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RE: Awning arm does not release.

If lifting up a bit on the handle on the stuck arm releases it, make sure the stop at the bottom of the arm is not damaged. I've replaced a number of damaged stops for folks that let the arm drop slightly and jam. I use nylon bushings from any good hardware store to replace them. If the old nut and bolt are badly rusted, replace them too.
Dutch_12078 03/20/23 10:31am Beginning RVing
RE: Insurance recommendations

We were full time til one year ago. Had Progressive insurance and they were always pretty good til now. We had something break out our skylight and when turning in a claim they told us they don’t even have an adjuster in Yuma. Have to wait for them to come down from Phoenix. We could tell from our conversation that it would be several weeks so we just did it ourselves. Anyway we would like to change insurance and maybe find someone who had actual adjusters in yuma. Any ideas? I'm surprised they didn't just ask for pictures. When both halves of our windshield were damaged, that's all Progressive needed to start the claims process. They didn't blink at the $7600 cost, and I never saw anyone until the glass company showed up to do the work. The claim was originated last fall in upstate NY, and due to supply chain delay issues and our travel schedule, the work wasn't done until last month at our then campsite in Florida. Everyone was very cooperative about scheduling, etc.
Dutch_12078 03/14/23 06:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Breaks Interstate Park

One of the reviews mentions that it is a state park. It is not listed in VA or KY as a state park. The name of the park is "Breaks Interstate Park", which I'm sure could cause some confusion. It's one of two parks that cross state borders.
Dutch_12078 03/14/23 07:37am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Mopkka tank Sensors

I've been using Mopeka sensors on multiple DOT cylinders and one 320 gallon horizontal SAE tank for a couple of years now. They did replace one sensor that was DOA, but that's all. The battery life has been around 6-7 months on the standard sensors, but a disappointing 3-4 months for the pro sensors. I just checked the remote readings on the cylinders and tank we left in upstate NY from here in Florida, and all is well so far. The one cylinder that travels with us is reading ok as well.
Dutch_12078 03/13/23 11:38am Tech Issues
RE: class A safety

well thank you sandia man , im being very open minded here, i have spoken to many people whom are friends and on facebook , they all pretty much experinced the same issue as i , they made the addition of a rear track bar , and it was another vehicle and having alot less stress,it was like driving in a tornado before the rear track bar installation afterwards, smooth as silk , i have heard this from many rv owners , not just on winnebagos , due to ford makes a cookie cutter chassis , one size fits all , they build them as cheaply as possible , and the motorhome coach builder wont add it on since they are NOT building the chassis, just the motorhome , to me its a safety issue , no less , and im headstrong about this , funny how sao many people have experienced the same issue, and some have not , I'm certainly in the camp that has not experienced your issues. I've owned two F53 based motorhomes, and driven many more that were in our shop for service. Both of my own handled and still handle comfortably at 65-75 MPH speeds and I only rarely ran into a customer's F53 based coach that handled badly. Typically as said, those were corrected with a proper alignment and proper tire inflation. My current motorhome did have what we call the "Cheap Handling Fix" done by a previous owner, but all that amounts to is moving the sway bar links to a different set of holes as provided by Ford. The coach manufacturer could have made the same simple mod, but then they couldn't even be bothered with moving the OBD2 plug to a more accessible location as recommended by Ford in the body builders manual that covers the stripped chassis. Is that Ford's fault too?
Dutch_12078 02/28/23 06:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: State Parks

only let them book a week or so in advance. First come first served. That would pretty much tell out of staters the state does not want their out of state money.
Dutch_12078 02/27/23 05:57pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Ford V10 starting and dyeing

When our 2001 F53 had pretty much the same symptoms, the cause turned out to be a bad MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor. It's a relatively easy DIY repair, but figuring it out takes more than the average DIY OBD2 scanner.
Dutch_12078 02/25/23 04:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: No place to camp in Florida

For the most part, Florida residents face the same obstacles the rest of us do in having to plan well ahead to get a chance at campsites. Residents do have one big advantage though, in that they are in position to take advantage of last minute cancellations that are not practical for out of staters to use. There is this though, the national forest service campground we're in right now has 86 full hookup RV sites. A tour through the park last week found 47 of those sites occupied by vehicles with Florida plates. Our previous state park also had a high concentration of Florida plates, although I didn't do an actual count there. So apparently a significant number of Florida residents are managing to get sites it seems. If Florida residents demand site availability at will, then the only answer it seems, would be to drive out all out of state campers so empty sites will be there when and where they want them. Of course that won't happen, in part because Floridians would then crowd the parks themselves, resulting in the same problem as now. In the mean time of course, all the rest of us would have moved on, taking our out of state money with us.
Dutch_12078 02/20/23 07:30am RV Lifestyle
RE: Back in the dark ages !

Also , I am sitting here ordering a 200 amp lithium battery and the proper charger , what do a shunt do and why do I need one ?. The battery is on the way , $ 600 bucks , wow , Boy I hope they do not quit social security until I get this paid for ! A shunt is a small resistance inserted in line with the load that allows a much smaller meter to indirectly read the load without the total current passing through the meter circuitry. The meter simply reads across the shunt and uses a calibrated multiplier for the reading.
Dutch_12078 02/19/23 04:59pm Tech Issues
RE: Back in the dark ages !

I believe that I was taught that all things being equal, that stranded wire would carry more current than solid wire ? Is that true or am I being misled ? You're being misled... Given the same size wire, solid wire will carry slightly more current than stranded due to the spaces between the strands reducing the capacity. In practical use, the difference is not a significant factor in deciding which is the best choice for a given application.
Dutch_12078 02/19/23 04:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

I'm guessing part of the reason I see so many Florida plates in southern Georgia state parks is because of the earlier 13 month reservation window and that they extend senior and veteran discounts to everyone that's eligible, and no out of state surcharges. More state parks with full hookups available probably helps too. We'll be leaving a full hookup site in Georgia on Monday for an electric and water Florida state park site. We won't have a full hookup site again until we move to the national Salt Springs Recreation Area where of course we get our Senior Access pass discount.
Dutch_12078 01/27/23 05:21pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

You do understand that you're telling the snowbird crowd you don't want our money coming into your state don't you. What we spend for state park sites is only a small part of what we spend at area businesses and attractions. Not at all. State parks are typically heavily subsidized in terms of operation and facilities and hold prime land that most private parks could never afford. The snowbird folks who use them heavily are taking advantage of that subsidy. On a modest scale, that's fine but if it's keeping out the folks who pay for the bulk of that subsidy (residents), it's certainly reasonable to tilt the table in favor of the locals a bit more. Plenty of private parks available for those who want to visit florida. We don't prefer the state and national parks in Florida for the price as much as we prefer them for the more spacious and often more private sites. Since we're limited to only two week stays at a time, it seems to me the locals have every bit as good a chance of getting sites as we do coming from out of state. We don't do anything any different to reserve sites than Floridians can do. But if you don't think the money we spend at area businesses and attractions has any value, then maybe you're really telling us to go elsewhere and let you guys fight among yourselves for sites. And BTW, the most common license plate I see during our winter stay in Florida state parks is Florida.
Dutch_12078 01/24/23 09:50pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Bill giving residents priority at booking FL state parks

Well to me I it would depend: who is carrying most of the freight and by how much - camping fees or state taxpayers? Private campgrounds it’s a no brainer. It is obvious that for SP that the taxpayer is footing the bill. I suspect the actual operating costs are all or mostly funded by fees tho. I have no doubt the cg would still be filled up no matter who has preference. Land purchases are funded by a Doc Fee tax I believe. I've lost track how many parks the state has, near 200 when I last checked. The only obvious way to give residents preference would seem to be opening the reservation period for the first X time to residents only. Maybe if there is a six month res period giving the residents the first four months. I am 100 persent for this. They need to fix the online system which is awful right now. Bettter to go back to the old system. You do understand that you're telling the snowbird crowd you don't want our money coming into your state don't you. What we spend for state park sites is only a small part of what we spend at area businesses and attractions.
Dutch_12078 01/23/23 05:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2023 camping season

We have reservations at state and national park campgrounds in Florida, Georgia, and New York into January 2024 so far. We have no plans to cut back on any of them. In between, we will be at our private sites in upstate New York and Vermont.
Dutch_12078 01/21/23 07:27am RV Lifestyle
RE: RVIA Certificate?

The RVIA certificate has nothing to do with the overall build of your RV, only that it meets certain codes such as the NEC, NFPA 58, etc...
Dutch_12078 01/19/23 07:50am General RVing Issues
RE: Extinction of Fossil Fuels

There are several, mostly high end, RV's on the market today that are electric only. Between solar panels and large battery banks, plus a suitable generator, they seem to manage quite well between park stops.
Dutch_12078 01/19/23 07:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Slides out or autolevelers down first?

I agree with the check the manual recommendations. It makes a difference whether you have leveling jacks or air bag leveling.
Dutch_12078 01/16/23 06:37pm Class A Motorhomes

We're in southern Georgia right now slowly making our way to Florida where we'll stay until spring. The state park we're in now the guests have almost all out of state licenses. We're fulltimers, not snowbirds, but I'd guess many of the others here are.
Dutch_12078 01/12/23 10:41am Snowbirds
RE: Dish TV

Purchased Dish bundle for inside TV no problems really enjoy. Here are a few questions. 1. Friend got bundle for two TVs the one inside works great has trouble with outside. Any thoughts? 2. If i purchased a second Wally, would a splitter work for the other TV? thx What dish are you using? Dutch 12078 Playmaker Unfortunately, your Playmaker only has one output port for one receiver. It cannot be used with a splitter.
Dutch_12078 01/06/23 07:13pm Technology Corner
RE: leveling blocks

I don't have plastic blocks, but the 2" thick laminated wood blocks I do have typically only get used on sites that are far enough off level that the low side jacks would be nearly fully extended otherwise.
Dutch_12078 01/06/23 07:08pm Class A Motorhomes
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