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RE: towing with a Tesla

OK if a gallon is 34 kWh and a gas vehicle goes 10 mpg and the EV goes 30 to 50 miles on that same energy there must be a bit more math involved or some laws of physics are broken. Electric motors are "around" twice as efficient as a gasoline engine (I stated that above) The math work and I have proved it several times on this very forum. Oh BTW. Electric mileage drifts around much like mileage on gas diesel or coal or natural gas. How fast you go, how much weight you are towing, how tall the load is and about 20 other things make a big difference. BTW, btw, the powers that be said they will not make a new battery for my plug in electric car, and they won't fix it even though it is under warranty. I will learn how much money I will receive this week. Fun times for sure.
Turtle n Peeps 05/29/23 09:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: towing with a Tesla

In the same way 26 gallon fuel tanks are a deal breaker when towing. Stopping every 2 hours to charge would also be a deal breaker. Sure I could deal with it for a one time trip, but being limited to 2 hour travel intervals would not be practical for me. Lets do a little math for a real comparison. We learn from this site that the biggest battery you can get in a Tesla 3 is 85kwh. We also learn from this site that 33.7kwh is equivalent to 1 gallon of gasoline. So, with the biggest battery you can get in a M3 you have the equivalent of 3 gallons of gas on board. Electric motors are "around" twice as efficient as a gasoline engine so now we have around 6 gallons of gas on board in our "electric car." Now, a low profile car is going to get better mileage and so is the Airstream over a truck and a box. So lets be generous and say our electric car has a 8 gallon tank. How far do you think you will get on an 8 gallon tank towing that trailer? They are called the "LAWS" of physic's for a reason. They are not suggestions. They are laws. BTW I would love to see that guy do 600 mile in a day with that setup.
Turtle n Peeps 05/24/23 08:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dead Refrigerator

Had a fridge go out early on a 3 week vacation. Dry ice was our best friend. Wrap it in a towel or two and you're good to go for several days.
Turtle n Peeps 05/22/23 10:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ram Cummins/Aisin Failures

That all sucks BUT why??? get rid of it as it will be repaired under warranty. Probably just frustrated. I would have least kept it until the warranty expires. Because when you own a business that depends on your truck(s) you can't dick around. Every minute those tires are not turning is a minute you're losing money.
Turtle n Peeps 05/12/23 08:23pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Hopefully the OP returns to let us know what the problem was and how he fixed it. He's going to put in two new batteries and say, wow, that actually worked!! :B
Turtle n Peeps 05/05/23 10:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

It only clicks one time. Battery connections are good . Checked batteries with volt meter. Original batteries, 48000 miles. Why would it go dead right away if it was batteries ? Your 7 YO batteries are toast IMHO. The only true way to tell is with a mechanical load tester or electronic load tester. The last 4 batteries I have bought for my truck were good one day and bad the next. One time caught me on vacation. :o They used to give you warning but not the batteries of today or the trucks of today. I "think" it's because of the duel batteries in the trucks I have? BTW I just replaced a 5 month old battery at work. NCNS. Battery dead flat. I charged it up to 12.7 Volts. I thought oh, that's good. Then I did my due diligence and it failed miserably under an electronic load test.
Turtle n Peeps 04/30/23 01:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram 6.7 no start

Several questions: So you say it won't start than you say all it does is click. So no crank, no start? (This is important) Big difference between no start and no crank, no start. You state the batteries checked ok? How were they checked? With a VOM or with something that can put a load on them? Are they the original batteries? Have the battery connections been checked? No crank, no start, 98% of the time it's going to be batteries, connections or starter. Someone is going to have to figure out which one of the 3 is causing you problems. Let us know what you find.
Turtle n Peeps 04/30/23 11:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford Lightning Fire

You people are worried about nothing. China has a safe blade EV battery. No worries at all. BYD EV sales are on fire right now. They are totally burning down sales records! And Tesla made the great move to China. And he will make the BIG ones there!! You know; more power!! Tesla sales should be on fire real soon!!
Turtle n Peeps 04/23/23 12:08pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New EPA Requirements

Also EV cost way less money to drive. And lithium is very easy to harvest or mine,oil production is 100x more destructive. I own an electric car and no it doesn't. I've done the math many times on this forum. In fact, if I ever get my hybrid car back from the shop I will only run it on gas to save money. You keep on telling yourself that. This Super Fund will last forever. Forever is a long time.
Turtle n Peeps 04/15/23 09:45pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New EPA Requirements

I said it here first. "With a stroke of a pen"
Turtle n Peeps 04/15/23 09:46am Tow Vehicles
RE: My Hitch Won't Let Go Of My Ball

Check the preload on the tongue of the hitch. I would unscrew it and pull the tongue of the hitch out to inspect it. If you don't find anything, then install it with less preload. Yes you could. Electric jacks are not meant to jack up that much weight. One guy at a shop burnt my jack out by changing the spring on my trailer by putting jack stands on my rear bumper and jacking the wheels off of the ground with the tongue jack.
Turtle n Peeps 04/04/23 08:57pm Towing
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

mkirsch the ECM will tell the tranny to upshift and force an upshift. If you are over the ECM's RPM limit and try to manually downshift, the ECM won't let that happen. There is no mechanical link from the shifter to the tranny anymore. Hasn't been for many, many years. Long gone are the days of mechanical transmission governors and vacuum modulators. Ever notice that a lot of tach's don't have any yellow or red lines painted on them anymore?
Turtle n Peeps 03/31/23 10:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

I'm not suggesting the OP has a problem with their truck. But I can attest to my 07 LBZ Duramax overheating due to excessive revving on steep declines. Is a 2007 a modern truck? The exhaust brake was aftermarket which may have been the root of the problem. Nevertheless the tranny would and did overheat if you let it. Any modern diesel truck or gas truck for that matter, cuts all fuel off to the injectors while going down hill. There is no heat being made because there is no combustion going on. This has been going on since least for GM.
Turtle n Peeps 03/30/23 08:49pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

Modern computer controlled trucks do not over rev. It's impossible because of the computer. Anybody that is worried about over reving their "modern" truck is worrying about nothing. They need to go a rev anonymous meeting. They are held at their local race track. I haven't been to any in a long time but when I did I took my 572 to 7,000 RPM time after time. And this thing has pistons as big as a small coffee can. Let it rev.
Turtle n Peeps 03/30/23 04:39pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Engine braking on 2017 F150 5.0L

Let it rev.
Turtle n Peeps 03/28/23 11:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Lithium by a county mile. And it's not just lithium. We are going to need millions of tons of copper to go in those big motors. Aluminum won't cut it. I have been to this mine many times. You can read about it's tragic history by clicking here. They call this mine the mine that electrified America. Much of the green tech is not green at all as the above article will show you. In fact, even many hydro electric dams are being removed or on a list to be considered to be removed. There is one right up the road from me that is going to be removed because of fish concerns. Fish concerns And don't get me started about geothermal. I live a stones throw away from the biggest geothermal field in the world. I have many family and friends that work there. They tell me all the time about heavy metals and arsenic and acids so powerful it will eat stainless steel like butter. They have drilled many wells that they have to shutter because the steam that comes out of it is so acidic it eats any well casing they put in it within months. Should I talk about the earthquakes they cause? Ya, real green there.........:R
Turtle n Peeps 03/26/23 10:24pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Turtle, For long trips with larger loads, I'll ahree with your comments. I personally believe that in a few years the over 10,000-50,000 gvw rig doing local delivery with in cities at 100-200 mikes max per day are with in design relm. That could help in local pollution issues etc. Probably hence why some of us, see EV's as a good coice for some, not so great today for others. LP is another fuel, good for the city iI grew up in, most of the police, parks dept, DOT etc rigs are LP with some EV hybrids in the mix today. These alternate fuels can work. Yes ive shown a municipality as an example. I have family with hybrids, one bought a BMW EV recently. I dont see these working for me anytime soon. It woukd work for spouses rig. Cost will kill the EV option for many people. especially lower income. marty I agree with you Marty. But a few points. Fixing "local" pollution? Yep......but just putting it elsewhere. Some of my friends tease me about owing a coal powered car. I tell them it's not a coal powered car you idiots, it's a natural gas powered car. Get it right!! :B All you have to do is look at this chart to see how little has changed: Now all the volt heads always say "well coal has gone waaaaay down so neaner neaner neaner. I say ya, but look at the natural gas and petrol generation. Now the above chart is a few years old but you can what's been going on for decades. Will renewables tick up a bit. For sure, but not before 2030 or 2035. And it does not help that the US Secretary of Transportation does not know virtually anything about electric cars. or the grid that support them. :S
Turtle n Peeps 03/26/23 11:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Reisender is always talking about how little time it takes to charge his Tesla towing his tiny tear drop trailer. Ok cool. But lets see how long it takes to charge a big truck battery towing an average trailer that an American tows in the states. Click here to see the harsh truth. Now remember, if you tow an average trailer that I see on the road it will only get you about 100 miles before you need a recharge. And remember, if it's cold out you can cut that range by 25 to 50%! So now you can only go 50 to 75 miles before you need a recharge. I have heard some people on this site say things like I will just charge up at the campground pedestal. Nope, not going to happen for several reasons. One is campgrounds are banning charging up at the campground pedestal. The two campgrounds I camped at last year had rules that stated no charging at campground pedestals. Another reason is the amount of time it takes to charge a large battery. 4 days for level 1 for the example above. Now if you happen to have that trailer that Fish gave an example about, now you have 2 very large batteries that need to be charged. Just think how long that will take to charge. Batteries work great for low power demands. Things like drills and impact wrenches work great!!! Motorcycles are another great use of battery power. Pickup's and semi's. Not so good.
Turtle n Peeps 03/26/23 08:43am Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Yah. Electricity is relatively cheap fuel in pretty much all of Canada. But we lived in and off in California as well up till two years ago and it was there as well if on the after hours charging plan . Don’t know about the rest of the US. Insurance isn’t more expensive here for EV’s so can’t speak to that. Price of vehicle depends what you are looking for I suppose. There are some reasonably inexpensive EV’s on the market although long waiting lists for those. (Chevy bolt). Availability is tough for some models in North America. (VW’s). I don't know where you lived in California but I can tell you that electricity is NOT cheap in California. In fact is is the 4th highest in the nation. That's average for the whole state. Now if you live where I do, you will pay the 2nd highest in the nation. Only behind Hawaii. I pay .37 cents a kwh. They means if I ever get my electric car out of the shop (it been there for over a year) it will be cheaper to drive a mile with dino juice rather than hydrocarbons pushed out over a wire. Yes, you read that correctly. It is now cheaper to drive my hybrid with gasoline rather than electricity. Now I know you tow your tear drop with an EV. But, you are on a towing forum and the average American does not tow a tear drop. The average trailer I see in the US is around a 25 to 30 foot hard sided TT or a 30 to 35 foot 5er. That is going to take a pickup or very large SUV to tow. Not a little EV car. Now if you say well you can buy a pickup in the US that will tow those trailers. Ya, you can; but it will only go about 100 miles before you need a fill up. And now we are talking a LONG time to fill (not 20 minutes like you always say) because it has a big battery and not some little tiny battery like your EV car has. Again, this is a towing forum and battery pickups are not inexpensive at all. And remember, Ford just lost 3 billion dollar on their electric division last year because of under pricing. I'm not knocking what you do because it works for you. But; it is far from the average trailering Joe in the USA. Those are facts whether anybody likes it or not.
Turtle n Peeps 03/24/23 11:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Seven States to Ban the Sale of Gas Powered Cars in 2035

Clicky for the Monkey.
Turtle n Peeps 03/22/23 09:41am Tow Vehicles
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