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RE: Great Movie

Just watch a movie called The Gentleman. Great one! Absolutely agree. I liked it a lot. Good suspense and action, excellent acting from the entire cast (it has to be noted that Matthew McConaughey is of my fav actors).To me, The Gentlemen is one of the better movies if not the best movie I watched this year. I'm glad that I've found a list of firestick channels and caught the movie.
Cristian123 07/30/22 12:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: Obesity in America

The obesity percentage in the USA is twice as many as three decades ago. Approximately 15% of children and teens are overweight. It is essential to monitor nutrition. I've recently read about black lentils I'm going to try it. Also, it has to be noted that it is important to make your children eat healthily.
Cristian123 07/28/22 10:16am Around the Campfire
RE: Credit Cards For Fuel Discounts

I've recently opened a mission lane credit card. Having looked through its benefits on this source, I decided that this would be a good choice. Actually, I'm pleased with it, but in order to get cash back or any other rewards, I opened the Discover it card. It turned out to be a good match. It earns 2 percent back on gas station and restaurant purchases on up to $1k in combined spending per quarter, then 1 percent back on all other purchases. But it is good to learn from the experience of others. Thanks, guys.
Cristian123 07/21/22 06:39am General RVing Issues
RE: The [Star] Trek Thread

Who watches Star Trek: Strange New Worlds? I've recently finally started watching it via the Redbox TV app on my firestick. Of course, it differs from the old series, but it is not bad.
Cristian123 07/15/22 12:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Thinking about investing in Crypto currency?

To be honest, I was suspicious about cryptocurrency when people around started investing money in it. Now I feel that this is the case when I had to think like others.
Cristian123 07/15/22 12:17pm Around the Campfire
RE: Finally Found a Cold Cereal I Like

I haven’t had a spoon full of sugar in almost 40 years. Don’t even have a bag of it in the house. So if there is sugar in my Life cereal I’ll jut deal with it. I know what you are talking about. I have to control my weight all the time. I do workouts regularly and monitor my nutrition, but stress makes me lose weight more than I want. By the way, I found an article on the topic I'm going to follow it as a guide in the hope it will help me. As I want to gain weight (not to lose), eating sugar doesn't seem to be the worst decision, but still, it is not good for my health.
Cristian123 06/26/22 10:40am Around the Campfire
RE: Traveling via B&B/hotel vs RV

As you compare costs between RV travel and hotel arrangements, keep in mind that costs vary widely. Generally, the larger your family, the better your opportunity to save money with an RV. Savings also grow with the length of your trip. We haven't decided yet where and how to go in the fall, so I've already taken additional projects at work in the hope to earn extra money (fortunately, the guys from agreed to help me). Also, it has to be noted that your travel destination plays a great role as large cities are not RV-friendly. As for me, I like both B&B and RV traveling. These are just different kinds of trips. I guess it depends mostly on the place I'm going to visit and on the people I'm going with.
Cristian123 06/25/22 08:38am RV Lifestyle
RE: Skinny cat

From my own experience, I can say that it is essential to monitor your cat's weight. If you notice that it loses weight, there might be health issues, so I'd recommend addressing a vet. In case your pet is healthy, you need to change the nutrition. There exist high-calorie food that can help gain weight fast. I found a good list here My cat liked Hound&Gatos canned food.
Cristian123 06/17/22 02:24pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Verizon or gmail bouncing email to phone

This is why I switched to Boost Mobile. It runs on AT&T & T-Mobile and everything works great. Moreover, I can always call the boost mobile phone number (I found it on this website and solve any issue within a few minutes. No regrets.
Cristian123 05/18/22 03:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Cats in a TT

We always travel with our cat. She is old and gets very stressed when left alone even for a whole day. To be honest, I worried before our first trip, but if the most important things are taken into account beforehand, everything will be fine. So, I bought a water fountain and an automatic feeder for her. I should say, it eased the process and I didn't think about that being on the road. But one of the best ideas was to get a GPS tracker (I found a good list here Usually, our cat doesn't go far from us, but still, she is a cat, everything is possible. And with a GPS tracker, I can always view her exact location.
Cristian123 05/01/22 05:03pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Buying New, Is there a Consumer Report Guide for RVs?

Sometimes I wonder if those that blast Camping World have had any experience actually dealing with them. The experience with any company is with the people you deal with, not the sign. I agree with you. That's why people have different experiences when dealing with the same company. A lot depends on the manager you are talking about. For example, I heard some bad feedback about Thor Industries, but when I was looking for a new RV to buy, I addressed this company via the Thor Industries phone number (I found it here). To be honest, I don't have any complaints.
Cristian123 04/19/22 05:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Shower hose fittings problem

There are two different hoses. I have the one on the outdoor shower (same as indoor shower) and I have a portable shower pump/hose that will not interchange. The look the same, but will not interchange. You simply have the wrong hose. I wish I found this thread earlier. It so happened that we needed to replace a shower hose when we were in Canada. As I was clueless about the difference you mentioned, I bought the wrong hose. Finally, I just a plumber here who did the work for me.
Cristian123 04/13/22 12:44am Tech Issues
RE: Pilot GoodSam RV Plus Card Issues

This seems to be an issue many things Good Sam. I logged into Camping World and suddenly my name is CLIFFORD CORDER. I contacted customer service and explained the problem and I was informed they have a new software program, and I was not alone, but would fix it promptly. That was two months ago. I faced a similar problem, but having addressed the customer service via the Camping World phone number here, it was solved pretty fast. To be honest, I was surprised as usually "thanks for the information" means "we will forget about your call". Maybe it was just my day.
Cristian123 03/18/22 05:39pm Good Sam Club
RE: The RV Demand Continues

From the Business JournalHome Travel A major RV maker now has more than $18 billion in backlogged orders and says its dealers may not be fully restocked until 2023 RV maker Thor Industries has a $18.07 billion order backlog. Demand for RVs has remained strong since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Bob Martin says it may continue restocking its dealerships into 2023. Famed RV maker Thor Industries now has an $18.07 billion order backlog as of October 31 as demand for tiny homes on wheels continues to remain strong through the COVID-19 pandemic, the company said in its 2022 first-quarter earnings report on December 8. Thor Industries — which owns brands like Jayco and Airstream — first saw rising sales in May and June of 2020, especially from first-time RVers, Bob Martin, Thor's president and CEO, told Insider in May 2020. Since then, interest has yet to taper off: The RV maker achieved $3.96 billion in net sales in the first quarter of 2022, a 56% increase compared to the same time last year. Thor has now reported record net sales for three successive quarters despite labor, cost, and supply chain "challenges," which it predicts it'll still continue to face, Martin said in the earnings report. However, the RV maker has been "pretty much sold out for the next year" as dealers have "virtually no inventory," Martin told CNBC's Jim Cramer on "Mad Money" in June. "Independent dealer sentiment remains positive and consumer demand for our RV products remains strong," Martin said in the earnings report. "The dealer restocking process will still take a number of quarters to complete and could possibly extend into calendar 2023." To alleviate this backlog, Thor Industries acquired Airxcel, an RV parts manufacturer. Martin called this acquisition a "key piece" in Thor's efforts to bolster its supply chain. __________________ Good info. I'm glad that I've found it. I've recently looked for the info about Thor Industries and found reviews of people who drive these RVs I should say, I'd like to buy an Airstream Pottery Barn. It looks really good.
Cristian123 02/17/22 06:44pm General RVing Issues
RE: Full time "RV" insurance for a standard conversion van

Unfortunately, not all auto insurance companies offer insurance for RVs (I don't know why). The last time I looked for the proper company, I decided to choose Farmers (here you can read more about it). It is considered to be the most customizable. By the way, under this policy, you’re covered anywhere in Canada just as you are in the U.S. I guess it is really good.
Cristian123 01/20/22 02:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: More Reasons to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

Interesting discussion. I don't know how I missed it. In most cases, people start paying more attention to the composition of the products when they have already have health issues. And it is bad. It is much easier to prevent it. According to the Canadian pharmacy, HFCS and sugar have been shown to drive inflammation, which is associated with an increased risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. To be honest, I started checking products only when I became a parent. It came to me with the responsibility. Better sooner than never.
Cristian123 11/17/21 04:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Anybody else have bad issues with RV Value Mart?

I prefer addressing only the trusted and biggest companies. I can suggest checking the General RV service. This is the nation's largest family-owned RV dealer with several offices in different states. If you have doubts, it is always possible to find and read the general rv reviews by link, I'm sure a lot of people use their services.
Cristian123 11/15/21 01:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: mastoid bone hearing aid equalizer ????

I have moderate hearing loss and I know that many people don't want to wear hearing aids, but I bought ones that are worn completely in the canal (I was suggested by an audiologist). I should say, it is easy to find and choose hearing aid supplies online if you consulted with an ear doctor beforehand. Yes, I had to get used to my new hearing aids, but I feel confident, and in most cases, people don't even notice them.
Cristian123 09/26/21 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: Your opinion on a tax return question...

Really interesting results. I also didn't know such things can be done without a signature. To be honest, I feel very confused when it comes to taxes. By the way, I found the H&R Block's website that I use tax preparation. It offers free step-by-step guidance (there is also a wide range of tax preparation services, some of them are paid). Also, it is possible to address them via hr block phone number. Maybe I'm the only one who faces issues and feels clueless about taxes, but I'm glad that such services exist :)
Cristian123 09/16/21 12:45pm Around the Campfire
RE: Just got back from Hawaii

Good for you! I'm glad to know you enjoyed your trip. And thanks for the feedback. I'm thinking about taking my wife to Hawaii on our 7th anniversary next year. This year we celebrated the beginning of our relationship (we found each other via houston personals) on Lake Tahoe. Beautiful place, we'll definitely return there.
Cristian123 09/09/21 06:57am Around the Campfire
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