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Honoring Our Veterans On This Day!

A grateful thank-you to all our veterans who served in United States Military. Spent an emotional day at the moving "Defining Courage" program at the Kennedy Center in DC. Focusing on the little known, if not often ignored in history books, of the courageous contributions of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, 100th U.S. Army Battalion during WWII. Made up of segregated Japanese American volunteer unit, many of whom were forced into incarcerations camps after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Whom managed to compile an astonishing combat record, by becoming the most decorated unit of their size and length of service in U.S. military history. With over 4,000 Purple Hearts, 4,000 Bronze Stars, 560 Silver Star Medals, seven Presidential Unit Citations, and 21 Medals of Honor. They fought in some of the fiercest battles in Italy and Germany, though gained legendary status for their rescue of the Lost Battalion (WWII). Comprised of 270 Texans, cut off and surrounded by 6,000 fresh enemy reinforcements in the Vosges Mountains, France. The 442nd suffered 800 casualties in the successful rescue of the Lost Battalion. A few weeks after the rescue, General John Dahlquist ordered the 442nd Regiment to assemble for a recognition ceremony. Upon seeing how few were present, the General reprimanded Lt. Colonel Miller for not assembling the entire regiment. Reportedly, the colonel simply responded “General, this is the regiment. The rest are either dead or in the hospital.” width=600 The photo taken on the day the remaining members of the 442nd Regiment assembled for their recognition ceremony. width=600 width=600 With today's "Defining Courage" program attended by a veteran who served in the 442nd. during WWII, followed by his moving speech and leading the audience in singing the National Anthem.
1492 11/11/23 09:26pm Around the Campfire
RE: Free VPN?

Another useful if not absurd need for Mullvad VPN is to access area online film festivals, such as the Environmental Film Festival in DC. For some reason, licensing to view festival online content won't allow me to access it from Baltimore, MD. I'm actually in VA just 5-min. from DC, though my home internet IP address shows up in MD. I have to use a VPN with VA metro area IP just to watch anything from VA. :S You can't make this stuff up.
1492 10/27/23 08:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Free VPN?

I don't particularly trust free VPNs as nothing is really free. You may want to look at Mullvad VPN. Reasonably priced service, though can do so on a monthly basis as needed. Consistently fast servers worldwide . About as anonymous as a VPN can get, no email needed to sign-up, and still able to work. No activity logs kept. I find it useful when traveling, when needing to access public internet networks.
1492 10/27/23 06:22pm Technology Corner
RE: New guy!

Go to the sub-forum (i.e. "Tech Issues") which you believe is most appropriate for your question, and click "Post New Topic" link in the upper left corner below the title/description. Don't be too concerned if you select the wrong sub-forum, as the Moderator will move it if necessary.
1492 10/23/23 11:23am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Problem with Photo

Anyone know why this link ( won't display the photo when added as follows but will work as a clickable link, as follows? You need to use the BBCode link: width=500 Using: [url=][img][/img][/url] Will display the photo in forum post:
1492 10/02/23 10:06am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Best app for spam blocking

Fwiw I never answer calls from anyone I dont know. Let all go to voicemail. If theres no mesage its spam. I also BLOCK all numbers that dont leave mesage. I never accept read any text msm.from people I dont know. Solved all problems X2 This is what I also do. If I don't know who called, and they need to contact me, they will leave a message. Otherwise, I block the number.
1492 09/10/23 05:02am Technology Corner
RE: Class A for sale

It's not allowed here under forum rules: "You may not use the Open Roads Forum for "For Sale" or "Wanted" posts."
1492 08/02/23 08:36pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Changing AV programs or???

I also use Windows built-in Defender. Free and top rated by independent security orgs. MS is well vested in security infrastructure that other app manufactures rely for threat info. Personally, haven't paid for AV software in over 20 years. You don't necessarily get better protection by paying for AV software. Plus its only one aspect of overall security. Keeping your OS, browsers, and software updated with security patches is more important than ever. Plus knowledge of common hacker tactics such as social engineering adds another layer of protection. Also, if you do the research, you'll find that some of the highly rated paid AV software have been exploited by hackers in the past. Some multiple times. This is particularly dangerous for AV software as it requires elevated privileges on you system to even work. Which gives a successful hacker pretty much free rein to do what they want on your system.
1492 07/29/23 10:33am Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Home Internet

I signed up for T-Mobile 5G home internet when it first became available in my neighborhood. I'm on the edge of 5G mid-band tower signal, with typically 3/5 bars though consistently get an average of 580 Mbps download speeds. Has been the most reliable wireless connection I have had to date, if not also the fastest.
1492 06/28/23 02:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Samsung S22 cell phone is regularly making the camera clicks

Have you tried uninstalling the ring app and see if no longer getting the sound. You can always reinstall if after a short test period. It's possible for hackers to activate a phone's camera without any indication on user end. If the issue persist, you may want to try a couple of other free security scanning apps. My thoughts are it's most likely notification sound for some particular app. Despite having disabled notifications.
1492 06/07/23 02:59pm Technology Corner
RE: Airstreams are Aluminum these are like a Swedish Sauna

At least it’s aerodynamic. :E Hate to see the fuel bill towing this around.
1492 05/31/23 03:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Windows Media Player problems

I don't use Windows Media Player, but prefer the free open source VLC Player on most all version of Windows since it first became available. Easier and more intuitive in my opinion. It comes with its own codecs built-in, so can play most any type of media file. You can make and save Playlists.
1492 05/09/23 04:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft 365 removal

Software as a Service (SAS) is the future - happening in every industry. Office 2016 might not work on a Windows 11 PC. Lots of legacy software doesn't work correctly on newer PC's. At one point you could buy office or pay the subscription, now I think it is subscription only, but you can buy 1 subscription and run it on multiple PC's. Luckily, I don't have to pay for Office365 as we are allowed to install up to 20 personal copies of the full version Office 2023 on our personal computers. Included as part of our enterprise subscription. If I leave, I will still pay for Office365 subscription as it also includes 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. IMO, a valuable feature. WIN 10/11 can automatically backup and encrypt your libraries such as My Documents, Desktop, and Pictures to OneDrive. You still have a local copy available, though WIN 10/11 can optionally monitor if you don't access any of those library files regularly and keep the file on OneDrive only. It will remove the local copy so doesn't eat up your drive space. But will keep the file name intact with a cloud symbol. Clicking the file name downloads the file locally. Especially useful if you have a smaller drive on your computer. Also, you have access to your files from any of your computers or mobile device. If you experience a drive failure or other malware, you can restore and re-sync your library files back to any of your computers.
1492 05/09/23 04:18pm Technology Corner
RE: T-Mobile Gripes

This has been my understanding with all the three mobile carriers. The reason you sign a term contract is to pay off the phone you received up front for no cost, or at a reduced rate. They lock the phones to their network until the contract is fulfilled, or cancellation fee paid. Whereas mobile services that operate on month-to-month basis don't give a free 'unlocked' phone, as you could simply go to another carrier. I stopped signing mobile contracts over 15+ years ago and either bring my own phone, generally bought from Ebay, or buy carrier's phone outright. This is why Visible owned by Verizon can charge $25./month with unlimited 4G/5G data/calls/texts for mobile service only.
1492 05/08/23 09:01pm Technology Corner
RE: Video Editing Software

Bottom-line, you don't have to pay for video editing software. There are editors available for no cost, with no time restrictions or watermarks with their use. And can offer more power and features than paid software. You just need to take the time to learn how to use them, and there tends to be a number of YouTube instructional vids available. width=600px One video editor I recently looked at is the free, open source ShotCut. It's available on multiple platforms, and may be better suited for advance beginners or intermediates with working understanding of timeline editing. It actually has some features not supported on more advanced editors, and can import a wide range of video/audio formats. You can even edit DVD VOB (unencrypted) files directly, which are actually MPEG2, or import FLAC audio which some pro editors won't read natively. It can also edit formats such as Apple ProRes or HEVC MP5 formats. IMO, more powerful than either paid versions of Vegas Movie Studio or Premiere Elements. It didn't take me long to get up and running using ShotCut, though for more advanced users the workflow is not as efficient as pro editors. Meaning, there were more steps and time required to achieve the same results. An example being adjusting a video clips volume, which requires adding a 'gain/volume' filter and adjusting levels in properties. Or changing the speed of a clip, such as slow motion, by going into its' properties. Both of which can more easily be achieved in pro editors such as Davinci Resolve by using keyboard shortcuts, or doing so directly in the timeline. One handy feature is that ShotCut is able to do a final export using the GPU, similar to Handbrake options, as long as you have a sufficiently equipped system. This software won't replace my pro editors, though will resort to using it specifically for legacy formats such as old DVD files or otherwise unsupported formats in my preferred editor. My recommendations is still Davinci Resolve as it basically combines Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition into one editor for free, with no time or render limitations. Though admittedly, as an advanced editor, tends to be intimidating and has a higher learning curve for new users. My work pays for full Adobe CC license, though still prefer Davinci Resolve. I'd advice to skip the 4,000 page manual, and just watch the many videos available online. Aside, recently back from NAB 2023 where Dolby showed me how to edit/mix their Dolby Vision and Atmos tracks in Davinci Resolve. You can even encode and playback to Dolby Atmos home systems. Though not to movie theater cinema processors (Dolby CP850), as this requires it to be packaged only by licensed Dolby facilities.
1492 05/02/23 02:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Posting New Rig Photo

Unfortunately, neither Signature nor Profile photo uploads are working. Therefore, do not change your photos for now unless you want them removed. You will not be able to upload a new or replacement. The forum is running outdated custom software, and there is no plans to fix the issue for now. Though something else may or is in the works. :W
1492 05/01/23 12:21pm Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: How do I change my listing from Truck Campers to Class A's?

In My Forums > My Profile.
1492 04/25/23 05:51am Forum Posting Help and Support
RE: Microsoft 365 removal

Adobe is bringing in more revenue than ever with their subscription model. Users are obviously willing to pay for it if that wasn't the case. No signs of them going under any time soon. Nor I'm guessing Microsoft even if they switched completely to subscription model. They dominate the enterprise environment and will likely continue to do so. WIN 11 is basically just a rebranded version of WIN 10 with new interface and updated security requirements. The kernel is basically the same as WIN 10 for compatibility reasons. In fact, our chief endpoint support tech says he comes across components in WIN 11 still labeled as WIN 10. If you're running WIN 10 with hardware that says does not qualify for WIN 11, you can still upgrade it manually. You just can't do an automatic upgrade. In any case, you have until mid-2025 end-of-life for WIN 10 support. The question is whether you want to get WIN 11 while it's a free upgrade, or pay for it later. There is always a risk of running outdated OS or software no longer supported with security patches. As one might recall the WannaCry ransomware infected over 70% of WIN 7 machines through an unpatched vulnerability. Hackers are just too sophisticated and organized these days. Even to the point of running their own malware cloud services anyone can rent.
1492 04/06/23 10:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft 365 removal

...everything created in Office using 365 will disappear and cannot be recovered. Only if you saved those files on your !TB OneDrive account. Just move those files (or copies) to your local HD/SSD to retain them. You always have a choice to save MS365 files to your local computer if you wish.
1492 04/06/23 02:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Microsoft 365 removal

No hostage situation, just don't renew your MS365 subscription. Follow these instructions at Uninstall Microsoft 365 and install Office (2016, etc.).
1492 04/06/23 01:26pm Technology Corner
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