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RE: Military Campgrounds

As a 100% disabled veteran and Purple Heart recipient I have been using full facilities of military basses now and for several years that include staying at their base RV parks and on base Inns such as the AF Inns. I am not retired military but a former Army Vietnam vet and Army Guard medevac pilot. I have held a military DAV ID card for many years. I can also fly space A on military aircraft anywhere within CONUS and U.S. territories. Just returned from a great fishing and camping trip staying at Air Force base RV park and California state parks. Recent changes allow vets with any amount of a VA disability rating to use on base MWR recreation facilities and PX plus commissary privileges just like me to include full work out gym facilities. I save a great deal of money using all base facilities and the Air Force has always been very good to this Army guy starting in Vietnam with an AF C-141 AirEvac flight to Japan and then flying space A all over the USA many years ago plus a back seat ride in a T-33 jet trainer as a CAP cadet in 64. Cheers to the brave
NamMedevac 70 05/29/23 12:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Distance between the two RV?

A very legit and good question. Ignore dirty dog and other SA repliers. I have never stayed in such tightly packed places and would not do so. My good luck and prior planning. Cheers.
NamMedevac 70 05/20/23 12:23pm Beginning RVing
RE: What's your mileage?

I travel heavy but mileage is good in mountains and flatlands. 2014 Ram 1500 4x4 5.7 V8 Hemi. Cheers to fellow
NamMedevac 70 05/17/23 04:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

Yes sometimes. I always carried some and used a few times.
NamMedevac 70 05/17/23 04:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2023 camping season

During vacation months of June, July and August I fish and camp only in remote areas with no or undeveloped campgrounds OR I dry camp at Military Bases RV parks. Other months I have no problems getting campsites during the week. Just returned from camping/kayak fishing two week trip at Bodega Bay, Lawsons Landing/Dillion Beach and Nicks Cove. Campsites cost me between $15.00 to 17.50 per night at SPs and base RV. Life is good and all is good. Cheers to common sense and the brave.
NamMedevac 70 05/17/23 03:34pm RV Lifestyle
RE: RV Armor Roof Experiences

From previous readings of this topic on this forum some have had success with Armor roof coating and others said it was a failure with partial or full peeling. A search of Armor roof coating on the forum may find these previous discussions. I have only and successfully used liquid EDPM Dicor several times many years ago. Easy and mess free quick application.
NamMedevac 70 05/03/23 02:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Arizona, lots of great routes... roads, not so much

Nevada major roads and highways are near excellent condition now for a long time. However the Reno city streets are now full of bad potholes in numerous locations on major streets with no sign of maintenance and the all too numerous manhole covers are worse than many deep potholes. Bad as kalifornia. I loathe the city road managers/engineers and Washoe County/Reno has very high gas tax in Nevada like Vegas. Fill up your tanks in storey, churchill, Douglas or lyon counties if you can. Cheers to all good folks.
NamMedevac 70 05/01/23 09:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: Ford Lightning Fire

I am happy our apartment condos do not have attached or underneath garages for parking of gas or EV vehicles. Sleep good at night. 24/7 Wall St. 24/7 Wall St. Ford’s Massive Mistake, Another Blow Story by Douglas A. McIntyre • Mar 19 MarketWatch MarketWatch More than 40,000 Chevy Silverado trucks recalled as GM warns people to ‘park outside’ over fire risk Story by Weston Blasi • 44m ago Electric Vehicles Will Not Save the Climate Electric vehicles are preposterous, in particular as climate policy (“Biden and Media Are EV Grifters” by Holman Jenkins, Jr., Business World, April 19). The Environmental Protection Agency’s own climate model predicts that the proposed emissions standards for light, medium and heavy vehicles would reduce global temperatures in 2100 by 0.02-degrees Celsius
NamMedevac 70 04/25/23 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: Jeep exploded ...

Last year an auto manufacturer/s was advising drivers to park their cars outside of garages on the street or far back on the drive way due to sudden car fires. Jeep was not the brand and I believe one was an EV but cannot remember the brand/s. Recall did not affect my Ram truck so do not remember. Millions of older home garages have gas water heaters, furnaces, etc in their garages. Watch o. Glad our apartment condos do not have underneath or attached garages. All parking is in the open with metal port covers and away from living quarters. Tell GD dog eater that I have seen many jeeps used as toads and tow vehicles of small TT. Cheer to the brave.
NamMedevac 70 04/23/23 02:21pm General RVing Issues

well said Vern Kelly. On another note I miss my 2008 2500 Dodge Ram V10. However my 2014 Ram 1500 with 5.7Hemi has about same HP and torque ratings, so everything good to go. Owned 4 Ram trucks and now there are 3.
NamMedevac 70 04/15/23 10:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New EPA Requirements

More fearmongering. How can this be fear mongering Mr. Slow. Bringing out actual disadvantages with some safety issues is not fearmongering but truthful free speech Mr. Dimwi. These above issues are based on actual facts verified by many sources. I definitely changed my mind about buying any EV for a long time if ever and not because of fear. Your simplistic reply shows you a shallow biased thinker and is your usual standard non intellect reply to folks/post you don't like. Your very small clique cannot hurt my feelings. Too bad. Do you take your EV to b
NamMedevac 70 04/15/23 01:06pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New EPA Requirements

Some EV cars and trucks are also tow vehicles bubba joe.As if any further discussion is going to involve towing. Thank you old salt I forgot to say I recently read that towing a load also GREATLY reduces the range of an EV and if one is running the AC then another GREAT reduction in range. Maybe stay with tiny tear drop TT trailers. They are great looking vehicles including the EV trucks like Ford and Ram.
NamMedevac 70 04/15/23 11:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: New EPA Requirements

Here we go again in Tow Vehicles. Some EV cars and trucks are also tow vehicles bud.
NamMedevac 70 04/15/23 11:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: New EPA Requirements

Yes I have read recent articles about this topic and also recent articles about serious drawbacks from owning and operating EVs in the USA. These stores are from business and auto magazines, news outlets, etc. One article from auto world or maybe it was another magazine gave 10 separate serious issues with operating EVs. Here are just a few I remember. In extreme cold and heat the EV performance and distance is greatly diminished and also charge times take much longer than normal. also running the car air conditioner further greatly reduces the range. Serious issues with non Tesla defective charge stations and not enough charge stations. EVs weigh at least twice as much as same size and type ICE vehicles and pose an extra safety risk with more on the road in crashes and pedestrian hits and also for older multi story parking garages. An EV car battery fire takes the FD 4 hours to put out with at least 1000 gallons of water and sometimes the battery will reignite hours or days later after the initial fire. EV batteries submerged in recent street flooding have gone up in flames in Florida. Sometimes days after water intrusion. FD heroes best of the best. To fully charge some EVs takes many hours and at least overnight at home and can hinder rapid evacuation from home or neighborhood in emergency situation. Not everyone has expensive fast charge station at home Wyatt Earp. On a weekly and even daily basis I have frequently observed drivers waiting in their cars one to two hours for a charge at the Tesla charge stations in casino parking lots with ac going in extreme heat that takes longer. It takes me 5 minutes to fill of my 32 gallon gas tank and drive well over 300 or more miles to fun destinations of fishing and camping. The EVs are not green or friendly to the environment due to waste disposal of toxic battery metals into the earth. Full recycling is a long ways off on a mass scale. Digging and mining of metals for EV batteries require large burning of fossil fuels. Also takes more carbon burning of oil and gas to make one EV and EV battery than ICE vehicle of same type and size. Increase in size of Electrical grid will require more burning of fossil fuels to make the lines, towers, wind turbines, etc. Minor damage and repairs cannot be made on expensive EV battery thus requiring replacement of entire battery. Insurance companies are balking at paying for replacement of entire battery and or new car due to minor battery problems. When the warranty runs out then look out. EVs including Tesla require special expensive tires because of EV weight and other factors. So back to the dealer for everything. Already a shortage of qualified mechanics to work on EVs. EV manufacturers including Tesla are dramatically lowering prices in order to sell more EVs to reluctant public. Already Newer technology may diminish the EV in not too distant future. Except for local city driving or staying on major interstates and or close to sizeable cities not much practical about driving an EV. Few to no charge stations in vast rural areas of USA and with many stations that are defective or breakdown a lot and sometimes burn up the car electronics. According to many scientific experts stating their opinions in news such as the WSJ, etc. The green evolution of many years has yielded a less than 1% reduction in carbon emissions in USA while other large major countries get a free pass/free ride on mandates. My memory still good to go. I neither hate nor love EVs but believe there are two sides to every story. This space left blank for Like some other items many EV parts, batteries are made in countries with slave labor and child labor in some. Child labor is being used in Africa for mining of metals/minerals for EV batteries. I find the articles in casual reading of Google and Edge and MSN news page. I find online news from reputable outfits to be more honest and accurate than cable news. Cut my cable TV many years ago and never looked back. Do a lot free streaming of news and movies and still time for fishing/camping. Most satisfying. Cheers to those with common sense.
NamMedevac 70 04/15/23 10:36am Tow Vehicles
Hospital RV park closing

The large Scott & White Hospital in Temple, Texas is closing their RV park of many decades according to the Temple Daily Telegram. I did not read the article due to subscription needed for the reading full article. I used to live in Temple and this was a nice low cost park situated next to main hospital and ER facility. Others may have more information.
NamMedevac 70 04/13/23 04:53am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions

Suppose to get 500 miles on one charge. May be true or marketing hype. I wonder if that is in warm or cold weather and including pulling heavy trailer in the mountains doing truck work. Just curious. Cheers to Ram. 4 Dodge Ram truck owner here.
NamMedevac 70 04/06/23 11:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Unique Travel Trailers of New Zealand

Interesting and looks efficient.
NamMedevac 70 04/05/23 09:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Printer

I have for many years had great success with HP printers, but I do not care for their laptops. Instead I use Lenovo.
NamMedevac 70 04/04/23 11:41pm Technology Corner
RE: They are not Scamp, Casita or Teardrop

I have seen these at recent Reno RV shows and one local dealer carries them. Good stuff.
NamMedevac 70 04/04/23 11:37pm Travel Trailers
RE: My Hitch Won't Let Go Of My Ball

When everything else failed I chocked all wheels to the TT and pulled the holding pin on the ball shank in the Truck hitch and slowly and gently pulled forward and out came the ball shank. Then I was able to move the ball shank in different directions by hand until it popped loose from the TT tongue and fell to the ground. Safely worked for me but may not for others with no common sense. Only had to do this a few times that was due to no choice parking location on uneven rough ground with binding on tongue and ball. Be careful your feet are not underneath the hitch ball when doing this and you are good to go. Yes, for the critics I did use ball grease and other standard stuff and it was still a no go. Electric jack trick did not work. Fishing and life is good. Cheers
NamMedevac 70 04/04/23 11:28pm Towing
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