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RE: Flashing light under sink 2011 303BHS travel trailer

Definitely post a picture. I don’t think there would be a propane detector or carbon monoxide detector under a sink. How to post a picture.
BB_TX 09/26/23 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: I have a disgusting problem… HELP!!!

I would call a septic service. Looks like you have some land. Build up a big bon fire, burn the barrels, then haul them to a metal recycler.
BB_TX 09/24/23 02:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: App to tell us when we're near a place on our bucket list?

If there’s not, there should be. Sounds like an opportunity. Would be a great thing to have, not just for RVers but for any travelers.
BB_TX 09/21/23 02:05pm Technology Corner
RE: 400.00 to tell me you don't know what's wrong

Years ago I had CW install a 2nd A/C. After they got it installed it wouldn’t work. They said it was a bad unit and they would have to order another one. Went back the next week to have the new one installed. A different tech said there was nothing wrong with the first one. The previous tech had tightened the bolts to tight and the fan could not turn. Readjusted the bolts and all was fine. I had made a 2nd 80 mile round trip and 3+ hours of my time for that. When I asked the service manager about it he just shrugged it off. No sorry. No apology. No nothing. That was over 10 years ago and I have never set foot in a CW again.
BB_TX 09/21/23 02:00pm Camping World Service and Installation
RE: How do you decide how much to spend on an RV

Only you can decide. If you don’t feel comfortable spending $xxx amount then don’t do it. Lots of unexpected things can happen. And too often do. Spending the next few years worrying about whether you overspent will only add stress to your life. Buy what you are comfortable buying and go have fun.
BB_TX 09/19/23 11:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: New vehicle reg in TX, is inspection required in this case?

Inspection required. New registration
BB_TX 09/19/23 11:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Big Truck small Locally made 5ver

I don’t know about that set up. Can it handle the pin weight? And those air intakes??? The trailer needs pontoons!
BB_TX 09/18/23 02:41pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: wiggle room on price

…. I suspect it was a 2008 Montana ? :) …. . Close. A new 2007 bought in July 2007.
BB_TX 09/15/23 08:21pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford to release the F150 in Australia

“Except I don't understand it, but many buy a new truck and immediately install loud exhaust, lift kits, and loud off road tires.” Me either….lol :B :B :B Yeah, that’s about what half the trucks around here look like. We live in a rural area with a lot of traffic on the local highway. We can hear those tires roaring/whining long before we see the truck coming down the road. Good friend had one and riding with him you had to speak loud to be heard over the tires and exhaust. That’s what I don’t understand. Never had oversize tires. And loud exhaust went out long ago while still a teenager. :)
BB_TX 09/15/23 05:59pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford to release the F150 in Australia

Except for those trucks bought specifically for work trucks, the majority of the trucks bought for personal use in the US are used for for every day driving rather than for RVing. Even for many of the 250/2500 and 350/3500 trucks bought for individual use. People like the convenience of being able to throw all sorts of stuff in the back even if that only happens on rare occasion. And they like the large size vehicle. Plus it has a certain "coolness" factor. :B I don't understand it, but many buy a new truck and immediately install loud exhaust, lift kits, and loud off road tires.
BB_TX 09/15/23 10:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Moth Balls Melt Solo Cup

Moth balls contain naphthalene. And naphthalene is a solvent. Some solvents don’t play well with plastics.
BB_TX 09/14/23 02:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: How much anti-freeze?

Don't know what "other vehicles" you mean, but Ford is very specific on what type anti freeze to use in their engines.
BB_TX 09/14/23 07:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp to 30 amp dogbone

The 30 amp power cord with a 50 amp female and 30 male is the way to go. Much lighter and much easier to handle in cold weather. We carried both and normally used our 50 amp cable, but used the 30 amp cable if park only had 30 amp service.
BB_TX 09/13/23 07:31pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Camping World or Mom and Pop

My one and only service visit to CW was not good. They screwed up, requiring me to make a second 70 mile round trip for make good, and then just shrugged it off. Not even a sorry for the inconvenience. Never went back to try again.
BB_TX 09/11/23 02:29pm Camping World RV Sales
RE: wiggle room on price

Price shop. In 2007 when we were wanting to buy a 5er, we found the floorplan we wanted at one dealer. But the under carriage had a lot of rust. His price was about $45,000. Forgot now how much below The supposed MSRP that was. But when pointing out the rust he dropped the price to about $41,000 and said he would sandblast the undercarriage and repaint it. I was leery of that and told him I would have to think on it. More shopping and I found the exact same 5er at a different dealer. He said his price was $43,000 +/-. I said I had looked at the same 5er at a different dealer and his price was $41,000. New dealer said in that case his price is $39,000. Just shows how much they play with numbers. He also threw in some extras and we bought it.
BB_TX 09/11/23 11:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ford files trademark for F200 pickup.

I think we should try steam again as well. Or horse propulsion One has a smoke stack. The other has a different kind of tailpipe emissions. :B
BB_TX 09/07/23 05:46pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford files trademark for F200 pickup.

EVs are the future until, and if, something better comes along. Maybe a new technology will step up. Maybe not. Either way ICE engines will slowly be phased out. EVs are leaps and bounds above what they were a few years ago. And will continue to improve. And the charging infrastructure will continue to improve and expand. Manufacturing techniques and procedures will, by necessity, become more efficient and cleaner. Recycling will advance significantly. Electric generation will continue to expand using renewable sources, again by necessity. IF a new and better technology comes along, then the whole process will start over and redirect toward that technology replacing EV and what is left of ICE. But for the near future the auto manufacturers are going to be developing and marketing newer and more advanced EVs to be first to the market with the next best and most appealing one. Some will fail. But the manufacturer that is first to put out the one that is a step above everyone else and exudes that WOW factor will lead the market. And the one everyone else strives to equal or exceed. And that is what we can expect for the near future.
BB_TX 09/06/23 03:47pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford files trademark for F200 pickup.

I guess the real question is - is Ford doing this based on what they thought organic capitalistic demand is, or under government duress and funding to insulate from failure? …. . I would say it is a competitive move, not just Ford, by all of them to get ahead of the game rather than try to play the come from behind game later. Whoever is first is likely to reap the greater profits. Like it or not EV is the future.
BB_TX 09/06/23 01:25pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford files trademark for F200 pickup.

They all have their failures like Chevy's Corvair, El Camino, Citation, SSR, Tahoe Hybrid, etc. But they would not be making $10's of billions in profit each year if they were defined by failures.
BB_TX 09/06/23 10:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ca emission control starting 2024

With California it is hard to say. But I would guess it will only apply to later models that already have certain levels of factory stock emissions controls to ensure those are still intact and functioning. Older models with few or no factory stock emissions controls likely exempt or tested to a different standard. Deleted trucks probably in trouble.
BB_TX 09/05/23 08:42pm Tech Issues
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