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RE: Drain the bowl save the Honda

The fuel bowl drain is a feature Honda bikes, outboards and power equipment have all had for more than the last 50 year that I know of for certain. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 09/18/23 10:01am Tech Issues
RE: What to do when you are not camping for awhile

Camp, I live a little west of you just off on I-94, and we have had the same small A for 18 years. I am an "engine guy" and have also done a lot of boat work for others (and Money). As far as the engines go, fill the fuel after the last excursion of the year. This is to limit the air space in the tanks that will both lessen the evaporation of the lighter parts of the fuel and limit the tank's "breathing" that brings in moisture. If you might be laying her up for longer than an SE MI winter, learn how to "Fog" the engines to prevent internal corrosion. Once done, LEAVE THEN ALONE. This is not really all that important if she is just to be quiet from October to February. The humidity here gets real low. Boats usually have to sit through April. If you do not know all about winterizing the potable water and waste plumbing. Best learn that now. There are two ways to do it. Blow the water out with compressed air or buy lots of Red Pop and fill the system with that. The water heater is a chronic issue, but it can be managed too. I like the air method because I only have to buy about a gallon a year and that is cheap at Menards. If the water heater doesn't have a by pass, consider installing one. Lastly, the people that say to "exercise" the generator are the same people that sell parts. Best thing for that is to fog it and then drain the fuel out of the carburetor. Many small carburetors have a screw at the bottom for just this purpose. If it does not, clamp off the fuel line and run it until it stops. The varnish in the windings has been moisture proof since WWII. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 09/18/23 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wifi a long way away from RV site.

In the time before tethering from a phone worked well, I used the Alfa network adapters. Usually purchased from Ebay suppliers. Not only do these run a transmit power that is multiple of what ever, but the receiver sides are equally as good and I have some high gain antennas that can be aimed at the source. I still use them sometimes if I get in a position that I don't want to burn phone data. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 09/04/23 09:20am Technology Corner
RE: Go around northeast Ohio

If retained by an Ohio LEO, you have to arrange to pay the costs and fines before you and you credentials are released. So, Drive Slowly, Stop too soon and avoid the rest of Ohio. Works for us. The other answer if you can do it is to buy fuel at the bridge. Drive across Canada (they aren't sneaky) and cross the other bridge. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 08/30/23 08:44am Roads and Routes
RE: Go around northeast Ohio

While Haste is close, Ohio is still a problem. In spite of what they do say, they have always targeted out of state plates. Years back, I had a Ohio trooper tailgate me (I mean like read the hood ornament tailgate). I just kept slowing down. He finally hit the lights and I pulled over. In very sarcastic tone he asked what I was doing. I told him that I thought my speedometer was bad and he was going to pop me for speeding if I didn't slow down. So, when in Ohio, we cruise at Speed Limit ~ -1 or 2. The people behind us get all POd and I don't care. They picked it. If you think a traffic light might have a camera, panic stop a length short of the stop line. Again, this upsets the natives. I would like to say I am sorry, but I am not good at lying. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 08/10/23 06:13pm Roads and Routes
RE: Camping Recommendations For Yellowstone

Dave, Time to get out your fuel logs and a spreadsheet. When we were last in Yellowstone (fall of 2014), I really did not want to pay the tariff for a camping place in the park. Both ring roads were partially closed. Being an east coast person, I had no concept of how large YNP truly is. We don't have a towed. We do carry a pair of bicycles (for reference, bicycles are about useless in YNP), so we would have to drive our small Class A every where (at about 9MPG). The fuel cost to get into the park (not counting the lost time) about made up for the price of a space at Fishing Bridge (the most central place in the park). Fuel in the park is really expensive, but we fueled before entering and only had to buy more (because I am paranoid) once in the four full days we were in the park. If I get the time (and money) to ever go back, we will plan at least eight days. This time I was hampered by a leg problem that has since been repaired. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 08/01/23 02:32pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Power Gear leveler hoses

Brian, That price is real high unless the hoses are really long. Without the length, one can only guess. If you can locate a local Areoquip dealer, he can sell you both proper hose and reusable fittings that you can assemble yourself. And, If you buy those and hose goes bad again, all you will need is the rubber hose by the correct number. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 08/01/23 01:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Onan 5500 Generator in Holiday Rambler 1998 Endeavor

You need to make some friends at a local small engine shop. Onan engines are all over the place and they will probably have seen this before. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 07/28/23 06:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: It wouldn't go anymore

What all of this told me is that FerndaleFlyer knows his coach better than most. So many would have had to wait for a tow to take them to a shop that would not be able to do anything before Monday. Good Show FF Matt_C
Matt_Colie 07/26/23 04:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Onan Generator

I do not agree with Onan. I never have, but I have only been taking care of other people's (usually very expensive) engines since 1960. If you take care to drain (or at least run the) carburetor dry, that is most of the issue. I have never seen significant internal corrosion on engines that were merely "bottled" up when shut down. This was all on tidal water (salt). If you are worried, learn to "fog" the engine. (This means introduce a cloud of oil as you shut it down.) If you think you need to warm the windings, the varnish that needed that was replaced before the second world war. Keep in mind that the people that want you to run the engine regularly are also the ones that will want to sell you parts that got thermal cycled to death. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 07/16/23 05:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Utica to Watertown New York

Kountry, We used to travel that area often, but the number of relatives there has deceased. Not only will NY-12 be shorter, but look up the fare for that section of NYTW. My bet would be that the drive time would be about the same but a much more pleasant excursion.... Matt - a refugee from the megopolis.
Matt_Colie 07/04/23 08:54am Roads and Routes
RE: Cell repeater suggestions?

I used to work out of my coach as a daily basis. Over some years and upgrades, I was a Wilson Fan. (I still have the antenna on the left mirror.) In complete honestly and given the situation today, if it is deductible, go with Starband. Yes, it is more, but it is more of everything. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 06/25/23 02:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Our next themed roadtrips

You are not going to stop at the someday birthplace of James T Kirk in Riverside Iowa?? Matt_C
Matt_Colie 06/22/23 10:58am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Is the Canadian App still needed for border crossing

Carters, Last I heard, the Arrive Can app was no longer essential, but it was recommended. It is not that tough a thing to master and it is free. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 06/16/23 09:27am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Charging batteries with a small generator

Swimmer, You have a wonderful collection of inadequate information for your responses. First problem: Lead Acid Flooded batteries can be charged to about 90% State of Charge (SOC) in a couple of hours depending on the battery temperature. That last 10% takes most of five hours and can't happen faster without the heat damaging the battery. Second problem: That 1000w generator is about 60 amps at 13.5V (for a 12V system). Your electric refrigeration is probably about 120W (about 10 amps) on a duty cycle that is related to temperature and use. So, it will suffice and larger generator won't get you any advantage. Third problem: Will you be able to run the generator all the time you need where you are going? Many places have quiet hours. My guess based on my experience is that if you run the generator at least 12 hours a day, you should be able to survive. You gave us no clue what the reefer is or what your house bank is, and it does not make a huge difference. If you know more, come back and we can probably get you a better answer.
Matt_Colie 06/04/23 07:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Detroit road conditions

Thanks for the input. Running the I94 through Detroit to the I275 was easy peasy. But holy cow that last 10 miles of south bound I75 before the Ohio border is horrible. I think that they keep it that way to try to convince people from visiting Michigan. It is a real jolt when we come home from being south and just after the "Welcome to Michigan" the highway turns to ****. Been that way for the last three administrations. I have written to each to complain. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 06/04/23 08:57am Roads and Routes
RE: garmin 1090 goes to sleep

I hate DC mouse holes. They are a terrible power connection. A client had one that drove him crazy. I came along with my mouse hole stretcher that includes a voltage display. We both watched as it periodically blinked 00.00 and then snapped back. It was actually a bad connection in the shell assembly but I got it..... Matt_C
Matt_Colie 06/03/23 06:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Almost disaster

I hate working on cars, tractors and other greasy things. But, I do all the work on any of mine that need anything for just this reason. At times I have hired a tradesman to do things, I always tell them to do the job as if they were doing for themselves, and if this involves extra cost, tell me because I will probably want to buy it. So, then after the job is long done and I have to go and repair it again, I still find out that this guy cheaped on a part and that is why it needs attention - AGAIN!! Matt_C
Matt_Colie 05/29/23 08:10am Class A Motorhomes
RE: House Battery charging

K7acz, If you come back with the make-model some one might tell you to keep or pitch it. Nobody can answer your question without knowing the make and model of you current converter. I can tell that the coach is old enough that I may not be a very good one and it maybe be worth your while to change it out for a new multi-stage number. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 05/28/23 08:40am Class C Motorhomes
RE: No power to inverter

Sumrx4, Thank you for closing this item out. Matt_C
Matt_Colie 05/27/23 07:25am Tech Issues
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