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 > Breaking fogged dual pane glass

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Nerk, Ahia

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Posted: 04/11/14 07:24am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I have a couple windows that have lost their seal and fogged up. The most important of these is the one on the right side where my mirror is. Obviously a safety issue. I don't have the time or money to replace it at this time but I have heard of breaking the inside glass and using it as a single pane until you can have it replaced. Anyone heard of this?

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surprise Az.

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Posted: 04/11/14 07:36am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

yes it can be done. After breaking and removing the remaining glass in the seal, use screen spline to fill the gap where the glass was removed. That will help hold the remaiming glass pane in place.

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Posted: 04/11/14 07:39am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Where do you live. There are several good places that specialize in the repair of dual pane RV windows.

We recently had 4 fogged windows done in FL at SunCoast Designers in Hudson. There were 20 coaches in (with water and electric) all having the same thing done.

On ours, they were able to clean and reuse the original glass.

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Vancouver Island BC, Canada

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Posted: 04/11/14 07:47am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I found this site on fixing fogged windows for a friend with the problem in his MH. It is a do-it-yourself site. It worked for him. BTW he was able to do a number of the windows without removng them as the edges were accessible.

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mike brez

milford ct

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Posted: 04/11/14 08:19am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Diy kit Here

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The Milky Way Galaxy (Fort Myers, FL)

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Posted: 04/11/14 08:22am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

I tried to vent a couple of windows by drilling a couple of holes through the seal between them. That works pretty well as any condensation clears up rather quickly compared to non-vented.
That said. one window I tried I could not get to the edge. I tried to drill a vent hole through the glass with a diamond bit, as the bit went through the whole inner pain shattered. It took guite a while to clean out the shattered glass, but now I have a single pane window there and it condenses much less.

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Posted: 04/11/14 09:20am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

We went to one of the large MH shops in Corvallis, OR that just moved into their new and very large facility. When talking to them about repairing our fogged windows, it sort of accidentally came up that new glass didn't cost any more than cleaning the old glass. That surprised us, but the reason was the labor time to take the original window glass apart and clean them was the same as the cost of new glass. If you're doing it yourself, then at least you're not putting your money for your labor.

In the end, we went to Peninsula Glass who we sort of found by accident. One of our large window screens had a badly bent frame we were trying to fix. We could find typical screen kits where you cut pieces to fit and then use then use the poor plastic corners to put it together and then mount the screen material with the roller. Someone finally sent us to Peninsula who will make you a complete new ONE PIECE metal frame with screen at a very reasonable price. They only run the machine once or twice a week when they have enough orders to start it up so you most likely won't get it while you wait.

When we came back to pick up the screen, which was better than the OEM ones, we started talking to them about windows. We had also noticed both times when we came to the shop, that all of the side windows in the office area are RV style windows. For some reason, maybe advertising, they actually run the business under three names: Peninsula Glass, One Day Glass and Motion Windows. Motion windows is for all of their RV and boat work. They not only do the glass work, they build all new custom frames for custom boats, MHs, or whatever you might have.

In the end we got all new glass (except for the windshields and the entry door) and all new frames. With the new frames we changed several of the frames to better suit us.

The passenger side window was one that would slide up and down to open with a screen in it. Well the top frame of the bottom half of the window was right in the DW's line of vision and the screen was a pain to look through while rolling down the road. We had them make a new frame that didn't open and eliminate the screen. Now she has perfect side viewing and we had plenty of other windows for air circulation.

The driver's side window was a three part window. The bottom two thirds was a large slider. The top third was a separate piece of glass which in itself wasn't a problem. The problem was the framework between the top third and the bottom two thirds always seemed to be right where I wanted to look at the mountains. Out went that frame and it was replaced by a two part window that slides open (side to side) all the way from the top to the bottom. No more frame where I'm trying to look out.

In a DP if you're doing a lot of driving in the mountains in the summer heat, the rear bedroom can get warm. The two large windows on either side only had little 5" high flapper windows at the bottom for air - basically useless unless there was a good cross wind outside. Those frames were thrown away and they installed new ones with windows that slide open from side to side, top to bottom like in the front of the MH. We now have good air circulation in the bedroom.

They said the same thing about the cost of going to new glass being very close to reworking the old glass. And then if the old glass was too pitted to reuse after trying to get it clean, they'd still have to charge a little for their labor of working on it. So we went with all new glass, but also went with a coated glass like you see on a lot of office buildings. The coating worked well last winter in Arizona to reflect the sun and keep some of the heat out. Sometimes the coating looks to be sort of either a silver color (we have a black and silver MH) and other times it has a slight copper tint to it. Either way, it looks good with the MH colors.

So when we decided what all we wanted done, and I think we put down a deposit, they popped out the driver's side window frame and one of the bedroom frames to take measurements and check wall thickness. Then they bent and fitted a test frame while we were sitting there. They took measurements on all of the other windows and reinstalled the two windows they had taken out.

We were flying home the next day for about a month which worked out well for them. While we gone (and it wouldn't have taken them but a couple of days anyways) they bent all of the new frames and assembled all of the new windows. When we flew back to Vancouver, WA we got the MH out of storage and arrived at their place at about 11:00AM. At noon they started to work. They have 30A power for MHs. We spent the night and they were done by 10:00AM the next morning.

Oh yes, all of the new windows came with new screens which is where we started out..........

The cost of everything was $6,100 for a 2005 Fleetwood Excursion 39S which has a lot of glass and the windows are warrantied against fogging for as long as we own the MH. We asked if the warranty passed to future owners if we sold. The answer was most likely because they didn't want anyone to have a window of theirs that failed. Each of the windows is marked with their name but the warranty for future owners wasn't in writing. I'm sure they'll cover the warranty for the whoever we sell it to but maybe not six owners and 20 years later.

We were very pleased with the cost (it was cheaper that the Corvallis pricing) the crew and the end results. After the glass work we visited several shops to look at other upgrades such as wooden flooring and cabinet work. They all recognized Motions work and said that's who they use also.

If you need window work in the Northwest, go to Vancouver, WA.

Motion Windows
6005 NE 121st Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98682
Jeff Kemp
[email protected]
[email protected]


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California/Arizona/South Dakota

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Posted: 04/11/14 11:09pm Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Since it's a SAFETY issue, contact your insurance company. Mine was covered under the comprehensive portion of the policy. They said they would only cover it as it was a safety issue. I couldn't see my mirror clearly.....Dennis

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Nerk, Ahia

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Posted: 04/13/14 08:40am Link  |  Quote  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

Ok, I did it. I put several strips of duct tape across the glass then used a spring loaded center punch to break the glass. Most of the glass came out with the duct tape. Yes there were lots of very small shards of glass and your clean up needs to be very exacting. But removing the inside pane of a dual pane window by breaking it is very doable. I'm now off to buy some screen spline to fill the void left by the removed glass.

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