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RE: Roadtrip by car vs RV, a couple of thoughts...

Older camping friends sold their truck/5er last summer and did car/motel trips with us. They like it just fine. the $$ is a wash, and it's getting me thinking, too. I bought my outfit, cash, at great prices, so I will keep it for awhile, but the camping duties are wearing on me. Craig
C Schomer 01/14/23 12:12pm General RVing Issues
RE: Extend-a-Stay clogging tanks?

I’ve had so much trouble with those flow limiters, in the hose connectors, and I couldn’t figure out any rhyme or reason why they would often slam shut. It didn’t matter how slowly I opened the tanks. I finally drilled out the spring and ball out of those connectors and replace them with swag lock check valves and I never have trouble with that **** anymore. The check valves keep gas from blowing out of the hose when they’re not connected to a tank and that’s my biggest concern. Craig.
C Schomer 12/26/22 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Well, there wasn't much room under the cover to do the bonding. My Honda 2000 has a 15/20A duplex, so I used 12 ga. wire for the bond. The simplest way would be to make a short connector... 120v/15A plug to 120v/15A cord receptacle, and use 12 ga. wire to support inrush current, and bond it on whichever end you want. Once that's plugged into the Honda, the other side of the duplex will also be bonded and you can use the bonded connector, as well, to plug something into. Just use the bonded connector, first, if you need the bond for whatever you are running. It only needs to be bonded at one point, internally or externally, and the connector cord WON'T eliminate half of the duplex, like a bonded plug would. Craig
C Schomer 12/07/22 06:44pm Tech Issues
RE: “New” vs.”Old” Ovens

We bake a few times a year and the lowest rack position is way hot, bcuz of being so close to the high burner. We don't use any deep dishes so we can move the rack up higher. BTW, I have an ancient Robinair direct reading oven thermometer... a K TC connected to a milivolt meter and it's very accurate. It's great for calibrating the oven control! Craig
C Schomer 12/07/22 06:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Electric furnace, air handler w/heat strips, most people know what they are, without getting any more technical. The worst set-up I had was heat pumps w/o heat strips, in the Phx area. It actually gets cold there... I've seen 13* and I think the record was 12. The HPs constantly cycled between heat and defrost (cooling) all night. I would have added heat strips if I would have stayed there. BTW, My NG furnace draws 2.2A on hi-fire and hi-blower.. the generator hardly notices! Craig
C Schomer 11/27/22 12:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Anode Rod Wear

Changing rods sure beats changing large heaters and tanks every 4-5 years! Craig
C Schomer 11/23/22 10:47am Tech Issues
RE: Anode Rod Wear

^^^ I agree with everybody. I've changed a bunch of rods in commercial heater/tanks and sometimes they do that. I always change them, as long as I have the water drained down. Craig
C Schomer 11/23/22 10:46am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Ooopps, double!
C Schomer 11/23/22 10:37am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Gdetrailer, that transfer sw. set-up in the 4 sq. cover is nice but I made my own with a $6 DPDT, on-off-on, 20A/125V toggle. While I was adding the sw. to the furnace, I decided to run a romex to the garage because that's where the gen. will be. No more 100' ext. cord needed. Craig
C Schomer 11/23/22 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Bonding worked! My 5er required bonding and so does my home Armstrong furnace so I opened up the Honda panel and bonded neutral/grd. permanently. I always run my gen on eco throttle so it only runs at the rpm necessary. I ran my furnace on hi blower and the Honda stayed at minimum rpm... it hardly noticed the small load. My UEI amp-clamp bit it, so I couldn't get the amp reading. BTW, UEI is throwaway junk. I'm going back to Fluke. Craig
C Schomer 11/23/22 10:13am Tech Issues
RE: Timken Bearings

FWIW, my 98 FR 5er had Czech brgs. They were dull gray and no problems, with grease. My 07 SB has China brgs. They are lighter gray and had grease til 13 and oil since then. As long as they are smooth, I run them. Craig
C Schomer 11/17/22 12:37pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 2010 Cougar Fifth Wheel RV

Usually electric slide motors just have two wires and the switches reverse the polarity for in and out. I have also found resettable circuit breakers in some crazy places Can you find somebody that’s a little bit handy with electricity and a test light? It will probably turn out to be something really simple… Once you find the problem! Craig
C Schomer 10/25/22 03:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Likely to regret

No comment about your RV but I bet the nuke plant I came from was a stupider place than the nuke plant you came from!!!
C Schomer 10/24/22 05:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 6.7L Cummins VS 6.7L Cummins HO

The Aisin might be better but I regularly tow 15 K in the mountains with my 68 RFE and I give it hail! I fear nothing about this transmission!
C Schomer 10/21/22 05:37pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Quality control?

“ Quality has gone down the last 2 to 4 years“… that’s very scary! I haven’t been to an RV show since the winter shows in Phoenix 2017 and even the 100k+ Fivers didn’t have a speck of solid wood anywhere in the interiors. And then I read about bathroom doors that won’t even stay latched when going down the road and toy hauler rear doorways that are racked and the doors are hard to close. I will gladly keep my outdated natural oak interior and not a bit of pressed wood in sight. My old Sunnybrook was also a bargain at $19,000.
C Schomer 10/21/22 05:14pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Heating the Garage

10 W per square foot is what I used for an average house and that might also keep the temperature above freezing if the garage is not insulated but it needs to be airtight also. Insulation and eliminating air infiltration are the best things you can do to keep heating and cooling costs down. My garages are well insulated but I had a wood finishing job to do a couple of years ago, in the winter, so I used shipping blankets and hung a curtain around my work area and used an electric heater inside that area and it did a nice job. Try to reduce the area that you need to heat. I’d even consider building some insulated portable partitions if you’re going to do that every winter. Craig
C Schomer 10/20/22 01:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

The reasons for -2 DP and 0 DP are in my previous post. Setting the pressure at zero or slightly less all depends on how fussy you want to get. Zero will give you the maximum draw down and -2 will allow for slight pressure switch variations and make sure the pump always cycles the way it should. You just have to outsmart your bladder!! Haha!
C Schomer 10/11/22 01:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Proper Accumulator Tank Pressure

I was taught to run the bladder pressure at two psi below the pump cut in pressure and that always worked great for me. The reason is, so there will be a little bit of leeway so the bladder will still have some cushion affect just before the pump comes on. I always use the same gauge to check the pump cut in pressure and to pressurize the bladder. Running the bladder pressure exactly the same as the pump cut in pressure would give the max drawdown but I never tried to get that precise … flip a coin. Craig
C Schomer 10/10/22 09:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

I found my bonded connector in the basement today and it is the 15 amp male to Rv 30 amp female connector but I made this connector several years ago and my CRS is too bad to remember why! The thermostat and furnace did nothing when connected to the generator so the generator didn’t need to do anything either. I cut my teeth on oil burners and stack safety controls, and then on to RA 890s, Purple Peepers, Fire-eyes, 1/2 wave flame rectification,micro amp measuring, oil-free magnetic bearing compressor and everything else the HVAC and industrial process control manufactures could come up with… until I retired in 2015, anyway. ECM motors are awesome… The incredibly strong permanent magnets make them so efficient and they ARE inherently soft start. I’m not worried about the in rush current. My generator is at home and I don’t remember the exact model but I know it is a 2000 and it must be inverter because it has a switch to enable it to run at only the rpm necessary. It also has a duplex 15 amp receptacle and no 30 amp RV so I know it only generates one phase. Gdetrailer, thanks also for the tip to do the bonding inside the generator… I will probably do that instead of making another bonded connector. Then if the furnace runs on the generator I will make my own transfer switch. I will return… in January!
C Schomer 10/09/22 08:28pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000 won’t run my late model home furnace

Sorry, I’ve been away! It’s NG 35kbtuh ECM induced draft 96%/condensing 120vac 2016 model. I retired from HVAC but the older Models that I was trained on had different ECM motors. They were all 1 hp and the speeds were selected with dip switches. Even those motors only drew 75 W on half speed. This tiny furnace that I have has three selectable speeds by switching taps on the motor and the wattage will be super low. The furnace and stat do nothing when connected to the generator. This generator was new in about 2010. Now that you guys mentioned it. I made a pigtail with the neutral and ground bonded for some thing but I don’t remember what, but I know it had to be some thing for camping… My charger wizard or some thing in this trailer. It’s nice that all these later appliances have such low power demand. Refrigerators even use PSC compressor motors and draw less than 2 A. Extension cord size won’t a problem… I have up to 4 gauge. That’s a great tip on the bonded connector. I’ll try it in January when I’m back in Colorado. Thanks a million!! Craig
C Schomer 10/07/22 01:58pm Tech Issues
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