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RE: How to handle RV house battery? / sparkles flying

Like I said There was/Is a load on the circuit, a load means there was current flowing, i didn't use the word interrupt the circuit, Like you im saying it dudnt spark just because the wrench got close, Also the one thing that has not been mentioned, the disconnect is normally a relay and its powered from those batteries so yhe relay control is never disconnected it always has power on those b wires unless the battery cables are disconnect at the batteries, yes its momentary on/off latching relay, put the switch wire feed is always Hot, and what about the lp detector and the landing gear
MrWizard 11/16/23 07:11am Tech Issues
RE: Solar inverter -- shore power question

The battery power and the charging circuits never get switched, the are DC current always in phase, What is charging your batteries is not an issue if if everything is properly setup, when 110v is supplied shore power or generator, your converter snd solar will both be charging batteries to different degrees, the 110v will goto everything thst needs it, when there is no external 110v the inverter will supply the power to the fridge, what can use inverter power will depend on how it was installed ,
MrWizard 11/15/23 02:33am General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace issue

Make that two more batteries, and get a new converter , it will be better for your batteries, as it won't say full and shut off and won't default to the lowest charge rate when generator power comes on
MrWizard 11/15/23 02:12am Tech Issues
RE: How to handle RV house battery? / sparkles flying

12v is not going to arc jump through open air and make sparks, (even welders need at least 18v and usually double that plus high current, and you have to start the arc by striking the work piece with the rod or wire from the electrode ) , there was a load something was drawing power and you jiggled the connection or your wrench touched ground, The only time you can be sure the batteries are disconnected is with a self installed disconnect at the batteries, the factory disconnect, does not insure that everything is disconnected You did not mention the battery configuration, 6v in series or 12v in parallel, 6v series will have only one negative ground, 12v parallel could have multiple grounds,
MrWizard 11/15/23 02:00am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Output Power Question

I have 2000/4000 PSW watt inverter , i use one socket of the duplex outlet and can power anything i choose, i often use the inverter to heat up food or coffee, i don't know of any home/RV MW that uses more than 1675 watts input for 1100 cooking watts, In short "you are good to go" I have run the mw, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker, even my electric impact wrench, 1800w heat gun, hair dryer, You just need enough battery capacity to supply the needed power
MrWizard 11/12/23 04:52am Tech Issues
RE: Free VPN?

I'm still running Windows 8, on my laptop, Android 12 on my phone, this n tablet has Android 10, I have "duck duck go" tracking blocker running on both the tablet and the phone, it's not a VPN hiding my geo location, but it does prevent all those background apps from sending all my info to data collection firms including Big Brother Goggle, almost every App on all Android devices is running trackers in the background, even though I/You did not open the app,
MrWizard 10/29/23 09:32am Technology Corner
RE: Recommendations for solar charge/controller

Suggestion Get a DC marine type circuit breaker, 50 amp is good 100 amp would be better, place in circuit between the panels and the solar charger controller, then whenever you need to switch battery Banks, or any kind of battery service , you can easily open the circuit , safely disconnecting the panels, preventing damage to the controller, I also installed a DC breaker between my batteries and my 2000w psw inverter, that one is rated at 250 amps
MrWizard 10/29/23 08:04am Tech Issues
RE: Installing an oven into a former rental rv

Every MH i have owned the Microwave was a full size home unit, not a trucker / RV special size unit, that said I would take a tape measure and get the dimensions of the space available, i think the odds Favor swapping out the factory MW with a MW/convection unit
MrWizard 10/21/23 04:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator bogging when A/C is turned on

Is this fresh gas? Stale fuel can do this.. It's also possible the A/C unit needs a new start/tun capacitor, this is a low vost part and easy to replace, try running just the Fan Mode , what happens, how does it sound, 3 things in the a/c can cause this problem, bad capacitor, bad compressor, bad fan motor. 8
MrWizard 10/21/23 07:50am Tech Issues
RE: Take apart signal lite switch? - Hi beam on with right turn

For Non Functioning take it apart clean it up , This sounds like worn out allowing contacts for different functions that should not touch, to connect, Although it could be worn wires touching in the steering column harness
MrWizard 10/21/23 07:34am Tech Issues
RE: Take apart signal lite switch? - Hi beam on with right turn

For Non Functioning take it apart clean it up , This sounds like worn out allowing contacts for different functions that should not touch, to connect, Although it could be worn wires touching in the steering column harness
MrWizard 10/18/23 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Generator auto-start not working?

Congrats on having the Generator auto start for the a/c, I
MrWizard 10/04/23 04:42am Tech Issues
RE: 2009 Tiffin Phaeton Engine Rebuild

In 2012 a inplace rebuild of a Cummins 5.9L for our Safari DP was approximately $12000, all 6 cylinders were honed and new oversized pistons installed,all other parts and work as necessary, the work was performed at Arizona Diesel in , Flagstaff, 5 years later it cost us $15000 when Cummins in Ventura Calif replaced the turbo and repaired less damage, Yes everything has gone up in price, but your quotes seem outrageous , Try an independent shop DPs are great until the engine breaks, 7 years ago i switched , i went back to owning a Gasser
MrWizard 10/03/23 02:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator auto-start not working?

That is Normal a/c operation, and normal control operation, that is not auto generator start, i think you have miss understood the way it operates ,
MrWizard 10/02/23 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: refrigerator

Yes. I did just that for for 7yrs, won't hurt the 120v fridge
MrWizard 09/22/23 01:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Xfinity stream

"Using the dongle it uses your phones high speed data . The hotspot data I can guarantee you isn’t really unlimited and you’ll be cut off very quickly." Is a Blanket statement that is not supported without knowledge of his service plan The amount of phone data available is dependent upon his mobile phone service provider, The app is on his phone Not his TV , so TV hotspot WiFi connection is not an option its hdmi cable or mirror/casting
MrWizard 09/22/23 12:36am Technology Corner
RE: Xfinity stream

Back in 2013 i was connecting my Motorola Zoom tablets to the tv using a hdmi adapter cable, But now i " Mirror" the phone or tablet to Firestick connected to my TV the play store had apps gor "casting". Or " mirroring" depends on the TV or streaming device you have
MrWizard 09/18/23 06:53am Technology Corner
RE: Propane Refills

Tanks marked in gallons of water capacity, meaning total enclosed volume, Not the propane full volume, full volume is 80% of water capacity,, that's the law, Butane is also an LP Gas , in warmer climates the propane you buy will contain some butane, its lighter in weight per gallon than propane and doesn't vaporize at the same temperature as ,propane, so what your bottle weights when full is dependent on location and climate , the lp you are getting can vary
MrWizard 09/15/23 05:49pm Tech Issues
RE: wires to battery corroded through

The corrosion came from out gassing, flooded batteries on constant charge in hot weather are going to outgas, which is why you are adding water every month , its good you check them and fill them, you might consider a disconnect switch for the batteries, and let the power converter supply the trailer, once a month connect the batteries for 24 hours for Top Up, Keep the batteries in reserve for power outage situations, this will prevent corrosion and increase battery life , I like AGM batteries, they don't out gas under normal use, they are valve relieved, they will outgas if over charged or overheated,
MrWizard 09/15/23 05:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Best app for spam blocking

Android 12, on this phone has Google Call Screening, So when they're is a call from a number i don't recognize, i tap the screen call icon,
MrWizard 09/15/23 10:56am Technology Corner
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