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RE: Side by side towing

Y’all are still sharing fine old memories and bickering about something that don’t matter and unlikely to see the OP back to talk about their idea anyways
Grit dog 10/26/23 06:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Robot Tolls - At My Limit!

It’s a toll. Consider it a cheap lesson. I never let a vehicle go with my tags on it. That’s like giving someone you don’t know carte Blanche to do whatever, lol. Hell, I’ll run around on someone else’s tags for however long if they’re silly enough to leave them on. Pretty sure someone in Vancouver has been getting toll bills from my kid since August. lol. Yes I do insure the vehicle in due time though. Reminds me I need to transfer title and get tags for his commuter-mobile soon. I think the prev owners tabs expire in November!
Grit dog 10/25/23 06:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Robot Tolls - At My Limit!

It's not just Maryland they are all crooks, I paid to get on a toll road in Maine this summer, went one exit (about 3 miles) to a service plaza for food, and had to pay another toll to get back on the same toll road. I just got one from September for a truck I traded into a dealership in July and I was told that I am liable for it. How's that for a scam? That’s not possible unless you left the license plates on it?
Grit dog 10/25/23 02:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Prestone all-vehicle coolant

So that makes you a "hold me beer" type? Really, I don't understand what you think is so avant-garde, daring, revolutionary, or rebellious about what you did. It's "ALL VEHICLE" coolant. They couldn't market and sell it as such if it didn't work with ALL coolants. Bottle doesn't say "All but Dexcool" it says "ALL," period. Should say right on the jug in the fine print what it's compatible with. For sure for legal CYA purposes it would CLEARLY say what it's NOT compatible with. If it doesn't say "Not for use with Dexcool" on the jug, you use it, and it damages your engine, they owe you an engine and there is no court of law on in the United States that would rule otherwise. Don't know what back country hillbilly Walmart you went into, but my back country hillbilly Walmart carried Dexcool and all the other "special" coolants as recently as last July. In other words, you don’t have experience mixing it, correct? No, but I wouldn't have any qualms about using it if I needed to. Since the "right" coolants for all my vehicles are readily available where I live, I have a good supply of the "right" coolants for all my vehicles, AND I rarely need to add any coolant, it's a non issue. I also would not feel the need to go on an online form and thump my chest because I did it and the world didn't instantly come to an end. As someone who almost exclusively does all the work to my vehicles and toys, and those vehicles range from newish to 50 years old, I simply found the OPs post to be very informative. However taking that view would not be very conducive to starting the obligatory internet argument….
Grit dog 10/25/23 09:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: Prestone all-vehicle coolant

I know this is going to be fun. The forum is full of book regurgitators, curious (sometimes scientific) rule benders AND "hold me beer, we gonna try somethin' folks...." I had a leak and realized I was low on I went off to Wally World to dutifully buy GM-approved coolant... I looked hard, and all I saw (not even empty shelves) was "Prestone all-vehicle" and Wally's brand. I didn't see anything that said GM approved or Ford approved. I can't remember when I last saw green stuff in a car- so I assumed, this would be pink stuff (and I'm not referring to RV winterizing antifreeze). I open it (it's green) and pour it in....I KNOW that the GM folks are cringing. I read the now-worthless internet and see lots of strong pontification that this is bad and other’s say "OK"...BUT BETTER YET, I GO TO PRESTONES WEBSITE AND WATCH A VIDEO TELLING ME IT'S OK TO MIX THE ALL-VEHICLE STUFF! Also, to keep this interesting, I actually mixed stuff LONG ago...drove it a long while with no issues. Looking forward to anyone with experience commenting. Not looking forward to it, but there will be rule regurtitators. ALWAYS fill the black tank and NO towing with a half ton and be sure to only use N2 in the tires...right? :-) So unless your are running a 3800, Vortec 305, Vortec 350, Vortec 454, 3.1 or 3.4. You really have nothing to worry about. I have an 11 second 1/4 mile 2000 Trans Am WS6 (LS1 Dry intake) in the garage with Prestone all makes all models in it for at least 6 years mixed with DEX. Sees Maybe 2,000 miles a year. Clean as whistle no sludge. The Caprice I daily drive has it mixed in there too. LS based 6.0 runs Mid 12 second 1/4 miles. Did the Cam swap oh 5 years ago now running all makes and all models in that mixed with DEX, I put 10,000 miles on it a year. Clean! The formula for DEX has changed since the days of the wet intake and plastic gaskets that failed when you ran it low in the engines I mentioned. While the Trans Am isn't a pressurized overflow tank the Caprice is and it makes a difference. The Trans Am doesn't suffer as it has a dry intake. No coolant or oil touches it. The unpressurized system ran low which allowed for the air touch the intake gasket which caused the gasket to fail. If you run straight up conventional green in there. It will sludge, things will fail. That is bad. The stuff you used is "sort of green" If you were to compare it to conventional you see it is more yellow. I have six cars at my house, all registered all drive, all GM...No cringing. :) 3 of the cars have a mix of All makes All models and Dex. The Trans Am, The Caprice and my kids 2005 Buick with the 3800. Like button! and great info Mike. Thanks!
Grit dog 10/25/23 09:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford 7.3 engine users?

The BANKS exhaust brake I put on the 2001.5 worked great for the 12K+ load I towed with that truck for 14 years There is no doubt exhaust brakes work. If you do turn it off, then back on while going down a hill. And nobody that has ever compared can say diesel, with no exhaust brake, or it not functioning, will claim gas engine does not slow more. What nobody wants to compare is normally functioning gas engine to like sized and loaded diesel with exhaust brake. Except that’s what is actually being compared. Of course diesels without exhaust brakes, James, retarders have squat for compression braking. It’s just a function of their design. And since all the Hd pickup diesels have had VVTs for well over a decade, it’s now just a standard feature. Comparing a light duty class 2-3 or even class 4-5 diesel with a functional exhaust brake (Cummins at least, I’ve pulled with a LML Duramax and it was meh, better than nothing, never towed with a 6.7 Powerstroke of any flavor) is no contest. I can roll down a 6% with a 6ton trailer behind the ole 4th Gen and basically never touch the brakes unless I want to call up a downshift, but I’m usually in manual anyways, and a new 10 speed gasser pulling my boat of about half the weight is on the hooks multiple times. It’s not even an apples to apples comparison as the exhaust brake will win 10 times out of 9.
Grit dog 10/25/23 09:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Design ideas for a platform to lower camper onto...

Unless it’s an old rickety camper, don’t worry about it and leave it on the jacks. If you’re going to be using it, off the truck, and want more stability, lower it all the way down and it’ll be pretty darn stable. If that’s not quite enough, something easy to set it on like a half dozen pallets or similar is what I’d be thinkin.
Grit dog 10/24/23 02:26pm Truck Campers
RE: An EV motor home/van?

^Ok, just stop. We all understand that there was zero context provided by the prosecution and the defense…lol. Because the only metric being “a 6 hour drive” doesn’t say much. Anything really… But these discussions are always fun, regardless. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Grit dog 10/24/23 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: Shocks

My TT/toyhauler did. But I sure wouldn’t pay extra for shocks.
Grit dog 10/24/23 09:38am Travel Trailers
RE: Side by side towing

And $12-13k, not including the new hitch for the truck? Dump the TT and buy a toyhauler. At least you’re spending your money on something that you know works and is actually marketable (very marketable) upon resale. Shoot, the total expenditure for that giddyup is half the cost of the 4 year old never used basically new toyhauler we bought that would haul even the largest 4 seater buggy.
Grit dog 10/24/23 09:37am General RVing Issues
RE: Side by side towing

And the Freedom hauler literature basically says it will be a handful behind a TT. As in don’t even try it unless you have an Arrow or Propride hitch. That’s enough to tell me it will make pulling a TT with another 2 tons of @ss back there wagging the dogs tail a real chore and that it may/will handle like a bag of d!cks.
Grit dog 10/24/23 09:33am General RVing Issues
RE: 6.6 Chevy gas engine

^Pretty complete and succinct answer. I guess one thing not mentioned, the Chevy HD front clips are still almost as ugly as a mud fence. I’d go GMC just so I didn’t have to look at a fugly $60k grille.
Grit dog 10/24/23 08:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordering a Chev 3500 (Oct 2023)

^Thanks for the sage financial advice Jim. I’m sure it will make the OP sleep better knowiing your disapproval of his spending habits, lol.
Grit dog 10/24/23 06:43am Truck Campers
RE: Side by side towing

That’s sounds like a horrible idea for I can’t count the number of reasons. Or more accurately wholly impractical and virtually impossible. Get a toyhauler….seriously.
Grit dog 10/23/23 11:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Two different size quick connects on my trailer?

The black tank rinse would be the only line you wouldn’t have to worry about flushing that stuff out of. If you’re considering it anywhere that’s an easy one. So do you have air line fittings for both of these? If so there are a few different styles, but literally only 2 or 3 that are close and look similar.
Grit dog 10/23/23 11:20am Tech Issues

You can search a huge radius on CL. I’ve got it set to about 350mi radius generally. And even if searching a local area, just search a populated area if yer in the boonies.
Grit dog 10/23/23 09:53am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking at used 2023 Chevy HD 2500, Duramax

What’s a 22k mile service? It likely has already had 1 extra oil change and unless it needs another, there is nothing else to service. IE, since you’re angling for “free” stuff, go after something useful. Like free future services or whatever. PS if they’re giving you ANYTHING besides a truck for your purchase price, you didn’t get the best price.
Grit dog 10/23/23 09:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: New to me Lance Legend 945

Alright everyone. So I was browsing Craigslist last night, and I found a 2002 tundra with a 4 cylinder in it, already has a flat bed on it. will it hold this camper? I think it'll do fine if I air the tires up just a little more... OK where is everyone now? Haha I am a master diesel mechanic, so I already have most major tools, and a screw gun has definitely been a game changer taking this apart. What's been a challenge is getting all the staples out without damaging the good wood and aluminum. A few have pulled through, but I believe I can reuse all the sheets. Patience is key there. I'll mention it to my old man, he's the one helping me rebuild it. Back in the 70's he helped me grandfather build their house and garage from the ground up, plus he completely built his RV from scratch using the shell of a 2000 E450 mini bus, so his carpentry skills definitely eclipse mine. I'll be uploading photos as I go, so far this has been a fun project. I hope your diesel mechanic knowledge is far superior to your basic knowledge or understanding of light duty vehicles. Especially for your customers sake. There’s no such thing as a 4 banger tundra. And it would be too small for the camper anyways. Won’t even address if you meant a Tacoma.
Grit dog 10/23/23 06:32am Truck Campers
RE: Looking at used 2023 Chevy HD 2500, Duramax

Bottom line, if it’s that new and under warranty, if it’s a lemon/turd it’s been worked on by a dealer(s), so a simple service/repair record will tell you if it’s had problems. Again, no need to overcomplicate and bicker.
Grit dog 10/22/23 11:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: DEF fluid expiration?

It’s not gasoline, so the topping off theory (also flawed when considering gasoline) does not apply.
Grit dog 10/22/23 10:36am Class C Motorhomes
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