:11am RV Lifestyle
RE: State Parks

I just booked into Myrtle Beach for the last week in March 7 days + 1 free. That’s supposed to be a busy week. Going from there to Charleston the next week and no problem there either. Happy camping folks, enjoy your life. Myrtle Beach in March would hardly be considered as prime time for camping. I think the folks on here are talking about the summer months when the parks get filled up.
austinjenna 03/04/23 04:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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