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Now that we have sold our travel trailer, DW deemed it time to get rid of our 2006 F-250. I would like to sell it to a private party but determining a price for it has become an problem.. I have used the on line KBB and others, providing the data they requested but have never been given a value of the vehicle.. But what I do get is within hours an endless stream of phone calls from several local dealers offering me a trade in value on a new vehicle from them.. Any ideas where to get a good base price for used vehicles such as mine.. Thanks
DD716TED 10/19/23 12:10pm Tow Vehicles
Air Travel From Seattle SEATAC

My son is planning on a 2 week trip to the East Coast and will be flying out of SEATAC airport. Question; He will leaving his vehicle at airport and asked me if I could recommend a Good but not expensive parking Facility to park his car.. I have no idea but I thought someone who has traveled out of SEATAC might have a recommendation. Ideas or experiences? Thanks
DD716TED 08/26/23 10:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Time to Part with Loved Travel Trailer

Thanks to all for the valuable inputs on selling my trailer.. Long story short.. Trailer is gone.. I went to a dealer to put it on consignment and when asked what I wanted to get for it, I gave my hopeful figure...They bought the trailer then and there so apparently I wasn't asking for enough BUT..I was happy and left with a check in hand.. Thanks again..
DD716TED 08/25/23 11:54am Travel Trailers
Time to Part with Loved Travel Trailer

The time has finally come after 13 yrs to call it quits with the travel trailer and start just staying at motels/hotels in areas of interest. Everytime I advertise something either in the newspaper or on FaceBook..Scammers start to appear out of thin air.. Just a general question.."Is is good or bad to let a local dealer who does consignments display and if possible sell the trailer for me".. I am sure there is a fee involved, but no hassle on my part.. Just seeking thoughts or opinions..Travel Safe
DD716TED 08/10/23 02:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Changing AV programs or???

Thanks to all that took the time to reply..Now I am loaded with information next year.. I waited to long to cancel my McAfee Auto Renewal option by 2 days therefore they took the $$ from my account and renewed me until next July #$$%%^..I contacted them with little or no luck as fine print states once renewed, NO CAN CANCEL WITH REFUND! Life will go on but next year I will cancel them and make sure Auto Renew is no selected.. Then Adios McAfee...
DD716TED 07/27/23 01:11pm Technology Corner
Changing AV programs or???

I am currently using McAfee AV on a Win 10, and a Win 11 PC and it is due to be renewed ($$) soon.. Just asking what others are using (Satisfied, Unsatisfied or recommendations) before I go ahead and renew OR make a change. I have asked this on INET but must reviews are related to this or that company and to me are questionable.. Travel and Camp Safe..
DD716TED 07/26/23 10:46am Technology Corner
RE: Epson Printer Question

I was able to place a piece of 8.5x11 paper in display model and it was over 11 inches high.. to high for my area.. so I spent the extra $$ and bought another Epson model at Costco that uses a front loading paper tray. HOPEFULLY this will make DW happy..thanks for safe
DD716TED 07/08/23 07:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Epson Printer Question

Thank you for the SPEC sheet but..I am looking for the height of the printer with the top loading paper tray with paper in other words, how much higher than the body of the printer does the loaded paper tray stick up? Spec sheet does not address this. Thanks again as the spec sheet is useful information that I can use.
DD716TED 07/08/23 02:28pm Technology Corner
Epson Printer Question

Just fishing for information.. I am looking at getting a new printer and have been eyeing the Epson 2850.. This printer feeds blank paper from a top/rear loading tray instead of a cassette in the front.. Before I make the drive to Costco to possibly purchase this printer, need to know the height of the printer with paper loaded to see if it will fit in the space where it will be used. If anybody has the Epson 2850, could you tell me the approx height of printer with paper loaded? Thank you.
DD716TED 07/08/23 12:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 Dropbox Issue

Good Grief... I didn't realize I had two issues... NamMedevac 70'd solution corrected the problem on my wifes Windows 10 machine, and StonedPanther corrected problem with my Windows 11 Desktop... Thanks to both of you.. People like you are what makes this forum so useful to many of us.. Thanks again DD716TED
DD716TED 07/04/23 10:56am Technology Corner
Windows 11 Dropbox Issue

I cannot access my my Dropbox account on my Win 11 desktop.. Everytime I try to get in, I get the following message.. Uh oh! Seems like this widget is not configured properly. localhost domain does not match any Chooser/Saver domains. Register app domains on app settings I don't have a Dropbox widget and everything I find when searching INET makes no sense to me. Dropbox customer support is useless to me... any ideas? Happy Camping.. Be Safe
DD716TED 07/03/23 02:21pm Technology Corner
Should be simple WiFi question, but???

My home Xfinity router outputs both a 2.4 ghz band and a 5 ghz band... I am trying to use an app on my Samsung A7 tablet that strictly requires the 2.4 band. When I look at settings / connections, it only shows the name of the WiFi network in use BUT not whether it is the 2.5 or 5 ghz which both have the same name.. Any ideas on how to determine which one the Tablet is using? Thanks in advance for any help..
DD716TED 05/23/23 03:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft 365 removal

No hostage situation, just don't renew your MS365 subscription. Follow these instructions at Uninstall Microsoft 365 and install Office (2016, etc.). this ^^^^ I'm still on Win10 (by choice) and removed MS365 and installed an older version of Office. No problems. Before installing older version , When asked for MS Account info, did you create a new account or use what was already registered?
DD716TED 05/09/23 03:42pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows Media Player problems

Windows 11 Media Player Version 11.2303.10.0... Not a big deal but frustrating with Win 11 Media Player.. I am able to make my own playlists with no problem.. However within a day or two, not only are my Playlists listed, but there are playlists that have been made for every other album / artist in my 500 GB External drive...I got around this by naming my playlists starting with 0000 whatever and they now appear first, but why are thousands of other playlists generated? Just a curious mind wants to know... Lesson learned..should have bought my new computer loaded with Win 10 instead of having to learn / suffer with Win 11..
DD716TED 05/09/23 01:06pm Technology Corner
Microsoft 365 removal

My Win 11 computer came with a free year of MS Office 365..I don't like it and was very comfortable with Office 2016 on my last PC. I have tried to get an answer for MS for my question, but all they tell me is I can renew 365 for $99... I asked them, "Can I remove MS Office 365 from my Windows 11 system and replace it with a MS Office 2016 Program?" Again they refused to answer but reiterated I can renew 365 when expires and furthermore, everything created in Office using 365 will disappear and cannot be recovered. Anyone removed 365 and replaced it? This appears to be a "Hostage" situation...
DD716TED 04/06/23 11:49am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 Experts?

Thanks to all that responded.. The problem has been resolved using several methods mentioned in your comments / responses.. My major concern was that my C: drive (SSD) was almost full and I didn't like that.. When I analyzed my desktop, I found 2 folders that I had used when making a 30 minute video of a house being installed.. little did I realize that each one had 15 GB plus of data in them.. I copied and pasted both of them to the H: drive, verified they were there and then deleted them form C: drive. That reduced the 256 GB C: by 30 GB and brought it to a very acceptable level.. AGAIN.. thanks to all for taking time to respond to my question. This RV Forum regardless of subject is top notch and so are the contributors..
DD716TED 03/29/23 03:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 Experts?

Just curious, do you really need an H partition. I have been heavy computing for 30 years and never needed different partitions on my internal or external drives. Thanks. The new drive installed is labeled "H' and has no partitions.. the external USB 1Gb hard drive has partitions.. but "H" is the entire drive label..
DD716TED 03/27/23 03:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 Experts?

The Copy/Paste procedure is a bit tedious when compared to the Copy to Folder/ Move to Folder alternative. These choices don't appear on the context menu, but can be easily added with a registry modification. For information on how to do this, go to the following link: Copy /Move The "Copy To" option copies the information to the new location and leaves the original intact, while "Move To" deletes it from the original location. Thanks for the information..that would work if the new HDD (H:) would appear as a place to move it to..but the drive (H:) does not appear as an option..all other USB drives do appear but not installed (H:).. H: does appear when looking at Explorer though.. Thanks again as progress is progress...
DD716TED 03/27/23 09:18am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 Experts?

We're getting a new Dell laptop as soon as we get home in 3 weeks. W11, 500GB SSD. Is "send to" a new feature of W11? I've always used copy / paste for other W dot X OS'es. Not new feature..use it on Win 10 all thr time.. I can copy / past to "H" but drive "H" is the only one not available when using Send To option..
DD716TED 03/26/23 07:58pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 11 Experts?

Dumb question, but are you sure the file you're trying to "send" to drive H: isn't already on drive H:? Thought of is not
DD716TED 03/26/23 07:55pm Technology Corner
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