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RE: Roof Opinions Please

Henry's is good stuff , I've used it on several RVs,
MrWizard 05/31/23 02:49am Tech Issues
RE: I know it's Spring , But this is interesting

Once mounted you will be ready for next fall
MrWizard 05/31/23 02:36am Tech Issues
RE: Motorhomes with 19.5 vs 22.5 tires

My 1995 34ft Safari DP, had 22.5 tires at $400 per tire, My current RV 1997 gasser Bounder Ford F53 Chassis 16" tires, $150 per tire, the the Safari ride and Bounder ride are different , not so much in the " seat of the pants feel" but in body lean braking dip, wind stability, Its Not bad, just different i have no complaints with this Ford chassis, but the tires do wear out sooner, None are going to ride and handle like a car, the best handle like a bus, the worst like a worn out truck, Bigger tires means the vehicle has more weight per tire on the road a heavier Chassis and a stiffer suspension, less roll & lean than the same RV house, on a smaller tire lighter chassis
MrWizard 05/29/23 10:18pm Class A Motorhomes
I know it's Spring , But this is interesting

This might prove useful to some of you, a fan that will attach to the top of your Buddy Heater to better circulate warm air, no Batteries needed, it works by using heat to create the power needed, it has a "Thermal Electric Generation" device in its base, its the reverse of the solid state DC cooling devices Used in 12v fridges and coolers, That's what thermal couples do, use heat to create power to open a gas valve, This makes enough electrical power to drive 2 fans. Fan for Heater or Fireplace I was researching Stirling Engine Devices when i came across this
MrWizard 05/27/23 09:25am Tech Issues
RE: Generac shutdown issues, help!

"Also, what did punctuation ever do to you to deserve that kind of butchery? Still appreciate the input, but that was hard to read! Haha" There is punctuation, I just did not space each statement into paragraphs, Usually i do add more spacing, but i was tired and just made one big long paragraph out of it. Yes it could have been neater and easier to read.
MrWizard 05/27/23 09:12am Tech Issues
RE: Should be simple WiFi question, but???

On My T-Mobile Home internet Gateway, I have two SSID one for the 2.4gh band and one for the 5gh band, Administration options allow naming, band choosing, channel, even setting the power level of each band, I'm no router expert, but I think this is a pretty common feature these days
MrWizard 05/25/23 06:49am Technology Corner
RE: Generac shutdown issues, help!

The fans are wrong, blow cool air in low, remove heat up high, you are pulling the cooling air flow down under the generator and out, trapping Heat inside, also the exhaust going down is just going to rise, some of it will even get pulled back into the covering box, optimal airflow is not being met with your current design, the carburetor might be too warm, causing a vapor lock, or the generator Head getting to hot and causing the engine shut down, sound reducing boxes can work when the correct design is implemented, sound mat is a good material , foam is not, egg crate or pin cushion foam reduces air flow and holds heat, many food vendors use inverter style generators on their trailers instead of open frame generators, inverter style are enclosed are quieter when running at lessor loads, if Honda or Yamaha is outside of your budget , champion and harbor freight have inverter models that are less expensive, you obviously need electrical power so it might be wise to look into replacing the generator , if not feasible, then redesign your box put the air intake in the bottom of the box with a fan blowing in, put exhaust fans on each end of the box , this will remove more heat than a single exhaust fan mounted too low trying to pull air thru and around the generator
MrWizard 05/25/23 12:59am Tech Issues
RE: No DC Power after shutting down generator

Finding the problem is good news, 20 amps sounds small for all the DC power in the coach,
MrWizard 05/21/23 08:26pm Tech Issues
RE: No DC Power after shutting down generator

What is the voltage at the batteries, does your system have a low voltage cutout between the battery and the control box? Unusual but possible, what is between converter which is using shore power and working, and your batteries, both sources of 12v power should be connected to the control center, there is a break in the circuit some place, like possibly the battery disconnect relay, these latch in position wether on or off, it's in the off position either its stuck, or the on off switch is not supplying the on signal, that relay Should be in the control center, if it's not, you need to find it
MrWizard 05/21/23 03:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Fuel pump

Around $200 maybe more just for the pump, Labor to drop the gas tank replace pump then bolt tank inplace approximately $400 And I'm probably low ball It's likely closer to $1000
MrWizard 05/21/23 02:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oiled my box fan and it broke...

As long as Chucky does not come to visit
MrWizard 05/21/23 02:21am Tech Issues
RE: No DC Power after shutting down generator

Since the inverter works,, the BMS and Battle Born Li Batteries are good, But not fully charged, i suspect there is a Tripped DC breaker in in the battery control center of your coach, this is a box between your batteries and house DC fuse panel, it has relays fuses and DC circuit breakers, it should be labeled, but it could be anywhere inside or outside
MrWizard 05/21/23 02:17am Tech Issues
RE: Cummins Onan LP 25 won't start...

Nice to hear, nice to get the feedback on the situation
MrWizard 05/14/23 08:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Cummins Onan LP 25 won't start...

"There is no vacuum being pulled into the bottom of the mixer when the engine is cranking -- required for the LP regulator diaphragm to open the inlet valve." Can you attach a manual Vacuum pump to that inlet and use it to operate the regulator diaphragm, maybe get lp to engine
MrWizard 05/14/23 03:36pm Tech Issues
RE: What is this switch?

Turn the switch,, then find out what is no longer working
MrWizard 05/11/23 07:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gen shuts off unless “Start” held down

Yes it is possible to have dirty slip rings on the FEILD ARMATURE (Not Stator he has the terms reversed) ,I used too have a burnishing tool that I used too clean the commutators or slip rings on motors, when servicing machinery, And some times after setting for long periods unused the brushes stick in the holder and do not make good contact with the slip rings , then there is no power being applied to the armature field windings, feild voltage is in the 24v to 30v range to produce 120v in the output stator windings, To damage the stator windings takes extended overload on the generator (usually during hot weather) that heats up the generator without drawing over load current that trips the breakers on the generator, that or a sudden massive overload like a dead short, or a crossed circuit with shore power, failed stators without this kind of crisis are very rare, Stuck brushes, dirty slip rings, or loss of armature magnetism are 2,3,4 causes after #1 failed control board, With Onan gensets if there is no 120v output the control board will not stay in run mode, On occasion i have run into the situation where the armature has lost its residual magnetism (needed to start the process) and the generator needs to have this restored, i did this using a corded 120v electric drill, The procedure is simple Turn off all circuit breakers except for one that is for the outside or compartment duplex outlets Turn on circuit breaker for external outside or compartment duplex outlet, make sure there is nothing else plugged into that circuit , plug in the drill (there is no power, it will not run) , Now hold the drills on switch on , use your other hand to spin the drill manually do this for several minutes non stop Explanation The drill is a permanent magnet motor, it will act like a DC generator, Turning it by hand will output a low voltage DC current back thru the power cord and into the generator windings, sometimes this is enough apply a small magnet field allowing the genset to start producing power and eliminating the need to replace the armature which is the field windings, So after spinning the drills motor several minutes, unplug the drill set it aside , and try starting the generator, Unless i have my memories crossed , Maybe it should be noted That in an AC generator such as this the field windings are in the armature which is turning (this can sometimes corrode) The output Stator windings are the fixed windings around the the inside of generator head/housing, " they do not corrode " In an electric induction motor, these 2 items are reversed the feild windings used to induce the armature to turn, the feild windings are the fixed ones and power is applied, the rotating magnetic field in housing fixed windings, causes the armature to turn and chase/follow the moving feild Good luck Clean the slip rings, check brush movent and contact , you can check b armature winding using a multimeter on ohms setting, test at the brushes and at the slip rings if possible, and infinite high reading is a problem , a low ohms continuity reading is good, With generator running or held in start to stay running, you can check for feild voltage at the brush holders, DC volts between 20 to 30, No feild voltage means bad control board, proper voltage but no 120v output means no brush contact, or bad armature feild windings, Or last case least likely damaged open output "stator" windings, Nomeclacture: Armature the part that turns Stator the part that dies not turn Feild windings In a motor that is the stator In a generator that is the armature The feild can be stator or armature depending on if the device is a motor or a generator, With a motor the feild is used to induce the turning off the armature shaft, With a generator the turning of feild armature by a mechanical force, gas engine thus rotating the magnetic field, Is used to create voltage in the fixed stator output winding, In the typical electric drill with brushes and a "Commutator" the armature is energized with the power needed to attract the winding segments toward the magnets, making the armature turn, it works differently than your box fan induction motor which is the inverse of your generator, a Commutator is more complicated and troublesome than your box fan induction motor, but the drill uses this design because it produces more torque than a simple induction motor, and the drill needs this torque, I hope i have not confused the issue. But i do believe your son's friend used the wrong term when he said failed stator, I'm sure he meant failed feild armature, but from what you posted , i don't think that is the the case,
MrWizard 05/11/23 06:38am Tech Issues
RE: T-Mobile Gripes

My last upgrade renewal was in r July 2012, Verizon and Ramona got the new phone on her line, 16 months ago, i ported my number to Visible dropped the second line, and I'm paying $25 month for my phone on Visible, a year ago i got the T-Mobile home internet gateway unlimited data 4g 5g service $50 month, and I'm very happy with both, the Verizon phones were costing me over $140 month, att internet was $39 month, now i pay $75 month total
MrWizard 05/09/23 04:36am Technology Corner
RE: telcom battery bank

Good news indeed, is the second pair a higher capacity rating than the first pair, 550 to 350 is a big difference, if all 4 are the same rating and same age, then the first pair is not in the same condition as the second pair, but not a total loss
MrWizard 05/09/23 04:19am Tech Issues
RE: Older Class A Electrical

The Todd has 2 contactors/relays with mechanical interlocks, once either shore or generator power is hot the other input cannot be engaged, there was one in my Safari DP, i always thought of it as a quality product, I make it a point to switch off high draw loads like the A/C before switching between shore generator or inverter, i will run the MW from inverter but not the A/C I recently replaced my Failed addon ats which was a Southwire 30amp RV ats, when it failed i replaced it with this one from Amazon 2 pole 120v 63amp While not advertised for RVs, there is no enclosure box, I'm very happy with it , Yes there is a 240v model available , Main power input is default aux power input is for generator or inverter , main power is dominate and will overide and automatically switch back when shore power returns ( if the Manual - Automatic Rocker is set to Automatic.), it is motor driven and break before make the two input sources never come in contact, It also has Manual Mode Operation, there is Rocker switch to choose automatic or manual mode, put the rocker on manual and turn the big Blue Handle to the power option you want, great if shore power is being intermittent during or after a storm, set to manual switched to aux input using inverter it will stay there and not switch back and forth because of shore power blips ,
MrWizard 05/05/23 02:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Ceiling surface balooning when rear A/C has run a while

Amazon has those camera look up endoscope camera, plumbers camera, i bought one last year that connects too my android smart phone, Amazon also had the standalone models that mechanics and plumbers use, i got mine when i had water heater problems, it was the check valve on the back of a nearly inaccessible installation
MrWizard 05/05/23 02:03am Class A Motorhomes
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