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RE: Tires- LT or ST

You can believe the marketing propaganda if you wish. I believe in the testing standards.The standards are much tougher for LTs...That is just a fact. It is also WHY it is prfectly legal to use LTs on a trailer....And why it is illegal to use an ST on an automobile....In fact it is so illeagal that it MUST state this on an ST tires sidewall.
Huntindog 09/03/23 05:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires- LT or ST

You need 3" clearance from the top of the tire to the wheelwell. If needed a small lift block can be used. I needed a 1" block on one of the TTs. cheap and easy to do. As far as limiting the payback, you seem to be conceeding that STs do fail more often. This is good. Recognizing a problem is halfway there to a solution. But financial payback is just a small part of it. Not having to deal with a torn up TT, and ruined trips are other forms of payback. How do you put a value on these? And finally IMO, (and the GOVT.testing standards,) there is no such thing as a quality ST tire. They certainly are tested to lower standards and thats a fact. Not opinion. Another fun fact:It is illegal to put ST tires on automobiles, But perfectly legal to put LTs on trailers.There are reasons for this.(hint; lower testing standards for STs). Take a look at all the choices available for 16" LT tires. Most if not all brands have several price points and quality points to choose from. IE: Good, Better,Best. In ST tires each brand has ONE offering.
Huntindog 09/01/23 07:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Tires- LT or ST

Pretty simple. You did not take your own advice when changing the tires on your truck to something different than stock.....There was no need to "reinvent the wheel" as you said. Even though going to larger tires and a lift on a TV makes it LESS capable as a TV, you still chose to do it. OTOH. There are no downsides to going to 16"rims on a trailer other than up front cost. A single blowout can make that cost look cheap. It's a free country, one can do whatever they want with their money...I am just pointing out the inconsistencies of your logic.
Huntindog 09/01/23 04:31am Travel Trailers
RE: 2024 Chevy HD DRW and SRW Fuel Economy Test

I am always asked what MPGs does my dually get. I tell them I don't really know. I did not buy it for economy. I bought it to do a job. Tow my Momentum. whatever it takes in fuel to do it is what it takes. The follow up qustion is usually:"Well what does it get not towing? I tell them, I don't know, as that doesn't happen often enough to track it.
Huntindog 08/30/23 06:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tires- LT or ST

^Bingo. Something lost on the “LT tires only” crowd. But as I mentioned above, there are a couple 15” LRE tires out there. May have to upsize to a 235. However there is a virtual plethora of good heavy duty 15” ST tires available. AND not horribly expensive to boot. And universally available. No sense in trying to reinvent the wheel. Literally or figuratively.Nothing is "lost" Changing rim sizes sizes is commonly done in order to run better tires. For some reason, the anti LT tire crowd insists that one MUST use the factory sizes. How do you like the 37"s on your TV?
Huntindog 08/29/23 04:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

I put 126K on my 2011 without touching the brakes. 95K on my 2011 (sold it early to avoid CP4 problems). My dealer has mentioned that they miss the brake job revenue they used to make. Bottom line: brakes just are not a problem on these trucks Ok, 126K. That's a longshot off from 260K LOL, and don't believe what your dealer says as he was probably flipping burgers last week at Micky D's LOL.My milage was not that high, but the pads had a LOT of life left. I believe they can go that far.
Huntindog 08/21/23 01:33am Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

2001 was the first year for GM upgraded brakes in the 2500/3500 class. I put 126K on my 2011 without touching the brakes. 95K on my 2011 (sold it early to avoid CP4 problems). Only about 13K on my 2020 so far. But as massive as those brakes are they will likely be the best yet. My dealer has mentioned that they miss the brake job revenue they used to make. Bottom line: brakes just are not a problem on these trucks
Huntindog 08/20/23 05:37am Tow Vehicles
RE: Carbon ceramic pads question

I was a memeber of a sprint car race team 25 years ago. I have seen a lot of drilled/slotted rotors glowing cherry red. after such a race, everything got replaced.
Huntindog 08/17/23 02:44am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to Stabilize Pedestal Table Legs in Trailer w Soft Floor

Hi, The floor under the table in my 2003 Starcraft hybrid is a little soft, causing the pedestal legs of the table to make the table wobble a bit. Wondering what these leg bases are screwed into? How can I reinforce the floor under the table and make the table legs stable again? Would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks!Put some regular legs on it
Huntindog 08/16/23 06:46pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Time to Part with Loved Travel Trailer

I sold a truck that way once. It did not have AC, which is a hard sell in Phoenix AZ. I was to get 4200.00 from the sale. I dropped by shortly after they got it and was floored that they had it priced at 9500.00. They had a month to sell it. The day the contract was up, I went there to pick it up. And was told they sold it at the last minute. So what happened is they stuck a sky high price on it hoping to get a sucker. Since they had zero dollars invested in it, they could shoot for the moon...But on the last day, they got serious about selling it. I bet anyone that walked on the lot was shown that little truck,,, even those that wanted a car. But the bottom line, is it got sold with no effort on my part, and I got paid.
Huntindog 08/10/23 07:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Degrease TPO Roof

I know this has been beat to death but I can't find anything to help me. I want to seal my TPO roof with Eterna Bond tape but do not know what to use to safely degrease the roof. I'm in Canada, so names of products that are common in the United States mean nothing to me. Any help? Thanks.Eterna bond used to make a product just for that purpose. I used it on my previous TT, and it worked well. No idea if they still have it.
Huntindog 08/09/23 03:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is ForestRiver nuts or what? (Single axel Vibe)

V nose Vibe Google is your friend. I have seen those off and on over the years. They can get a little more interior room by using the toungue area. I do not think they ever sold many though.
Huntindog 08/08/23 04:45am Travel Trailers
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

I NEVER said it was overheated! FACT, transmission fluid lasts longer the cooler it's ran. Longer intervals on the change would be concerning to ME as I mentioned. Just my OPINION kids!!!My Dmax doesn't even have a tranny dipstick. It runs in the 160s. I like that. I bet a lot of Ford guys have temperture envy. That's why they are sensative about it.
Huntindog 08/07/23 05:21am Tow Vehicles
RE: Rocket exhaust from diesel regen

If you google it you will see a few owners have had issues with this but the majority of posters haven’t. I didn’t realize this could be a problem. Not a problem for me. And I am in Phoenix. We just set a record for high temps. All of July days were 110 or higher
Huntindog 08/05/23 06:17pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 F350 6.7 HO Towing 10k lb Review

Nice ford fanboi video. Yeah, completely objective with a whopping 5000 views so far. I’m sure it’s a nice truck but I’d love to see a real calculation of that grade. It doesn’t look like 6%. Couple other observations. He mentioned at the beginning of the video that the DTE changes when a trailer is hooked up. Anyone know how that is calculated? I can do it on my expedition and last time I did, DTE went up with it in the towing setting. That doesn’t make sense to me. On the transmission temps, is there anywhere published that shows what normal operating temps are? I know my ZF8HP runs above 200 solo. I saw 230* towing with my expedition in the rolling hills on I25 in Wyoming. I just don’t think that 224* that showed during the review is anything to worry about.With todays fluids, the seals will give up first. I don't like temps above 200 for sure,
Huntindog 08/05/23 06:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dodge 3500 towing heavy

Hi all I have an 05 dodge ram 3500 SRW with a 11.50 3.75 axle ratio I just bought a 05 keystone raptor toy hauler GVWR 15,500LB triple axle I have a 5th wheel hitch rating of 15,000 im curious to know what you think about if it will pull the camperA buddy of mine had that truck. I actually used it to tow once. I thought it was under powered. A couple of years later he discovered the problem. A previous owner had swapped the original 4.10 gears for a taller ratio for better empty MPGs. Dodges of that era were known to have weak trannys. So to get the max ratings, it had to have 4.10. My friend had his tranny rebuilt twice. Then took it in for regular service, and the mechanic noticed the gear swap. It was a totally different truck after the 4.10s were put back in it. If the tires have been upsized from stock....That would not be a good thing for towing. I cannot remember what the too tall gears were. If you tow that trailer with it, have a few bucks set aside for tranny repairs.
Huntindog 08/04/23 07:07pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2023 Power Stroke vs 2023 Ram Cummins Towing Challenge

North bound I-5 coming into OR I drop into 3rd and it holds easily 50-55mph using cruise set a few mph lower than desired speed. I do apply the brakes on the 50mph curves. Brakes are cold and drops speed fast.Decending from Jacob Lake towards Page and Flagstaff has some 30 MPH switchbacks. One really scary one with no guardrail. A mistake there and you will scream a long time before you die. I do this at least twice a year using only the exhaust brake. I select the gear I want manually. Because I have eyes and can see the curves approaching. I am pretty heavy as well. Easily over 30K
Huntindog 08/02/23 07:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Creak when reversing the fifth wheel

Just to clarify, you can't get too much grease into the axle to blow past the rear seal using the EZ-Lube system and a hand powered grease gun. Excess grease will exit the axle past the grease zerk. If grease gets past the seal, it's a bad seal. The problem is, using the EZ Lube is akin to working blindfolded. One cannot tell if a seal has failed until the damage is done.
Huntindog 07/27/23 04:43pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2023 Power Stroke vs 2023 Ram Cummins Towing Challenge

It's just that he basically was bad mouthing something he should not have. "Bad transmission it needs more gears", it has gears he could have used them. Someday the Ram will have more gears as well. Then these conversations will be moot. My 2001 Dmax had a 5 speed, the 2011 a 6 speed. and the 2020 a 10 speed. Each tranny performed better than it's predessor. You will agree once you have one
Huntindog 07/26/23 06:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Removing cabinets

Large items and cabinents are usually installed before the walls. that way nothing is in the way.
Huntindog 07/25/23 05:57am Travel Trailers
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