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RE: Shore Power Plug was wired backwards

you could have just reversed them where they attached to the power center instead of replacing the plug. I'm not a fan of telling strangers how to do electrical work, but why would you want to have any part of system mis-wired? Fix it where the mistake was made, don't compound the problem
JRscooby 09/19/23 08:18am Travel Trailers
RE: Shore Power Plug was wired backwards

As campground host in a state park, all I was allowed to do when camper complained about electricity was plug in a tester. Mostly it was "See, the pole is right" but sometimes call maintenance, see how long before repair could be made. The most common complaint was GFI on camper would trip. I would offer to let camper owner plug my tester into outlet that was not GFI protected. Most times would indicate mis-wiring someplace between pole and outlet.
JRscooby 09/19/23 04:35am Travel Trailers
RE: What to do when warranty won’t help

As it stands now, dealer has money and camper. Maybe show up to dealer every day, and standing where any potential buyers can hear ask how much longer it will be? If stealer sees money walk out the door, might make more effort to solve the issue. Or you can bite the bullet, hire somebody to do the repair.
JRscooby 09/15/23 02:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: How much anti-freeze?

I never trusted published tables when changing coolant. Measure (eyeball) what drains. If I'm sure will take over 2 gallons, pour in 1 each antifreeze and water. Repeat until not sure will take 2 gallons. Then mix in jug, and always keep some mixed, ready to top off on hand
JRscooby 09/14/23 04:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: electric RV appliances

You don't BBQ every day when you full time RV. :) But I bet the average full-timer BBQs a higher percentage of days than the percentage of RVs used full time. And from what I have seen, most full-timers spend nearly every night on full-hookup site Looks like most RVs are used buy people that go out for weekend, and maybe couple weeks a year. All electric, with enough battery to last couple nights would work good for this. No surprise building for most. Add solar, work for more. If that plan doesn't work for you, might keep what you got.
JRscooby 09/11/23 04:38am General RVing Issues
RE: electric RV appliances

Over the years I have been eliminating propane from our camper. Nothing political about it, just why haul what don't use? 20 lb tank, use 3-4 lbs a year, camping 1 weekend a month? First to go was stove. Camping, I prefer to cook fire and charcoal. (real hot days this summer, 3AM, Dutch Oven in back yard fixing supper. Use microwave to reheat) Burn bans have forced me to pack electric skillet and crock pot. Still carry Coleman lantern, good for light and heat. Fridge runs on 12V traveling, and 120 campground. I have rigged it up so if we are going to stop for very long I can level camper, screw on 1 lb bottle and light it.
JRscooby 09/09/23 02:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: AC leaking when running combined with heavy rain

Thanks for all the replies, sorry it took so long to get back. It was the mounting bolts that got loose so really appreciate the feedback. I will indeed put on some thread lock. Keep in mind, the bolts likely loosened because the gasket compressed over time. In other words you’ll likely need to do it again some point down the road. I wouldn’t put thread locker on the bolts because they aren’t actually backing out, rather the gasket compressed. Thread locker will make it more likely for the bolt to break next time the gasket compresses. If you think the bolts are backing out, pull 1 at a time, put rubber washer on them. BTW, would AC running or not change the path for water under the gasket?
JRscooby 09/07/23 08:42am Travel Trailers

Reality is if you are going to keep the coach, probably a good idea to replace them. Going to sell in the next year or so-- no. A third option is to carry a spare front and rear and wait for a failure (probably on the side of the road). I have had bags last over 10 years on dump trucks, and end-dumps. Much more severe duty than MH likely to get. When the guy that bought my '95 Pete dismantled it to build the Western Star kit he replaced the bags. 2 out of 4 where original. Over 3 million miles, and a lot of them running 95 PSI to carry the load.
JRscooby 09/03/23 03:54pm Class A Motorhomes

Why pay a shop to hunt for leaks? No need to be in a hurry, just spray soapy water on all lines and such. If you suspect bags, start there.
JRscooby 09/03/23 12:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are you supposed to tow 4 down with the steering unlocked

Never did a toad, but pulled some spread tandem trailers. On any curve, axles walk out of line. A corner, at least 1 axle slides sideways. Now if there was some way to allow the front axle wheels to follow the truck looks like would be less stress on both vehicles.
JRscooby 09/02/23 08:49am Towing
RE: Load range E--ST Tire

Not sure how I put this in Class A motor homes? My first post. Appreciate all the info. To modify my question (my travel trailer is 6000lbs dry. With added cargo 2000lbs it has max weight 8000lbs) my tires are ST225/75R15 load range E speed rating 75mph. Load 2830lbs single/2470lbs dual. If I put 70-80 psi in my tires and average 60mph am I good to go 1000 miles? Why would you want to run less than the Max pressure on a trailer tire? Do you want more sidewall flex creating heat? That heat is what causes most tires to blow.
JRscooby 09/01/23 04:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Load range E--ST Tire

Because the tires are ST are they safe to use with 80psi and an average speed of 60mph? Everybody has opinions but I would like to know if anybody has the same tires with good results? Let me see if I can stand under what you are asking; The people that designed the tire have it labeled for 80 PSI max pressure, right? And you are asking random folks on the net if the tire will stand 80 PSI? The fact is it will not only stand the 80, but will not stand the maximum load unless it has 80 in it. You need to weigh your rig to be sure the tires have the weight rating to handle the load. As for speed, the sidewall will be labeled with maximum speed. your average speed will be less than that.
JRscooby 08/31/23 06:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Proper Power Receptacle For Home?

When I was running the outlet for Dads 30 Amp trailer, I buried wire needed to carry 50 Amp. On the post I wired 30 Amp outlet for camper, and on same leg, 20 Amp breaker, feeding duplex outlet. When changed to 50 Amp, just had to change plug, and breakers.
JRscooby 08/27/23 05:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Question about black tank connection

Not real sure I would use the superglue. To seal, O-rings need to stay flexible. For years, on many applications I have used grease to hold O-rings in place for assembly. This place I would use Vaseline or some such.
JRscooby 08/27/23 05:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Really Dusty Roads? Would this be viable in the US?

I can see where you can keep the interior dust down if you install a vent that sucks in filtered air from the exterior. Without a filter you're just sucking in dust. From their website it appears the Gusto uses filtered air to pressurize the interior so I can see a benefit. At $2,250 AUD (approx $1,450 USD) I would be rather go buy an air filter housing from a wrecked vehicle at the junk yard. Then add a fan and some ducting to the outside and you have a poor mans Gusto for a whole lot cheaper. Even more cost effective, and probably easier to make look better than the south end of north bound goat would be build air box to fit household furnace filter.
JRscooby 08/23/23 03:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Axle Alignment Shop in Buffalo NY area

If anything is out of alignment tire wear will tell the story. There are other methods without getting your bank account raided. Something to think about is once a tire starts to wear funky, even if you fix what caused the wear, tire keeps wearing funky, and faster than should. Likely not a issue for most RVs, but if you use it a lot should be aware. This is not to say don't look for wear. That should be done for every vehicle. Measure the distance between the tires. Should be very very close to the same. Take a board across both tires at axle height. It should be touching each sidewall front and back. Loop a line around the kingpin and take it to center under each U bolt. Should be the same left and right. You Tube is your friend. Look up instructions for installing the Correct Track system. Any/all of these work if, and only if trailer has been pulled straight, and is on level surface. Axles work some side to side on curves and leans. If you can get the level surface, long enough to pull straight, sprinkle heavy layer of floor in front of tires. Pull, stop so can look at tracks behind each tire for sign of side force.
JRscooby 08/20/23 06:32am General RVing Issues
RE: RV Axle Alignment Shop in Buffalo NY area

Funny story, few years ago, my wife is visiting her parents, who to this day still do not seem to have dementia and are fairly technologically saavy for late Silent Gen/Early Boomer age folks. She goes to the grocery store w/her dad and after the groceries are scanned, he hands the cashier (green hair, piercings, tats, you know definitely VERY trustworthy looking, lol) a blank check to fill out for the total…..still totally inexplicable to this day…and his only reasoning is they offer that “service” to their customers…. Yes they live in a blue hair town in Nevada, of all places. Moved there so they could be close to Vegas….lol. The fact that you would declare the store clerk untrustworthy because of hair color, tats and piercings tells me more about you than the clerk. (I has ear pierced in teens, got my tats on leave. My hair was never green, but most of life it was longer than acceptable to my elders). But as to filling out check; I don't use, but many places have printer hooked to register. Clerk pushes some buttons feeds check thru for date and total to be printed. Trust is not in clerk, but in the business.
JRscooby 08/20/23 06:13am General RVing Issues
RE: When you accidently turn your Truck Camper Fridge off

I think the OP is really wanting advise on how to get smell out of fridge. Back in the day, if a meat rail trailer was going to set we would scatter coffee on the floor. We missed a package of sausage in our fridge for a month. Scrubbed repeatedly, then stored with charcoal inside. I don't know the smell is gone, but load up to go home, we clean the fridge and put the bag of charcoal inside
JRscooby 08/16/23 04:29am Truck Campers
RE: Recall notice announced fyi

OMFG! How absolutely stupid do you have to be? Lyle Are ends of axles labeled left/right? Is the guy looking from front or rear? I don't know why, but many people have issues getting idea between ears that a vehicle should have it's own left. It has a front, why not right? I think if tires are not wearing to indicate a alignment problem I would try to sell bearing service, and swap backing plates side to side, get paid to do less work
JRscooby 08/15/23 04:31am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Exploring the U.S. coast

Coast line from Maine to Washington? You mean Washington, DC? Not much coast East to West. I think it would involve sailing away from US waters, south than thru that ditch, then back North. Of course if retirement is few years off, might go around Canada instead.
JRscooby 08/14/23 01:57pm General RVing Issues
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