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RE: Tire covers?

Good info for the newbie! We are camping monthly in our class c. I think I will use that money toward a new set of tires which will be needed soon as those are almost 7 years old. Thanks to all!
SCADAMAN29325 04/23/23 07:52am Beginning RVing
Tire covers?

Firstly do tire covers help, not much or a lot? What should I look for when buying tire covers? Any recommendations on which ones to buy or stay away from? Thanks, Phil
SCADAMAN29325 04/22/23 08:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Replacement furnace valve? Removing valve?

I'm trying to remove the furnace valve. How do I loosen this gas fitting? There is the aluminum fitting on the left, the brass fitting in the middle and another brass thin fitting on the right up against the furnace wall. Is the thin brass nut on the right supposed to be held still with a backing wrench while turning the brass middle fitting? Or holding aluminum fitting still on the left and turning the brass middle fitting? Depending on which one is to be held still will determine which way I turn the middle fitting. Thanks!
SCADAMAN29325 04/10/23 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

I was going to mention the cost, but forgot to. It was initially $650, but after developing a blister on my palm, I asked about how much to scrape the grass off the top. So $680 was the final price. I rounded it to $700 and had him fill in a few low spots with the scrapings. BTW, his dually got stuck dumping the load and had to use his bobcat to pull it out.
SCADAMAN29325 04/06/23 11:27pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

I did it, rather had it done. Scraped the grass off the top, put down driveway cloth, had 6 tons of crusher run spread and compacted, then another 6 tons. It is SOLID! Forgot to take pics of the entire process, but here's a couple after the first dump and compaction, and then done. Will soon be anchoring the landscaping timbers.
SCADAMAN29325 04/06/23 04:24pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
Replacement furnace valve? Removing valve?

The saga started here. I need to replace the propane valve on my Atwood Hydroflame 8531-II-12v. Part number 33337 White Rodgers Valve 25M16-701 (DC). It is not sealing well and setting off my propane alarm. Could y'all help me find it. My searches have not found it. Thanks!
SCADAMAN29325 04/06/23 02:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

I think it's going to be the valve, but 1st this video Edit: more like it opens when not being told. NOT Valve, control... Check for continuity (voltage?) across the 2 blue wires before and after water column drop. And battery voltage across red/yellow. Edit again: that's strange, even without the control board plugged in I detected gas in the exhaust port. Hmmm...
SCADAMAN29325 04/05/23 08:39pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

HydroFlame 8531-ll 12v 8.2 amps Hmmm??? (Edit for clearer pic)
SCADAMAN29325 04/05/23 08:26pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

All good stuff above, but I have found 2 problems. 1- regulator to tank connector was loose! I had found it loose before and retightened (hand tight). This time I moved the "c" ring and moved the plastic hand wheel out of the way so I could get to the nut and put a wrench on it. 2- Ordered one of those gas sniffers and been hunting the leak. That took a while: turned gas on, went round and round, inside and out for over an hour, nothing! Left the gas on for 2 more hours... tester went off like a rocket inside the furnace housing outside after removing the cover! Went inside to confirm the furnace was off, it was. Now I need to figure out how to test the furnace system. I want to make sure the thermostat is actually turning off the furnace and it is not a bad thermostat. Then check to make sure the valve is closing the way it should (I think this will be the problem). STILL, I don't see how the furnace valve being stuck open would cause the propane alarm to go off when going 60mph down the highway. Scratch that, 10mph start/stop traffic congestion. It has gone off 3 times, once the last night of a week long camp in February, next in that start/stop traffic, then most recently when having the fridge cooling down the day before leaving for a short boondocking experiment. So this where I am now, troubleshooting the furnace system. TTYL, Phil
SCADAMAN29325 04/05/23 06:12pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

FORK! STILL HAPPENING! 2.5 minutes it drops all of a sudden! Yes, fridge is off, furnace is off, water heater is off, stove is off, water heater is off, I do not have an oven. What else could it be?
SCADAMAN29325 03/30/23 09:00am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

****! Everything SHOULD be off! After seeing that the water column dropped every 3 minutes (charged the lines, start stopwatch, saw drop, repeat...) I went around and checked all the appliances, I found the fridge was still on! I thought FOR SURE it was off, but could not see the lights due to the angle I was at! Sometimes you just have to tattle tell on yourself! Jeez Phil how stupid you can be sometimes! Anyways this still does not resolve my problem of the propane sensor going off. That was yesterday, will continue troubleshooting today. Should I post this or not...?
SCADAMAN29325 03/30/23 07:15am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

Solid connection, I wiggled tube to be sure. Everything should be off. I'll be doing some more looking and sniffing. When I find the area I will do more soapy water testing. Thanks
SCADAMAN29325 03/29/23 09:35am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Awning arm does not release.

...then give a good yank up on the lever on the bottom of each arm and the arm will come out of the designed notch at the top... How about a good whack with a hammer on the adjustment peg right here: It popped loose at the top and tada: Thank yall so much! Now I need to do some cleaning. :B I think we might take the grandkids boondocking for a day or two while they are on spring break next week. (BTW, LuBaby should of had the video going when I tried to put it in carport mode. I almost got my head chopped off...) Thanks again, Phil and LuAnn
SCADAMAN29325 03/28/23 12:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: Leak down test on the LP gas system, leak detected.

Hey everybody, finally got around to doing the leak down test. (TLDR, go to 'Present') Background: Calhoun Falls State Park, on our 5th night there back in Feb, I had a dream that something was making an alarm sound. Nope not a dream, the new propane leak detector was going off. Never heard it before so it took me a minute to figure what was making that noise alarm. Anyways, I opened the door to let any gas flow out. Sure enough it stopped yelling at me and I went back to sleep. (Yeah, not the dumbest thing I ever did, but close to it.) 2 hours later it went off again. This time I shut off the propane tank. It was cold outside, but the little electric heater we was doing OK, so I went back to sleep again. Actually I had forgot about that issue, till I was reviewing my to-do list, but by then we were prepping for Myrtle Beach State Park and didn't have time to look into the issue. So at MBSP same thing almost. We spent our week watching planes go overhead and it was great! Let the COLD waves wash over our feet and then walked to the end of the pier. On the way back traffic was horrible going out on hwy 501 AND on both sides of Columbia on I-20 / I-26 (note to self: DON'T GO THROUGH COLUMBIA AROUND 5PM!). We were had just got into Columbia when that alarm started again. Found a parking lot, opened the door, waved the gas out the door. 10 minutes later it went off again. I shut off the propane, we had the fridge running on gas while in transit, moved the ice trays from the freezer to the fridge to help it stay cool for that last 2 hours home. Yes, 3 hours, not the normal 1 hour. Two, TWO! Two Tractor trailers had broke down on I-26 in the construction zones, no way for them to pull off the road. Spicy words were spoken often. Present: Just built the manometer with 5/8" clear tube, a 1x4 2ft long and zip ties. ( Hooked it up and did a measurement, 12" of water column, close enough for me. And it was rock solid, for a minute, then it dropped all of a sudden. I was going to bleed off a little pressure to see if the shutoff valve had a bypass leak. When I touch the stove knob, that's when it dropped. Hmm... tried it again, no drop. Went around banging on stove, fridge, furnace and water heater no more sudden dropping, till after the banging, it did again, just dropped after about a minute and then slowly went down. So now I need to find the propane leak. After some more thinking I will probably order a sniffer off Amazon to help find where the leak is. STRANGE how it drops all of a sudden after a minute, then slowly leaks down. Before the drop (6" mark) After dropping: Edit, added this pic:
SCADAMAN29325 03/28/23 11:31am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Awning arm does not release.

Thanks all. I'll wait till I return home to mess with it. I don't want to create an emergency out on the road. BTW, yes, it's manual. From the info above I do feel like I can resolve the issue once I'm home. It's not a big deal here in Myrtle Beach State Park, there's lots of shade and no rain. Thanks again! Phil
SCADAMAN29325 03/21/23 07:38am Beginning RVing
RE: New to RVing

Dat's a good one horsey! Where's da upvote/like button?
SCADAMAN29325 03/20/23 09:08am RV Lifestyle
Awning arm does not release.

We were shown how to use the awning several times, but now one arm is not releasing to be able to roll out. I've also watched a few videos and had a couple of seasoned campers stop by that saw my struggle. I unscrewed the knob a few turns on each arm, released the side latches and released the top latch. When I pull the lanyard, the right side (with the top latch) will pull out about 6 inches, but the other arm is stuck and puts it in a bind. The right arm with the top latch is free to move, but the other arm is stuck in the latched position. Climbed on top grabbed the stuck arm and pulled/yanked/pushed and it will not budge. It's a Carefree, one of the passers-by has the same awning and showed me how his works and tried mine, but it didn't work for him either. I now have it latched and stowed for travel, but perturbed I can't use our awning. Any help out there for my awning situation is much appreciated! Thanks!
SCADAMAN29325 03/19/23 06:25pm Beginning RVing
ebike for a heavy rider?

I'm 285 and want an ebike to cruise the campgrounds, trails and maybe a nearby town. Anybody out there think what they have can help me out or maybe know of a fellow camper has what may work for me. I've seen PLENTY advertised and reviewed, but I'm looking for real world suggestions. Some of the things I've seen that appear to work well are mid-drive units that take advantage of the derailleur, fat tires seem nice, step through, 48v, NOT a built in or special designed battery that will not be in production in a few years... What else should I be looking for and some suggestions please. Thanks, Phil.
SCADAMAN29325 03/07/23 07:30pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

OMG, it is tough doing it the right way. Been squaring off the driveway with the square blade shovel and removing the grass. Got the driveway cloth, staples and a heavy tamper on order. Will be here next Monday. That will give the ground time to dry out. Thanks to all!
SCADAMAN29325 02/20/23 06:32pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Stuck in yard, ruts. Install driveway? Ideas please.

Good info to think about! Update, just now had one of the local folks stop by, measured it (12x50) and said 12 tons of crusher run, spread and compacted for $650. I was thinking a lot more than that. And have 2 others coming by Monday and Tuesday. Thanks.
SCADAMAN29325 02/19/23 05:00pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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