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RE: Small Propane Cylinder

Been using one for a number of years now. Much cheaper to use than the disposables. Always keep a couple of disposables on hand in case the 5lb runs out & a refill is not handy. The only problem experienced is that occasionally the valve sticks. Nothing that a couple of whacks with a hammer can't fix. Nothing likes to be hit.
Veebyes 05/28/23 08:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best route - Maine to Cape Hatteras

That is a tough one. Yes, give NYC as wide a berth as possible. 295 through NJ is surprisingly easy, depending on time of day. The other way is to skirt around Philly to the west then come down the DELMARVA and VA Beach over the CBBT, an experience all by itself. Where else can you drive 60' under the ocean?
Veebyes 05/18/23 08:17pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 2 in Nebraska

Just did 4 hours worth of Nebraska secondary roads today. Most impressed. With the exception of a small section of 91 west of Halsey, great 65mph roads.
Veebyes 05/18/23 08:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Hwys closed and wild fires in BC & Alberta

Easy to find official provincial sites for daily updates on the fires. We are N central NE at the moment and it is quite smokey. That can change with a shift in the wind. Smoke or not we continue north entering Canada, pass through Saskatoon and on to Edmonton. Wild fires are every year.
Veebyes 05/18/23 07:49pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: how to find value of used RVs?

Never buy new. Do the research using as many resources that you can find. Let someone else buy new, take the hit of the first Year's depreciation and deal with all of the new rig warranty problems, only to find out that they bought the wrong rig and want out. Research, research, research. Narrow your choices down to a few models, then go shopping for what you want, not what the seller wants you to buy.
Veebyes 05/15/23 07:42pm Beginning RVing
RE: Priming the water pump

Disconnect at the output side of the pump. Hold your thumb over the pump outlet & turn it on. Pressure? Yes? Suction is fine. No? No suction. Trace backwards. Pump itself plus fittings. It does not take much for an air leak on the low pressure side.
Veebyes 05/14/23 09:18am General RVing Issues
RE: Priming the water pump

If you have ever taken one of these pumps apart you will see that the diaphragm is a very thin piece of material subject to age & dry rot. Kits are available for some pumps. Might as well get a new pump. Your time is worth more than messing with the thing past making sure there are no air leaks in connections on the low pressure side of the pump. Just went down the failed pump road. Leaking gasket on the pump. I carry a new spare so the change out only took a few minutes. Since then I have hopefully repaired the old pump by replacing the gasket & it now sits ready to go if needed.
Veebyes 05/14/23 07:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Picking out good camping chairs

Most of the time you get what you pay for. We have a pair of sturdy chairs that have been with us for more than 12 years. We also have a rocker type picked up on sale. No regrets on paying out the extra cash for products that last.
Veebyes 05/13/23 03:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Denali Hwy 8

Fuel is one thing we are not especially concerned about. Two tanks. We can do over 500 miles between fuel stops on more or less level but of course higher speeds. Really looking forward to that leg of the trip. Just hope that the road is in decent shape, not for speed, but for comfort & vehicle wear & tear.
Veebyes 05/07/23 08:23pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: I Bought A Travel Trailer I Had Never Seen (in person)

Flew from Bermuda to Texas to buy a truck & fiver combo. Both were only six months old so call them new. We were very very builder & model specific, & a rare one at that, so it was more or less a done deal before we got on the first plane. That was seventeen years ago. Still have them.
Veebyes 04/11/23 05:54am General RVing Issues
RE: Previous Owner Painted the Gelcoat - What to do?

Somebody has left you with a big job if you want to rectify it properly to last a very long time. I have not recoated an RV but I have done the hull of a 32' boat. It is work & the bulk of that work is in the preparation. In my case there was damage to repair first. Then came the sanding. Then came the fairing. Then came the sanding. Then came more fairing. Then came more sanding. This is where your job comes in, assuming there is no damage to repair. Remove the decals. Underneath will be fresh shiny gelcoat. Wipe the whole rig down with acetone to clean anything off the surface. Sand, sand, & sand some more coming down to a finer grit each time around. Prime coat. Wet sand. Prime coat again. Very fine wet sand. After all of this preparation it would be criminal to go cheap on the paint. Use a high quality marine epoxy paint such as Aulgrip. At least two coats of that followed by two coats of clearcoat. The result is going to be a better than new gelcoat finish that will last many years with minimal maintenance. This is not a job for an amatuer, though if you are somewhat handy with such things you can do some of the time consuming donkey work of the first steps. Cheap? No way, but well worth the money over the long haul & time saved keeping it looking good retaining the value of your rig.
Veebyes 04/09/23 07:08am Tech Issues
RE: Best range/oven to purchase?

We had to replace our stove last year simply because of the lack of a small part. Not thrilled at all about having to get a new stove. The biggest problem was getting a replacement to fit. You would think that the manufacturers would get together & agree on a few overall dimension sizes, but no, that is not the case. The best available was the same depth & width but not height, losing oven capacity. The DW is not happy with it. If buying a replacement do not assume anything. From the start know your dimensions.
Veebyes 04/09/23 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: Insane first RV trip plan?

Let’s just hope the OP didn’t scrap his summer vacation due to the plethora of negative comments regarding the trip. This seems pretty typical. A new member posts questions and then vanishes. I really don't care whether he scraps his vacation or not. Total rudeness or just a troll. Didn't get the answer he was looking for so he disappeared. Like many, he will try to do that over ambitious trip. Murphy will be going along. Things will not go to plan. Weather, a mechanical issues, busy attractions, all kinds of things. He will return all stressed out needing another, much slower paced, trip.
Veebyes 04/08/23 06:30am Beginning RVing
RE: Pigeon Forge to North Carolina

Been over 441 from Pigeon Forge to Cherokee a few times. Don't remember if dragging the 5er or not. Don't recall anything especially difficult about it. Yes, there are a few switchbacks but no particularly long steep grades. Toughest section is coming out of Gatlinburg. My general policy is, if the semis can do it, I can do it.
Veebyes 04/07/23 09:01am Roads and Routes
RE: Walmart overnight parking

None of the RVs were Junkers, so may be up to security discretion. Looks like the NO ALCOHOL rule for CGs. No problem as long as people behave in a responsible manner. Looks similar for some Walmarts. No problem for those obviously in transit for one night. Big problem for those who abuse the privilege.
Veebyes 04/02/23 10:15am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Insane first RV trip plan?

The only problem the OP will face is an itinerary that doesn't let so to speak smell the roses during each stop and getting into the national parks. Something I learned a long long time ago Trying to squeeze 3 weeks worth of stuff in a 2 week time slot just does not work.. however scheduling 2 weeks of stuff in a 3 week time slot works very well. You see it often, especially with a big trip like going to Alaska. People don't appreciate how big Canada is or how beautiful it is. Alaska, at least the part that you can drive, is not that big. You have to slow down. Make allowances for weather, maybe a breakdown, grocery shopping, laundry, oil changes, simple chill days thrown in there.
Veebyes 03/29/23 06:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: The time has come to replace the cooling unit in my fridge.

Join the club. Our RM 1350 went belly up last October. Nine years & something like 1400 nights on the road out of it. The nearest Dometic dealer is not even interested in selling & installing a new one, at something in the region of $7000.00. Must be nice to be able to turn away business. Found a place near Elkhart that is only too happy to help us out with a booked service day to change it out & we can stay in their yard overnight if necessary. But wait, there is more. They have a RM 1350 that had a minor problem that they fixed & are selling for half price, with new unit warrantee. Gotta love a small company with a good attitude.
Veebyes 03/27/23 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: batteies

2004 Keystone Rapter Year make and model of your TT is not enough. It is enough to say that if you have the original converter, you probably do not have a lithium setting. What make & model of converter do you have? What type of camping do you do? This is important, as cold and heat affect lithium charging. I would continue to get smart on lithium batteries and their discharge/charge requirements, as well as heated lithium batts, before deciding on a brand/model of lithium batt. Good advice. Very wise to learn up on the lithiums. They are not cheap. They require some special attention. Given your style of camping are they worth the extra money? The lithiums could be around for 15 plus years. Will your trailer still be around in 2038? Are you an extended traveler on the road for months at a time & often dry camping or are you a weekend warrior always connected to shore power & not needing anything more than the basics in a battery bank?
Veebyes 03/27/23 03:17pm Tech Issues
RE: How long should a battery last?

No matter what you see on TV you can't have all of the conveniences of home in a TT that only has an itty bitty group 24 battery bank. When it comes to dry camping battery bank capacity & fresh water capacity is King. Sure, one person can get by one night with a single group 24 being very frugal with the power use. Add another person with the additional use of everything 12V & that group 24 is dead very quickly. For 13 years of our boating days we were out every weekend, 2 nights, May to October. No generator. No solar onboard. Always 'on the hook' anchored someplace. The battery bank consisted of two group 31 gel cells linked through a battery switch enabling the use of battery #1, battery #2, or both combined. We had to be very conscious of power use. Enough power had to be there to start the diesel when it was time to move, hence the battery switch to isolate one of the batteries & use the other as the 'house' battery on anchor. Unfortunately RVs are not setup that way, unless their owners 'marinize' their wiring & install a battery selector switch. A relatively inexpensive & simple thing to do. With a setup such as this, if you leave something on & discharge one battery you have the other to switch to. It is always good to pack as much battery power as possible. You never know when you will really need it.
Veebyes 03/27/23 03:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Insane first RV trip plan?

Agree with many of the others. An awful ambitious trip for a first trip. Maybe not driveway camping for a first trip but certainly a few weekends at a CG close to home so that as you discover things that are needed you can get them from home or a nearby Walmart or home center. You never stop getting stuff but in those first few weeks alot of time is spent in Walmart & Lowes along with getting to know the rig & lifestyle. The big rush to get out there & travel is understandable however averaging something like 150 miles a day means about 4 hours in the driver's seat per day. That does not leave much time for actually seeing things by after time for setting up, breaking down camp, gas stations, regular stuff like grocery shopping, laundry & hopefully doing nothing & letting it all soak in is all taken into account. We are off to Alaska, for the fifth time, leaving home in Bermuda in three weeks. After getting the trailer & truck out of storage we have at least ten days of preparation, getting the truck serviced, doing some maintenance on the trailer & getting initial supplies before the wheels start to turn heading northwest. Our average per day distance will be well under 100 miles. Some days more. Some days less. No 'gotta get there' itis.
Veebyes 03/26/23 03:16pm Beginning RVing
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